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Euro Spec GT-R Cobb AccessPORT Coming Soon

June 1, 2009 Comments off


Good friends of ours at GTC are assisting the testing phase for the European spec Nissan GT-R Cobb AccessPORT as of right now. Their brand new Euro GT-R has the prototype maps installed and is undergoing road and dyno testing this week. We’ve been told to expect it any moment for delivery into the eagerly awaiting hands of the European GT-R owners.

Good news for those who feel the GT-R could be just that smidge better … or even those who feel it could do with a whole lot more actually …

While you’re here you may as well check out some pics of the GTC-R development car below, nice stickers!

Source: Thanks to Ben @ GTC-Racing and

UK: Nissan GT-Rs for Clunkers Program

May 22, 2009 Comments off


While in the states a proposed Cash for Clunkers program would require any replacement vehicle to be somewhat greener than the outgoing one, this doesn’t appear to be a factor in the UK. When the program began, two future Godzilla owners were quick off the mark signing up within hours.

Elsewhere in Europe the news is dimmer for Nissan GT-R fans with France and Italy setting emissions restrictions on cars bought under such programs.

Good news though for UK folks who are planning on getting into a GT-R and have their old junkers lying around indeed.

Source: Autotrader UK via Autoblog

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