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AMS Release Upgraded Mass Airflow (MAF) Sensors for Nissan GT-R

September 1, 2010 Comments off

As time goes by and big power GT-Rs get more plentiful more and more tuners are running into the same old pesky problems. In fact, whenever you see horsepower at these levels this problem tends to rear it’s head. That is flaky air flow sensors, air flow sensors that lack resolution or airflow sensors that just max out way earlier than needed.

To put this problem to bed AMS have tackled it head on;

The AMS Nissan GT-R upgraded MAF sensor was designed to eliminate the driveabilty problems with big horsepower GT-R’s. As with any GT-R, once you start to reach the 800HP threshold, driveablity problems occur. AMS diagnosed these issues and quickly sorted out a solution. Thanks to our tuner Chris Black, we now have a MAF sensor capable of handling big power and big amounts of air. Kiss your P0700 codes goodbye! Stop dealing with rough driveablity problems if you are running Greddy 20G’s, big bolt-on turbos or full turbo kits. These Mass Air Flow Sensors are designed and calibrated to handle big power!

These babies are good to handle airflow levels up to 1200bhp and are retailing for $999.95. Hit up the AMS website linked below for the full details…

Link: AMS Website

GReddy TD06-20G Twin Turbo Kit by SP Engineering

May 9, 2010 Comments off

Great new video from the guys @ SP Engineering who’ve been busy building up some tough GT-Rs, the fastest ever down the drag strip to be precise.

Good enough for mid-9s down the quarter mile, matched with the right fuel setup this will leave you with a potent street or track car.

Link: SP Engineering Website

Top Racing Give Us the Lowdown on the HKS F-Con V-Pro for the GT-R

May 5, 2010 Comments off

Recently a representative of HKS Japan, Mr Suzuki, came to Top Racing Hong Kong “GT-R professional workshop” to make the announcement that the release of the HKS F-con V-Pro and F-con IS is set for mid to late June.

Top Racing was given a unit of F-con V-Pro to conduct tuning tests on the R35 GT-R and were impressed with the results. The V- Pro was installed on a R35 with the HKS GT600 kit installed, and during peak power there was a 20 horsepower gained. On our dyno, we were able to achieve 619.3 horsepower, and we can see a complete power up throughout the rev range.

The F-Con V-Pro is a full computer and completely replaces the standard ECU in the R35. It is plug and play, so installation is very straight forward. At the same time, this V-Pro comes with the HKS Valcon system, it allows the tuner to adjust the engine’s VCT system, which dramatically improves the low and mid range torque. With the ability to fine tune the fuel map, allows better fuel consumption and of course improves the power throughout the RPM. It’s again one big step in computer tuning for the R35.

We weren’t unable to conduct any test with the F-con IS. But technically speaking the F-Con IS is a sub-computer and runs off the stock one, but at the same time also allow the tuner to use the HKS Valcon system. The only differences is that you will need to run a OSC (Oxygen Signal Computer) to run the F-Con IS, this is due to the strong A/F close loop circuit the stock eco runs.. We believe that the power output between the two comp shouldn’t differ greatly, but the F-Con V-Pro will have more potential for tuning.

Link: Top Racing HK Website

GT-RR Teams Up With Nissan GT-R Tuning Whiz John Shafer

September 28, 2009 Comments off


Whether you know it or not but if you’re running a Cobb AccessPORT in your Nissan GT-R then it’s a good bet that John Shafer tuned your car. The man behind the development of the Cobb AccessPORT for Nissan GT-R, including the Stage 1 and Stage 2 maps distributed with it, has joined the GT-RR team as Master Tuner.

It’s a good bet that John is a fantastic resource to back the GT-RR team if anyone should ever need to turn to him for after sales support, custom tuning or advice. John will be also be working on GT-RRs latest project car documented here. Check out the release from GT-RR below for full details.


GT-RR partners with John Shafer
Monday 28th September 2009

It is with great pleasure that we announce GT-RR’s newest member of our team of GT-R specialists. John Shafer has recently joined GT-RR officially as our Master GT-R Tuner. John will assist our projects and clients all over the world with technical support and custom tuning. GT-RR has already had a successful history working with John on various projects and we are excited to have him as an integrated part of our team to even better serve our clients needs.

