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Type1 Racing Intercooler Hard Pipe Kit for Nissan GT-R

November 29, 2009 Comments off


Flexible or rubber intercooler hoses tend to suffer with age and increases in boost pressure. It’s a safe bet that if it can expand then it will, especially when you’re running more boost than standard, and this can affect the driveability and response of the engine.

Type1 Racing are developing a neat polished aluminium hard-pipe kit to do away with these problems. This fully mandrel bent system also has an increased pipe diameter of between 63 and 70mm and comes complete with 4 layer silicon hose joiners and hardware.

All up the T1R hardpipe system beats the stock system in terms of weight also. It’s just 3.98kg total, about 2.5kg lighter than standard.

It’s due to be released in early 2010 so we’ll post back with pricing when it is.

Link: Type1 Racing Blog

Type1 Racing Stainless Braided Brake Lines for Nissan GT-R

April 3, 2009 Comments off


Ever get that spongy brake pedal feeling when you’ve got some heat into your brakes after a bit of hard driving? One contributing factor is your factory brake lines expanding. Rubber gets hot and it gets flexible but these brake lines are teflon coated braided stainless and will not expand outwards at high temperatures.

Nissan had recognized this issue in the GT-R and increased brake line stiffness for the Series II GT-R but most current GT-R owners won’t get the benefits of that change unless they do something about it themselves.

These are a cost effective way to do that, for now, $149 gets you these brake lines including shipping to the lower 48 states from our partner Before you ask, yep they do meet DOT standards.

Our friend Darin from will be fitting up a set to his GT-R soon so we can get an idea of how they improve his brake feeling on the track.

A few other parts from Type1Racing have been released lately, we won’t go into details here but check their website and the photo gallery below.

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T1R Exhaust Pricing, Release Date and Comparisons for Nissan GT-R

March 10, 2009 Comments off

The Type1 Racing exhaust for the Nissan GT-R is due in less than a months time now and what should be final pricing is up online already. We also have a new dyno chart we hadn’t seen before comparing each T1R Exhaust stage from the turbos back.

The T1R 90R Cat back exhaust in stainless will set you back $1,890 USD. It’s manufactured in SUS316 grade stainless and offers a 90mm main pipe split into two 70mm rear pipe sections. It will go on sale in April and should be available for pre-order now.

The T1R Y-Pipe also goes on sale in April this year. It’s made from the same SUS316 grade stainless steel and features a pair of 76.3mm pipes combined into a single 90mm diameter pipe. Two flex joins insure it will not suffer cracking under stress at high temperatures. The price? Just $619 USD.

We’ll have a video of these come April when SpeedForSale get their hands on one installed on their own GT-R.

Thanks Jeremy@SpeedForSale for the update.

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Type1 Racing’s Turbo Outlet Pipes Tested

February 21, 2009 Comments off

Type1 Racing finished off their complete turbo back exhaust solution with the release of these turbine outlet pipes recently. These de-cat outlet pipes are made from SUS316 grade stainless and are 76.3mm in diameter and are completely tig welded.

They also ship with the T1R O2 fix to prevent the “Check Engine Light” condition some guys report after fitting aftermarket de-cat front pipes. Check after the jump for a photo of that installed.

Fitted together with the T1R 90R exhaust and mid-pipes on the AJ Racing GT-R the guys dynoed the car and measured a 60hp and 50 lb/ft gain over the standard exhaust. The front pipes alone accounted for 10hp and 11 lb/ft of torque at peak with as much as a 30 hp improvement just from the front pipes in the midrange.

Since there’s no catalytic converters, these pipes save almost 7 kg over the OEM versions. When released in early April 2009 they will go on sale for $1050 CAD or around $795 USD.

Source: Type1 Racing Blog and NAGTROC
Link: Type1 Racing Website

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Type1 Racing’s T1R 90R Exhaust for Nissan GT-R

November 21, 2008 Comments off

In response to the demand for locally made exhausts for the Nissan GT-R, Canadian based Type1 Racing have today announced their T1R 90R exhaust system.

The T1R 90R will be available in 304 stainless and full titanium versions. Both versions feature titanium tips for that tough burnt titanium look at the back. The exhaust features a 90mm diameter main pipe with 76mm piping after the mufflers.

The stainless T1R 90R will cost around $1500 USD when it’s out in spring of ’09.

Type 1 Racing also announced their upcoming T1R SS front pipes. This Y-pipe is made from 304 stainless and features two 65mm diameter from the turbine outlet pipes into one single 90mm pipe.

The T1R SS will be compatible with the standard exhaust but after market cat back exhaust is recommended. It should be available for Christmas time at around the $500 USD mark.

Source: Type One Racing via AJ-Racing @ NAGTROC