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DIY GT-R: MORE Install Guides From SpeedForSale – 137 New Pages of DIY

May 8, 2010 Comments off

Jeremy from SpeedforSale just gave me the heads up about another 8 DIY guides he’s completed and made available on his website These PDF free-to-download articles total 137 new pages of information on installing the latest tuning parts on the GT-R such as:

  • Greddy TD06-20G Twin Turbochargers
  • Deatschwerks fuel injectors
  • Mine’s carbon fiber fender vents
  • Mine’s carbon fiber hood NACA ducts
  • Intercoolers
  • HKS GT600 twin fuel pumps
  • Swift suspension coil springs
  • Engine removal and re-installation

Each of the upgrades can also be sourced from as well. So if you’re looking for a project you may very well have found one – or two to keep you busy here.

Also the guys wanted me to let you know of the next guide they have in progress; it’s a complete guide to upgrading the GT-R’s GR6 DCT transmission including everything available to date. It’s 108 pages long by itself and it’s coming soon!

Thanks Jeremy for the work putting these together and the link.

Link: FAQs / DIY Installation Guides for Nissan GT-R

DIY GT-R: Ten New Install Guides From SpeedForSale Available Now

July 3, 2009 Comments off


The Nissan GT-R aftermarket scene has taken off in a big way since launch and there’s loads of parts out there for owners considering modifying their new toys.

If you’ve ever turned a spanner before you’ll know the satisfaction of fixing or installing something on your car before and Jeremy from SpeedForSale has put together 10 new guides to help out on specific installation steps for GT-R upgrade parts.

Each guide comes with instructions and photos for the those so inclined and so far cover installation of:

  • Heavy Duty Wastegate Actuator Installation and Adjustment
  • Exhaust Downpipes
  • HKS EVC6 Boost Controller
  • HKS Super Sequential Blow Off Valve (SSBOV) Kit
  • Cat-back exhaust system and Y-pipe
  • Nissan JDM Front and Rear Clear Side Marker
  • Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines
  • Anti-Sway Bar
  • Sparco Harness Bar
  • Spark Plugs

Each of the upgrades can also be sourced from as well. So if you’re looking for a project you may very well have found one – or two to keep you busy here.

Thanks Jeremy for the work putting these together and the link.

Link: FAQs / DIY Installation Guides for Nissan GT-R

Haltech Platinum Pro ECU for US Nissan GT-R In Stock Now

July 1, 2009 Comments off


The Haltech team have lived up to their word and begun delivering USDM Nissan GT-R suitable Haltech Platinum Pro full ECUs this week. After launching not too long ago, some units are in the US already with more to come shortly. The ECUs ship with full OE grade harnesses, software, USB cable, and the connectors required to wire in the MAP sensors and wideband O2 sensor inputs.

All this for the retail price of $3,200 seems cheap!

Photos courtesy of Will from his thread over on NAGTROC.

Link: Haltech Website

HKS Kansai Tackle the Brake Cooling Issue

June 29, 2009 Comments off


Some of you who’ve spent some time getting to know the GT-R at your local race tracks may have noticed that the brakes tend to get hot. It’s not rocket science really, a big heavy car like the GT-R expects a lot from it’s brakes even if they are mammoth in size.

Nissan’s solution to brake heat issues was to throw a whole heap of money at carbon ceramic rotors and a pair of tiny air ducts in the front lip spoiler for the SpecV. HKS Kansai on the other hand have come up with a product a little more subtle and available. Simple air guides that bolt to your lower control arms and direct air towards the calipers.

Could it be this easy? Well real world results are not abundant at this stage so we’ll have to wait and see. These sell for about 39,900 yen in Japan.

Thanks to Mindlessoath for posting this over on NAGTROC.

Link: HKS Kansai Website

HKS Kansai Carbon Fiber Radiator Shroud, Exhaust Surround

July 11, 2008 Comments off

HKS Kansai have revealed in August’s Option Magazine new carbon fiber parts in development for the R35 GT-R. First up is a carbon fiber radiator shroud similar to the one Zele International announced late last month.

Secondly is a new product we haven’t seen before (well we got a preview over at CBA-R35 blog) which is a carbon fiber exhaust tip surround. This replaces the standard plastic exhaust surround seen below.

These parts will be available later this month from HKS Kansai.

Link: HKS Kansai Home Page
Source: Option Magazine Interview with HKS Kansai

May 2, 2008 Comments off

There is a new interview up on the website with HKS Kansai boss Toshiyuki Mukai about their impressions of the Nissan GT-R and also on tuning the new addition to their stable. GTR-World were also able to test drive HKS Kansai’s GT-R

Mukai-san comments that the first thing they noticed was the high seating position and that this had to change. The seat was also not supportive enough under high G cornering and finally the position of the seat also was not conducive to taking long trips. To fix this they fitted the Recaro TS series seats in red up front which lower the seat height as well as providing a considerable weight saving.

Continue reading after the jump for more on the article.


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HKS Kansai Full Twin Exhaust

April 22, 2008 Comments off

HKS Kansai have developed a full twin exhaust from the front pipes back. They have managed to do away with the rear central muffler design as well instead opting for two inline mufflers with a more direct exhaust flow path.

As with all HKS Kansai parts the quality looks to be top notch. We’ll let you know once some back to back dyno tests have been performed on the power increase you should expect from this type of setup.