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Ferrea Valetrain for the Nissan GT-R from HeadGames Motorworks

June 8, 2010 Comments off

If you’re looking to build your motor you might glance at the GT-R’s head and feel that your options are limited. It’s known that the head is already well put together stock and good to flow some big numbers but while you’re bolting on large turbos and installing a forged bottom end you might want to consider buffing the valvetrain to match. Especially if you already intend to go with a big cam setup.

Ferrea have come to the party to help here and thanks to HeadGames Motorworks we have some photos of their valvetrain components that will do the job. Everythings here from Super Alloy EV8 intake valves, Numonic90 inconel exhaust valves, titanium valve retainers, dual valve springs and machined upgraded valve locks.

Priced at the $1750 mark, it makes sense to invest here for peace of mind…

Link: HeadGames Motorworks
Source/Info: Discussion thread @ NAGTROC Forums

JUN Auto VR38 Short Head Announced and Short Block Priced

April 20, 2010 Comments off

JUN has expanded it’s range of VR38DETT engine upgrades with the release of the JUN Short Head in two different flavors; the BASIC and the EX Short Head.

Included in the BASIC version is the following gear:

  • New cylinder head (OEM)
  • New Intake and Exhaust valves (OEM)
  • New Valve Springs (OEM)
  • New Valve Retainers (OEM)
  • Fitting of valve train, camshafts/JUN camshafts and lifter clearance adjustment

The EX version is similar but adds these unique parts along with some porting and polishing:

  • JUN Strengthened Valve Springs
  • JUN Titanium Valve Retainers
  • Intake and exhaust port polishing
  • Valve seats cut
  • Head surface verification and correction

Pricing is set at around the 718,200 yen mark for the BASIC head and 928,200 yen for the EX version in Japan.

Also along with the short head announcement comes the pricing and specs on the JUN EX 4.0L Short Block that we first saw at Tokyo AutoSalon in January this year.

The JUN EX 4.0L short block comes with the following:

  • Bore x Stroke: 96.0 x 92.0 mm
  • Displacement: 3996cc
  • New cylinder block (OEM)
  • JUN Custom Kit EX 4.0L
  • JUN Piston Kit Series C
  • JUN I-Beam Conrods
  • JUN Crankshaft
  • JUN Cylinder Liners
  • New bearings
  • Comes fully assembled and checked

The JUN Short Block is priced at 2,310,000 yen in Japan. Hitup their website in the links below for more information or speak to your local JUN distributor if you’re interested in local pricing.

Link: JUN Auto Short Head Website (Japanese)
Link: JUN Short Block Website (Japanese)

AAM Now Stocking Ferrea Valves for Nissan GT-R

December 30, 2009 Comments off

With all the big horsepower GT-Rs in the works it’s good to know someone is thinking about upgrades in head of these beastly VR38s. AAM have sourced these heavy duty intake and exhaust valves from Ferrea.

On the exhaust side, they’re built from Ferrea’s Nimonic90 Super Alloy which should be able to handle the heat even in the most extreme VR38 builds.

Intake wise, AAM selected the Ferrea Competition Plus Alloy valves as a solid upgrade over the standard items.

If you’re looking at a huge build, it might be something to think about and give Clint a call at AAM

Link: AAM Website