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GReddy TD06-20G Twin Turbo Kit by SP Engineering

May 9, 2010 Comments off

Great new video from the guys @ SP Engineering who’ve been busy building up some tough GT-Rs, the fastest ever down the drag strip to be precise.

Good enough for mid-9s down the quarter mile, matched with the right fuel setup this will leave you with a potent street or track car.

Link: SP Engineering Website

GReddy Trust Intercooler Spec-R HG T29 Kit for Nissan GT-R

May 1, 2010 Comments off

GReddy have officially released and priced their latest offering in the cooling arena for the Nissan GT-R, their Spec-R HG T29 Intercooler Kit. The kit comes in two forms, the full kit and the conversion kit and is designed to replace not only your OEM intercoolers with a joined core crossover type intercooler but much of your intake and intercooler piping as well.

The full kit features polished hard piping kit to support Trust pod filters in replacement of the OEM airboxes, polished hard piping kit to replace the intercooler piping, silicon host joiners, GReddy blow off valves and other minor but very important items such as brackets and hoses. The full kit retails at 388,500 yen in Japan.

The conversion kit assumes you already have the Trust intake piping kit so removes the intake pipes and the blow off valves. It saves a little money and goes for around 312,900 yen in Japan.

With either kit, you’re crossing the airflow over so you should need to take into account that the airflow sensed by the left MAF (mass airflow sensor) will now be fed to the ECU to control the RIGHT throttle. So most people recommend extending the MAF wiring harness to correct this when using this type of intercooler. I do not see a mention of that being included in either of these kits so it’s something to be aware of.

Link: Trust GReddy Intercooler Release (Japanese)

Two More GT-Rs Run 9’s and New Records All Round

April 13, 2010 Comments off

A huge day for GT-R drag racing enthusiasts with not one but two more GT-Rs entering the mega exclusive 9 second R35 GT-R club.

A lonely club it was for the single GT-R in it until today when SP Engineering smashed the record and dug deep into the 9’s with a amazing 9.62 @ 150.75mph at SpeedWorld drag strip in Arizona, USA. That is seriously moving.

It was quickly followed by NAGTROC member Hing (rsfootball) who had an amazing day as well running back to back 9’s with a best of 9.8 @ 148mph.

Both of these cars feature the GReddy TD06-20g twin-turbo upgrade kit and were running the 18″ drag radials on Volk TE37 wheels for the best runs.

The SP Engineering car also has further modifications to the engine including:

  • GReddy Intercooler
  • CP Pisons with coating (standard sized)
  • Carrillo Conrods
  • 1000cc Injectors
  • SP Engineering Fuel Pump Setup w/FPR
  • TiTek Titanium Race Midpipe
  • TiTek Titanium Race Exhaust
  • Cobb AccessPORT

With all that said though, the clutches remain stock. You can actually check out their massive engine overhaul photo thread on their website here for pics of the engine components.

Hing’s car on the other hand is slightly milder, while it does have the same GReddy TD06-20g twin turbo kit, its still running standard internals… Yep a standard motor, upgraded fuel system, Cobb AcessPORT, GReddy Titanium Exhaust and Dodson Motorsport/Exedy upgraded clutch packs! There’s more to it than that but I’ll let Hing decide if he wants to divulge the rest over on NAGTROC

On this setup, and his own 20″ drag radials, he was running back to back 9.9’s. It was when he switched out to the 18″ drag radials that he dipped into the 9.8’s.

For these runs, both cars were running C16 fuel the track temps were around 120° F and air temps were about 80°F.

Congrats to Hing, SP Engineering and everyone involved in this huge success!

Link: SP Engineering Website
Link: NAGTROC Discussion Thread

SP Engineering Stage 1 SPE750 Turbo Upgrade Package

November 16, 2009 Comments off


SP Engineering have announced their own 750hp+ stage one performance upgrade for the Nissan GT-R based on their SPE750 upgraded turbochargers. The turbos, based on standard IHI ones, are honed out and have their internals replaced with ball bearing type cartridges. There’s an increase in the compressor and exhaust wheel size but this is probably countered by the improved ball bearing design to maintain response.

The package also includes JET coating on the integrated exhaust manifolds. This will help keeping heat out of the engine bay and in the exhaust. This keeps exhaust gas temps higher and improves gas flow. Obviously it also takes heat out of the engine bay as well which benefits the cooling system overall.

The full SPE750 package will consist of supporting modifications to help owners get the most from the turbos including 800cc injectors, upgraded fuel pressure regulator with lines, upgraded dual 255 litre/hour fuel pumps.

A HKS GT570 kit is included as well to cover the exhaust, intake, boost control, ignition and wastegate control side of things. To control all this, owners will be supplied with a Cobb AccessPORT map specifically for the SPE750 setup.

