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Boost Logic Godzilla Turbo Kit for Nissan GT-R Debuts

May 14, 2010 Comments off

After 6 months of research and development, tuning powerhouse Boost Logic has completed their Godzilla turbo kit upgrade path for Nissan GT-R owners who want even more shove from their supercar. Using this kit, the Boost Logic GT-R has made 823hp at all wheels at 26 psi of boost, run 140+mph down the quarter mile and holds the R35 GT-R record of 203.6mph down the standing mile.

The kit features a lot of goodies but one of the biggest highlights are the hand crafted stainless manifolds built from 1.25″ internal diameter tubing. Not to mention the Precision HP turbochargers which fit up to it available in a multitude of applications to support 650hp all the way up to 1,500 hp and more. In more detail it comes with:

  • Precision HP Technology Billet Turbochargers (55/58/60/62mm)
  • Precision 46mm Waste gates
  • Boost Logic 1 1/4 Tubular Headers
  • Boost Logic Downpipes with Wastegate Recirculation
  • Standard High Temp Coating on Headers/Turbine Housings/Downpipes
  • Boost Logic Intercooler Piping
  • Boost Logic 3in Intake Tubing (Available without MAFs)
  • Oil Feed and Return Lines
  • Black Silicone Couplers and Clamps

Standard retail pricing on the kit as detailed above is $9,600, for more information on the various options available or discounts for a full GT-R build, contact the guys at Boost Logic. Their website is linked below…

Link: Boost Logic Website

HKS Unveil New Turbo Lineup – Nissan GT-R Full HKS Turbo Kit Inbound

February 7, 2010 Comments off

HKS Premium Day was held just over a week ago now and it wasn’t all about on-track festivities. HKS also had an entire new turbo lineup to unveil. This is their new inhouse designed turbo lineup known as the HKS GTII.

Due to be released in March this year, HKS are also developing a full turbo kit for the Nissan GT-R that will utilize these turbos matched with a HKS exhaust manifold to directly compete with the current Trust TD06-20G kit that has been out for some time.

Source: Special Report – HKS Turbo Unveiled