John as many of you may know was the R35 GT-R tuning guru behind the development of the Cobb AccessPORT for the GT-R. John was also the first aftermarket tuner in the world to collaborate on the reverse engineering team for the GT-R’s ECU during his time working for Cobb. Since then John continued to make advancements to the Cobb unit, personally writing every map for every AccessPORT around the world. John has also served as a liaison for nearly every GT-R specialty tuning shop in North America. Amongst all of this, John has also written a tuning guide for Cobb which teaches their dealers how to tune the R35.

We at GT-RR are proud to take our level of service to new heights by adding John whom many would consider to be the most respected and experienced R35 GT-R tuner in the world.

Additionally, as you may have heard, we are now offering complete car building services on both coasts of the US as well as remote computer tuning worldwide. John’s tuning facility, Akuma Motorsports of Morganville, New Jersey has become our official east coast partner for our client projects. If you need any work done on your car, regardless of where you live, we now offer more flexible and cost effective solutions than ever before.

Keep tuned to our website and blog as we release more information of our new 2010 Black on Black Street car project and the finishing power modifications of our Toyo GT-R project, both of which are being tuned by John out of our east coast partner facility.

Client support and technical questions for John can be emailed to

Mine’s Release Cam Shaft and Titanium Straight Pipe Upgrades for Nissan GT-R

September 21, 2009 Comments off


Mine’s continue leading the way in terms of GT-R engine tuning with the release of their latest hardware upgrades. The Mine’s Super Camshaft Shore PRO is a full camshaft replacement for the VR38DETT designed to unleash the full potential of the engine in terms of response and power.

The Mine’s camshaft profile on the intake side is 256 degree duration with 10.2mm of lift. On the exhaust side there’s 264 degree duration with 10.5mm of lift.

Compare the Mine’s camshaft profile against the standard item which is 238 degrees / 9.56mm on the intake and 248 degrees / 9.88mm on the exhaust and you can see that the Mine’s set will clearly breath better.

These would ideally suit someone already running / considering turbo upgrades but even on the standard turbos you would see a concrete improvement once tuned. They’re full drop in replacements for both GT-R and SpecV GT-Rs.

Update: Pricing for the Mine’s Camshaft set is 138,000 yen.


Next up Mine’s have also released the final word in lightweight titanium midpipe for those who are chasing the ultimate response and power from their GT-R.

The Mine’s Titanium Straight Converter for Nissan GT-R removes the secondary catalytic converters and replaces them with two small resonators. The final weight reduction over the standard item is 9.8 kg (3.6 kg vs. 13.4 kg). The main pipe sections are 70mm into a pair of 110mm resonators. Then via dual 70mm pipes into a single 80mm collector.

Fitment is a simple bolt on affair and pricing is to be announced shortly. Again, stay tuned to the new Mine’s website for more details.

Update: Pricing for the Mine’s Titanium Straight Converter is set at 210,000 yen.

Link: Mine’s Website (English)

RH9 Club Members Collaborate on R35 GT-R ECU Upgrades

September 10, 2009 Comments off


You may or may not have heard of the RH9 Club before, and if you haven’t what sort of rock do you prefer to live under these days? Anyway, RH9 Club is a group of workshops throughout Japan who are capable of building a GT-R capable of 9 second quarter mile passes in street trim.

While no R35 GT-R has stepped up to this realm yet, the RH9 Club does not simply ignore them altogether. Recently, in order to bring their collective expertise to the R35 owners of Japan they got together in Kyoto to work together on a set of tuning data that could be applied to the GT-R and be made available throughout the member workshop network.

The results achieved are interesting. Over at Phoenix Power’s workshop a test car was donated by Decide 226 workshop as a test mule. Originally tuned by Decide, in standard trim, the car made 513ps with 68.6 kgm of torque up from a baseline of 459ps. Tweaked with the RH9 collaboratively built map, it went on to make 550ps and 72kgm of torque.

Later, the same map was applied to the Phoenix’s Power GT-R, which is modified with a Blitz SBC-iD boost controller and SARD high-flow exhaust and results were 614 ps and 96.1kgm or torque.

Just how much boost was being used in these runs was not revealed, wastegate modifications were also not detailed. In the past Phoenix’s Power’s GT-R has run around 19.2psi running down to 13 psi by redline to achieve the 616ps it has previously clocked.

