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Ferrea Valetrain for the Nissan GT-R from HeadGames Motorworks

June 8, 2010 Comments off

If you’re looking to build your motor you might glance at the GT-R’s head and feel that your options are limited. It’s known that the head is already well put together stock and good to flow some big numbers but while you’re bolting on large turbos and installing a forged bottom end you might want to consider buffing the valvetrain to match. Especially if you already intend to go with a big cam setup.

Ferrea have come to the party to help here and thanks to HeadGames Motorworks we have some photos of their valvetrain components that will do the job. Everythings here from Super Alloy EV8 intake valves, Numonic90 inconel exhaust valves, titanium valve retainers, dual valve springs and machined upgraded valve locks.

Priced at the $1750 mark, it makes sense to invest here for peace of mind…

Link: HeadGames Motorworks
Source/Info: Discussion thread @ NAGTROC Forums