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Best Motoring June 2009: Tuner Special Battle

May 10, 2009 Comments off


Just a reminder that Best Motoring DVD volume 6 for 2009 is now out and includes some features which may interest GT-R fans, especially fans of the Shadow Sports Design Nissan GT-R.

This issue features a Super Tuned battle at Motegi where the Shadow Sports Design GT-R faces off against a tuned Corvette Z06, Porsche 911 GT3 RS, RSD Ferrari 360 Modena, and the Ti Racing Lotus Exige.

I won’t spoil it too much but it’s worth a watch for GT-R fans for sure. If you really want to know though, Shadow Sports design posted a few of the results themselves on their blog. Hunt around a bit to find them.

As usual pick this one up online from at the link below.

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