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AMS Performance Release Turbo Upgrades – Available Now

June 26, 2009 Comments off

AMS Performance Turbo for the Nissan GT-R

Great news for horsepower lovers as AMS Performance complete their development and now release their Nissan GT-R turbocharger upgrades this week. One of the first turbo upgrades to come with dyno proven test data, on 93 octane pump gas they produce some impressive numbers across the rev range while maintaining stock response and driveability.

Exclusive Features

  • Direct factory replacement with NO cutting or trimming required
  • Capable of up to 800hp depending on boost and octane level
  • 170 wheel horsepower and 150ft lbs of torque gains on just pump gas!
  • Factory like fitment, even incorporates the factory heat shielding
  • Bolts right up to the stock piping and intake system.
  • OEM look that is hard to detect
  • Utilizes machined OEM turbine and compressor housings
  • Assembled with a True Garrett GT series ball bearing center section
  • Ability to reuse the factory wastegate actuators (for increased performance add on the Forge motorsports wastegate actuators)


  • Garrett GT Ball Bearing center section with machined OEM housings
  • Comes complete with oil and water lines for easy installation


  • Available with Forge motorsports wastegate actuators for an additional fee

Available via the network of AMS Performance dealers such as and Forged Performance, hit up the NAGTROC discussion link below to ask any questions you might have on these. Retail price is $5,995.

Link: AMS Performance Turbo Upgrades on
Link: AMS Performance Turbo Upgrades from Forged Performance
Link: AMS Performance Website
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AMS Turbos and Downpipes Tested and Photographed

June 13, 2009 Comments off

AMS Performance Nissan GT-R Downpipe

There’s already a variety of turbo downpipes on the market but move over and find room for one more. This one stands out of the crowd though since it’s the new AMS cast downpipes. We’ve been following AMS’s progress on these and are pleased to see how they finally turned out.

Featuring cast end sections with stainless centers AMS say these are good for a huge increase in power (20hp peak, 25hp mid-range) and response when combined with the AMS turbo upgrades. They should do great things for stock turbo’d GT-Rs as well.

Check out the dyno graph in the gallery below showing power and torque on the same graph. The red line is AMS turbos with stock downpipes while the blue line is with the AMS cast downpipes. Quite a startling result.

Link: Discussion thread over on NAGTROC
Link: AMS Performance Website

Hennessey’s Next GT-R Upgrades Previewed – World’s Most Powerful GT-R?

June 12, 2009 Comments off


Proving that it’s not only the Japanese that can put together a complete turbo and manifold upgrade for the Nissan GT-R, John Hennessey has released the following preview video on Youtube. It shows the Hennessey Nissan GT-R with a fairly decent sized pair of GT30R strapped to the side in a high mount configuration. Also as you can see, to match the turbos they’ve fabricated a custom stainless manifold, custom stainless dump pipes and fitted up a pair of external wastegates.

The high mount location means they can fit up some nice short intakes which should lend themselves naturally to higher performance. Each GT30R can flow enough air for 500hp so, with two of them, look out because we could soon be knocking on the door of four digit hp Nissan GT-Rs.


TRUST GReddy T6 Turbo Kit in Development for Nissan GT-R

June 11, 2009 Comments off


Well given the right amount of time this was bound to happen. Trust are quite far along the development of their brand new low mount twin TD06SH turbo kit for the Nissan R35 GT-R. Thanks to Garage Saurus we’re seeing these up close and personal photos of the kit fitted to the Trust development GT-R.

The kit will feature a brand new original stainless manifold design which, as we said, tucks the GReddy TD06SH-20G turbos up nicely in a low mount configuration. This replaces the concept of the manifold combined with the turbo exhaust housing which could allow a variety of other turbos to be fitted – provided the size constraints are met. There’s twin external wastegates featured in the kit as well as a set of matching stainless flexible dump pipes.

According to the kit should be good for about 880hp and be available in a matter of months. Of course as a GReddy / Trust USA and Japan distributor you can rely on the GT-RR guys to get your name down in line for one of these kits and you can find out more about that at the link below.

Link: – GReddy / Trust Turbo Kit Product Page

AMS Ready Turbo Upgrades for Nissan GT-R

April 22, 2009 Comments off

AMS Performance Turbo for the Nissan GT-R

AMS are currently putting the finishing touches on their turbo upgrades for the Nissan GT-R. The turbos feature upgraded internals including compressor and exhaust wheels. These retain the standard IHI housings which makes a lot of sense. Some of the magic of the GT-Rs great response can be attributed to the turbo-exhaust manifold integration. For a mild upgrade it’s going to be hard to beat those stock manifolds on the VR38 so most will find it’s best left alone. That’s exactly what AMS have done here.

Right now they’re completing a line kit but expect these to sell together as a kit for $5,800 exchange in the near future.

Update: RRP has been made official at $5,995 for the kit exchange via GT-RR official distributor. Thanks Mike.

Link: Follow the discussion over @ NAGTROC
Link: AMS Performance Website