Interesting results out of Japan for relatively stock cars. The price for the upgrades are set at 168,000 yen plus 10,000 yen installation fee for 2008 model cars. An extra 60,000 yen fee is levied for the 2009 JDM cars which require some TCM tweaks apparently. Installation is available at any RH9 Club workshop throughout Japan.

Thanks to Mindlessoath for the email tip.

Link: RH9 Club Website
Sources: RH9 Club News, Phoenix’s Power, JUN Auto, Decide 226

And Tonight On “Tuning a Mid-10 Second GT-R” With Your Host Forged Performance…

July 19, 2009 Comments off

Kind of related to the previous story, although not featuring the exact same car, this short video presented by Sharif from Forged Performance shows what sort of technology and hardware goes into building and then tuning a quick Nissan GT-R.

Taking a look under that hood was interesting, these guys are making mid-10’s look pretty damn easy these days!

Great job Sharif you should do more of these.

Link: Forged Performance Website

Mine’s Carbon Fibre Range for Nissan GT-R Extended

July 11, 2009 Comments off


Mine’s debuted their first version Nissan GT-R trunk and hood at Tokyo AutoSalon in January 2009 as part of the special Mines Spec-X 6.0 prototype, but since then further work has been done on both to produce these final products.

First up is the new Mine’s Carbon Bonnet – this OEM style hood has a few unique features. for one, it’s extremely light at just 5.2 kilograms. This is about a 57% saving over the standard item which was already quite lightweight. In making it light, Mine’s chose not to sacrifice rigidity and on the underside it is reinforced similar to the OE version. Secondly, the intake ducts have been redesigned and as you can see these original design intake ducts are much more integrated into the hood over the standard versions.

This hood is available with (651,000 yen) or without (577,500 yen) Mine’s Super Clear Coat protection at your local Mine’s dealers.


Next up is the new Mine’s Carbon Trunk Type I and Type II. You probably may think you’ve seen this before and that may be the case with the OE replacement Type I trunk lid. Take a closer look at the Type-II lid and you can see how Mine’s have integrated the lower spoiler mounts.

This results in cleaner airflow under the rear spoiler and subsequently lower drag and higher downforce at the rear. Best used with the Mine’s Complete Rear Spoiler which also deletes the center pillar.

The trunk lids are also exceptionally lightweight, saving 68% (4.5kg reduction) for Type I and 62% (4.1kg reduction) on the Type-II item. Price wise you’re looking at 399,000/462,000 yen for the Type-I with/without Super Clear Coat respectively. The Type-II is a little more at 451,500/514,500 yen with/without the Super Clear Coat.

Sweet, sweet carbon – you know you need these.

Willall Racing WR35DC-F Front Differential Cooler

July 4, 2009 Comments off


On the back of the release of the Willall Racing WR35DC rear differential cooler comes this complimentary cooler for the front differential also from Willall Racing. This compact cooler mounts behind the front grille and is supplied with the pump, brackets, hoses, fittings and wiring required to fit up. The cooler promises an increase in front diff component longevity by running the oil cooler and by increasing total oil volume up to 1.1 quarts.

Again the front diff cooler integrates seamlessly with Willall Racing’s cooling products – so if you already have the others there’s always room for one more!

Link: Willall Racing Website
Link: Willall Racing Cooling Products @ Forged Performance

Garage Saurus Tune the Nissan GT-R SpecV

June 23, 2009 Comments off


Given the opportunity, you would tune this too. Not content to have the quickest production GT-R available, this SpecV owner has booked it in for a few basic performance upgrades. Garage Saurus have complied and installed a few choice upgrades from their range such as the Trust / GReddy full titanium exhaust, Garage Saurus Suction Piping Kit, Blitz twin blow off valves, Garage Saurus upgraded wastegate actuators, and to control the boost a HKS EVC.

To complete the picture, ECU tuning will beging this week. With this being the first SpecV worked on, they expect a few speed bumps but nothing serious. While tuning a set of Garage Saurus Bosch 750cc injectors may make their way on to this car as well to beef up the fuel system. I think this car is in good hands! Should be interesting to see the final power figures.

Link: Garage Saurus R35 GT-R Website