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Willall Racing’s Racing Surge Tank Setup for Nissan GT-R

February 21, 2010 Comments off

If there’s one inadequacy that sets many road cars apart from proper track cars it’s proper fluid control under high cornering G loads. Willall Racing have discovered the GT-R is not immune to this when the fuel tank gets low and the fuel pickup starts to be starved on tight right handers.

To properly put the issue to bed they’ve built this compact half gallon surge tank that mounts in the trunk and feeds the engine via a pair of Walbro 255l/h pumps and teflon braided lines.

With this setup they’re easily able to pump enough E85 to make 600rwhp, which if you’d read our story the other day about HP Logic’s E85 tuning, you’d know is a lot more juice than your average 600hp gasoline tune. Better yet, they’re able to keep driving the car hard all the way to empty without dangerously leaning out the fuel mixture intermittently on tight corners.

Want one? Well slow down, this isn’t one of Willall’s standard product launches. I think if you ask nicely though they might be convinced to build you one on a one off basis. You can reach them by email at “info AT”

Link: Willall Racing Website

Willall Racing’s Transmission Cooler Released, Tested

March 19, 2009 Comments off

Willall Racing WR35TC Transmission Sump Cooler

We were able to give you guys a heads up on the new Willall Racing WR35TC GR6 Transmission Intercooler back in February but now it’s out on sale with data to back it up. One important item we had not mentioned about the WR35TC until now is that it features a coolant pump of it’s own so it does not suffer from the oil pressure issues some other transmission coolers do when relying on the standard oil pump alone.

Willall have taken their own GT-R to the track and put the cooler through a grueling set of hot laps to test it out. On the same day they measured temperatures on the car with the cooler off. Here are the results of the testing:

1 215°F 220°F 231°F (OFF)
2 226°F 231°F 240°F (OFF)
3 237°F 248°F 252°F (OFF)
4 240°F 265°F 264°F (OFF)
5 242°F 272°F 261°F (ON)
6 241°F 255°F (ON)
7 252°F (ON)
8 250°F (ON)
9 249°F (ON)

The cooler comes in a kit with everything you need include:

  • Billet Aluminium CNC sump with Willall Racing Transfer
  • Bar and Plate 450mm x 100mm x 75mm cooler core custom end tanks with -6 fittings
  • Braided lines and -6 / JIC high pressure fittings (around 4 feet)
  • Mounting bracket CNC machined from billet aluminium
  • GR6 Cooler transfer Pump assy
  • Wiring harness (front to rear of vehicle from the battery)
  • WR series 200F Temperature switch
  • Replacement fill plug CNC machined
  • Magnet mounts CNC machined with captive O-rings
  • Silicone hose – custom crimp fittings CNC machined
  • P rubber lined Mounting Clamps x 5
  • Intercooler Mounting bracket
  • Mounting bolts x 4
  • Instruction Manual

As mentioned, the WR35TC is available now. You can pick up the whole kit shipped to your door for $2995 USD while the transmission sump cooler alone is just $1300 USD delivered. When fitted up you can hardly tell it’s there from behind (see photos below) but you’ll sure be glad it is next time you hit the track.

For those in the US, Marietta, GA based Forged Performance has just entered an alliance with Willall to distribute their products in the US so get in touch with the guys there for help with this.

Link: Willall Racing Website
Link: Forged Performance Website
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Willall Racing WR35TC Transmission Cooler – Part 2

February 26, 2009 Comments off

Willall Racing’s Nissan GT-R GR6 transmission cooler (WR35TC) gets a few more details revealed today. Above you can see a photo of the cooler core being shown against the GT-R for size comparison. The final core will live behind the rear underspoiler grille and bolt on to factory mounting points – no drilling required.

The fluid-air bar and plate cooler is only operated at high fluid temps since operating a cooler at low temps is undesirable.

Once installed the cooler is hardly visible through the rear grille section, we should have installed core photos soon. For now Willall Racing has provided us with a shot of the WR35TC’s aluminium billet extended transmission sump fitted up. See below.

