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DSPORT Magazine 2012 Nissan GT-R Preview

February 5, 2011 Comments off

By now most of the print and TV media have had a preview of the new Nissan GT-R but the DSPORT Magazine one struck me as one of the best by far.

If you haven’t already seen it, check it out.

Thanks to Vinh from DSPORT for sending this one in.

Link: DSPORT Channel @ Youtube
Link: DSPORT Magazine Website

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TheDriver Trailer – New Animated Series Featuring the GT-R is Amazing

April 16, 2010 Comments off


Superb animation featuring realistic tuned vehicles? Sounds like a good recipe but it gets better when we find out what the hero is driving at the end. I wont spoil it but it is after all so I think you can figure it out.

From the creative mind of Chris and Chrison Studios, I just can’t wait for the first episode!

Link: TheDriver Official Website
Link: TheDriver on Facebook

GT1 GT-R Driver Henry Moser Shows the Porsche Crowd a Thing or Two at Paul Ricard

March 26, 2010 Comments off

As far as displays on why the GT-R is a great party pooper to take along to Porsche track days it doesn’t get much better than this. Take a GT3 world champ and GT1 racing driver like Henry Moser, give him the keys to your mildly tweaked GT-R and let ‘er rip. This video is the result.

Thanks to Philippe the owner of the car for the heads up and for giving Henry the drive.

You can see more of Moser’s skills when he pilots the 2010 GT1 spec GT-R for Swiss Racing Team in Abu Dhabi for round one of the FIA GT1 World Championships in just 20 days time!

AutoCar UK: 911 Turbo vs R8 V10 vs GT-R Circuit Supercar Test

December 9, 2009 Comments off pit the latest PDK Porsche 911 turbo up against the new Audi R8 V10 6 speed manual and the Nissan GT-R. They refer to the GT-R as the benchmark and also make quite a mention of the price difference.

Good video, not just because the GT-R beats out the latest batch of competitors but also it’s very interesting to see them back to back on the same day with the same driver.

Link: AutoCar Youtube Channel

Switzer P800 GT-R Challenges Lingenfelter LPE Corvette ZR1

August 14, 2009 Comments off

Interesting race from a roll that we noticed over on Switzer’s blog today. A P800 Switzer Tuned Nissan GT-R up against a LPE ZR1.

The ‘vette is putting out nearly as many claimed horses and weighs a lot less, for sure – but Godzilla has a way of making physics bend to his will. Who wins? You’ll have to watch all the way to the end!

Quite an interesting race, especially for those who write off the GT-R at the top end of a long drag…

Link: P800 GTR v. LPE ZR1 @ Switzer Blog

Nissan GT-R Does 7:26.7 at the ‘Ring – The Video

July 6, 2009 Comments off

This hit my inbox today and seems to be the video of Nissan’s Chief Test Driver, Toshio Suzuki driving the Nissan GT-R to a 7:26.7 laptime at the Nurburgring.

Very nice, now we got that out of the way, let’s hear the SpecV time eh Nissan?

Thanks Adrian for the link.

Nissan GT-R at Paul Ricard HTTT Track Day Videos

June 27, 2009 Comments off

Just a few videos submitted by a reader of a Nissan GT-R playing with some other nice cars at a recent track day in France at the Paul Ricard Circuit at La Castellet. It’s a three part series, find the second and third videos after the jump.

Thanks to Philippe, the GT-R driver in the videos, for the submission.

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GT Channel: Mine’s Boss Niikura-san on New Generation of Tuning Parts and Mine’s SpecV

May 5, 2009 Comments off

GT Channel have had a long friendship with Mine’s and Niikura-san certainly seems to love their cameras. They recently hit up the Mine’s HQ in Yokosuka, Japan to check out what the Mine’s guys have in the pipeline and what their plans are for the new Nissan GT-R SpecV.

As discussed in the video, probably some of the most exciting news which we have touched on previously, is that Mine’s are indeed developing a full engine upgrade called the Mine’s Super Complete Engine. We’re now aware that Mine’s will be shooting for about 600ps peak power but that, in the Mine’s tradition, the power will be delivered very early and in a very responsive manner.

Mine’s have always been about maximum response at modest power levels. That was powerfully evident in the Mine’s R34 GT-R of days gone by. Now by utilizing Mahle forged pistons and titanium I-beam conrods they plan to lighten and strengthen the VR38’s internals to be stronger and more free revving. They’re shaving off more than 300g per cylinder with just these mods.

The second video (after the jump) goes into great detail on the mine’s Super Big Throttle Body coming soon also.

Thanks to Taro from GT Channel for the heads up!

Link: GT Channel – Mine’s GT-R SpecV: Niikura Michizo Interview
Link: Mine’s Website

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Five Way GT-R Battle at Buttonwillow Circuit

April 21, 2009 Comments off

Another top notch production produced by Craig Lieberman. Five street Nissan GT-R’s in various states of tune battle it out for glory on Buttonwillow Circuit. Well maybe not glory, maybe just for the sake of fun. Which it looks to be a lot of.

Love those Aeromotion wings. Well done guys. Hit up YouTube for the HD/HQ version.

Thanks Andrew for sending this in.

ARQRAY Nissan GT-R Exhaust Released, Priced and Recorded

February 7, 2009 Comments off

ARQRAY have completed, released and priced their exhaust for the Nissan GT-R. The JASMA certified original design exhaust features a 76.3mm cat back section which splits into two 60.5mm pipes. These are silenced by mufflers on each side and exit into 4x 115mm outlets.

The exhaust is manufactured in 304 grade stainless steel and sells for 262,500 yen.

ARQRAY have created a video with an exhaust sound demo, check it out below.

Link: ARQRAY Website
Link: ARQRAY related articles on GTRBlog