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Willall Racing High Volume Oil Pan for Nissan GT-R

June 5, 2009 Comments off


The VR38 is a well designed engine but as with any high powered turbocharged engine design it runs hot and puts a lot of pressure on the engine oil to perform. The standard GT-R’s oil volume however may be considered lacking by some for the extreme rigors involved in motorsports.

Willall Racing have developed an extended oil pan for the VR38 to increase the total oil capacity of the engine. Bumping up the capacity from 5.5 litres to around 7.1 litres. The extra oil capacity helps keeps temperatures down and improve oil longevity.

The WR35OP, as it is called, is made from CNC billeted aluminium and bolts on in place of the OE item. The lower section is removable and finned to increase the surface area for extra cooling.

Production of the first units has begun and these should be available soon if everything goes as planned. We’ll keep you updated.

Link: Willall Racing Website

JUN Auto Custom Kit VR38DETT Engine Internals

May 25, 2009 Comments off


Well we had a little tidbit of info back in March regarding this but now we’ve heard that pre-orders are being taken for the JUN VR38DETT engine internals and it will be known as the VR38DETT Custom Kit. The kit should contain:

  • Billet conrods
  • Billet pistons
  • Billet crank shaft
  • Upgraded cams

The first 10 prototype kits are expected for September 2009 delivery and will sell for 1,575,000 yen in Japan. Expressions of interest on the first 10 kits are being taken but not deposits yet.

Those keen should contact their local dealer of JUN parts like GT-RR or GTC who I thank for passing on this info.

Link: JUN Auto Website

Carillo Rods and Pistons for Nissan GT-R

May 2, 2009 Comments off


Carillo manufacture serious rods and have joined with CP to develop rod and piston sets suitable for the Nissan GT-R. The CP pistons are a forged upgrade over the standard VR38’s cast items. The forged construction allows improved strength at a potential lower weight.

The Carillo connecting rods (conrods) are also forged in a H-beam configuration. The OE rods are forged too but are I-beam design. The H-beam rods are usually lighter than their I-beam counterparts while maintaining similar strength characteristics.

That’s pretty much all the info we have for now, if you’re interested in knowing more hit up Injected Performance at the link below.

Link: Injected Performance Blog

Garage Saurus Lightweight H-Beam Conrods for Nissan GT-R

April 19, 2009 Comments off


Garage Saurus have got the first sets of these H-beam forged connecting rods completed now as they make their first steps towards improving the internals of the VR38DETT’s bottom end. The H-beam design allows for a similar or improved strength over the forged I-beam standard rods with a significantly lower weight. In this case Garage Saurus weighed the standard conrods at 725.6 grams a piece while their H-beam items are just 582 grams each, a saving of 143.6 grams each or 861.6 grams of reciprocating mass total!

Each rod set comes fitted with ARP rod bolts and is rated for 800 ps. These will form an integral part of Garage Saurus’ upcoming engine upgrade set.

Update: Garage Saurus conrods priced at 168,000 yen per set.

Link: Garage Saurus Home Page