Link: Willall Racing Website

Willall Racing WR35TC Transmission Cooler – Part 1

February 25, 2009 Comments off

Willall Racing are taking a different tact in the field of transmission cooling. While thus far the GT-R’s GR6 dual-clutch transmission has been adapted to external cooling via a simple billet adapter and radiator, Willall have taken to engineering an entire sump replacement and more.

We’ve only been given details on the GR6 sump replacement so far so lets dive into what we know.

The Willall Racing Transmission Cooler (WR35TC) comes with an anodised billet aircraft quality aluminium transmission sump. The computer modelled and 5-axis CNC’d sump is deeper than the standard sump allowing for a larger oil volume. The WR35TC sump is also finned allowing for a much larger surface area for heat to both transfer out of the oil and for air to then carry that heat energy away.

The WR35TC provides removable access ports to give access to the transmission magnets which should be cleaned during a transmission service. It also bolts straight on using the OEM gaskets.

This is part one of the cooler, the primary cooling mechanism is yet to be revealed. To see what heat exchanging path they will follow check back soon when we have part 2 of this report.

Thanks to Willall Racing for the images and update. Another image after the Read more link below…

Link: Willall Racing Website

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Willall Racing WR35MO Engine Oil for Nissan GT-R

February 3, 2009 Comments off

Willall Racing
have already made interesting developments in the GT-R world with their transmission and differential fluids. They’ve now got an alternative fully synthetic high performance 10W-60 motor oil for the GT-R developed on the track designed to offer superior protection at high engine temperatures and to reduce the tendency for the GT-R to go through oil between changes.

Other benefits of the WR35MO engine oil include:

  • Tested and developed in an R35 GTR for R35 GTR applications
  • VR38DETT oil consumption eliminated
  • Much greater oil film strength at 100 degrees than factory fill
  • Plasma bore protection improved via increased oil film strength
  • Cooler oil temperatures due to friction reduction
  • Increased bearing life
  • Stable under wide environmental conditions
  • 100% Synthetic

WR35MO engine oil is available now and sells for $330 USD per 10 litre container including shipping to your door. Get the order form at the link to the Willall Racing website below and check out the full press release after the jump.

Link: Willall Racing Website
Link: Willall Racing related articles on GTRBlog

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Willall Racing Release WR35DF Differential Fluid

December 26, 2008 Comments off

Following on from their amazing work developing a solid boundary transmission oil upgrade for the Nissan R35 GT-R’s GR6 transmission – WR35TMWillall Racing have developed a fluid upgrade for the GT-R’s limited slip differential.

Willall Racing have today released this diff fluid, known as, WR35DF, and have published a press release containing the details which we have below. A technical analysis of the reasons behind development of the WR35DF follows after the jump including magnified images detailing the Nissan standard differential fluids performance.

WILLALL RACING WR35DF Differential Fluid – December 2008

Application: Nissan R35 GTR Front and Rear Differential Assemblies

WR35DF is a full synthetic Limited Slip Differential fluid that has specifically developed and tested in the R35 GTR differentials. Engineered to drastically reduce the amount of binding suffered in the rear differential during slow speed cornering WR35DF utilises unique Solid Boundary technology to smooth rear differential chatter and drastically slow the wear process that occurs in these differentials.

Top level protection is guaranteed for the front R35GTR differential which runs a critically low quantity of fluid from the factory and can suffer from extreme temperature rise under spirited driving conditions. The low friction of WR35DF reduces temperature of the front differential dramatically and provides smooth and quiet operation under all conditions.

Grade: GL5 Full Synthetic 75/140
Additives: Solid Boundary protection pack
Application: Nissan R35 GTR Front and Rear Differential Assemblies
Packaging : 1 litre container (Complete Fill for front and rear differentials 3 litres)
Shipping: Worldwide
Cost: $70 USD per litre, $270 USD for 3 litres delivered anywhere in the USA
Available: NOW

Link: Willall Racing

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