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Corvette ZR-1 Sport Auto Supertest at Nurburgring Results In

September 22, 2009 Comments off


If you’re a manufacturer of anything even remotely sporty these days you’re no doubt testing at the Nurburgring. Fine tuning and tweaking the performance because of just how well the Nurburgring represents a wide variety of driving conditions.

You wont be the only one testing your final product there however because, if it’s a real sports car, then Germany’s Sport Auto magazine will put it to their famous Supertest.

The Nissan GT-R had to do it and passed with flying colours setting a 7:38 laptime with editor Horst von Saurma (HvS) behind the wheel. Well now the Corvette ZR1’s time has come to be put to the same test.

Despite the weight and power advantage over the GT-R, the ZR1 only managed to equal the GT-R’s 7:38 lap time on the 13 mile long Nordschliefe circuit in the hands of the same test driver, HvS.

Quite an interesting data point this considering each manufacturer previously set times in the 7:26 region. To then set a 7:38 in an independent test…

Other tracks were also compared in the German article, the ZR1 beating out the GT-R’s Hockenheimring laptime (1:09.7 to the GT-R’s 1:10.7) and then the ZR1 losing out to the GT-R in the wet handling course (1:36.8 to the GT-R’s 1:32.4).

Link: Sport Auto Magazine Website
Source: NAGTROC Forums


Switzer P800 GT-R Challenges Lingenfelter LPE Corvette ZR1

August 14, 2009 Comments off

Interesting race from a roll that we noticed over on Switzer’s blog today. A P800 Switzer Tuned Nissan GT-R up against a LPE ZR1.

The ‘vette is putting out nearly as many claimed horses and weighs a lot less, for sure – but Godzilla has a way of making physics bend to his will. Who wins? You’ll have to watch all the way to the end!

Quite an interesting race, especially for those who write off the GT-R at the top end of a long drag…

Link: P800 GTR v. LPE ZR1 @ Switzer Blog