MSRP for the full setup is set at $18,500 installed.

For those wanting to push the GT-R even further, SP Engineering have a GReddy TD06-20G twin turbo based SPE900 kit as well but pricing is yet to come for that.

Check the link below for more info.

Link: SP Engineering Website

Trust / GReddy Release Intake Pipe Kits for Nissan R35 GT-R

October 24, 2009 Comments off


Trust have extended their range of GT-R parts recently with the release of a variety of intake piping kits. First up and pictured above is the Trust Aluminium Intake Piping Kit. The kit is a direct replacement for the OE piping designed for bolting straight up with the factory air boxes installed. Six replacement 70mm aluminium pipes and silicon hose joiners with clamps ship with the kit. This kit is compatible with the GReddy Intercooler kit but not the GReddy TD06 turbine kit, GReddy will release a kit compatible with the TD06 kit soon.

This kit goes for around the 159,600 yen in Japan.

Next up is a pair of airbox replacement GReddy Suction Kits. There’s the Type-1 kit which includes two aluminium turbine compressor replacement pipes and a pair of foam mushroom filters. This kit includes silicon hose joiners also and sells for 100,800 yen in Japan.

Lastly is the GReddy Suction Kit Type-2, the unique thing in this kit is that the air boxes are replaced with a pair of mushroom filters that are positioned in front of the radiator support where they have more ready access to cold air. It includes polished aluminium compressor replacement piping, silicon hose joiners and airfilters and sells for 120,750 yen in Japan.

Link: Trust Official Website

SP Engineering – 707 hp – Rise of the GT-R Video

September 2, 2009 Comments off

SP Engineering have been busy, as early adopters of the GReddy Trust TD06H-20G twin turbo upgrade they’ve been testing and tuning at their California based workshop.

They’ve put together this sweet video to hype up some interest around this first of it’s kind install so I’m passing it on.

Looks great guys!

Link: SP Engineering Website

Trust and Garage Saurus: GReddy TD06-20G Kit Dynos 834ps @ Wheels

August 12, 2009 Comments off


We’ve been following the progress of the Trust GReddy TD06-20G turbo kit for a while now, thanks to Garage Saurus, and today we’ve learned cold hard numbers on what the kit can do.

On Trust Japan’s dyno, running 22 psi of boost and completely maxing out the Bosche injectors they’ve managed to pull off a 834ps (822hp) run at all four wheels. Other components upgraded for the run were the intercoolers, utilising the Trust GReddy Type06-R Intercooler kit.

Quite an upgrade from where they started with “just” the 650ps output from Garage Saurus original basic performance upgrade components back in January.

Source: GReddy Blog via

TRUST GReddy T6 Turbo Kit in Development for Nissan GT-R

June 11, 2009 Comments off


Well given the right amount of time this was bound to happen. Trust are quite far along the development of their brand new low mount twin TD06SH turbo kit for the Nissan R35 GT-R. Thanks to Garage Saurus we’re seeing these up close and personal photos of the kit fitted to the Trust development GT-R.

The kit will feature a brand new original stainless manifold design which, as we said, tucks the GReddy TD06SH-20G turbos up nicely in a low mount configuration. This replaces the concept of the manifold combined with the turbo exhaust housing which could allow a variety of other turbos to be fitted – provided the size constraints are met. There’s twin external wastegates featured in the kit as well as a set of matching stainless flexible dump pipes.

According to the kit should be good for about 880hp and be available in a matter of months. Of course as a GReddy / Trust USA and Japan distributor you can rely on the GT-RR guys to get your name down in line for one of these kits and you can find out more about that at the link below.

Link: – GReddy / Trust Turbo Kit Product Page

GReddy Titanium Racing Exhaust Now Stateside

June 10, 2009 Comments off


It’s taken it’s time but it’s now available in stock in the US. The GReddy (Trust) cat back exhaust is a fully titanium unit for ultimate weight savings. One pleasant side effect of using titanium is that proper exhaust note you’ve been hearing on many of the videos doing the rounds of the more tuned GT-Rs getting about. It’s not overly loud though, thanks to the large rear mufflers which also keep drone in check. You can hear what it sounds like on the MVP GT-R video below.

The exact weight savings total about 16 lbs over the stock exhaust system, a nice saving but couple that with the extra flow from the 80mm diameter piping and it’s a decent 20+hp power jump.

Link: GReddy USA Blog – GReddy Titanium Racing Exhaust
Link: – GReddy Titanium Exhaust Product Page

GReddy Spec-R Intercooler Upgrade Now Shipping in the US

June 3, 2009 Comments off


More details and availability on the GReddy Spec-R front mount intercooler upgrades have surfaced after they finally and officially made their way into production and into the hands of US distributor MVP.

These intercoolers are a direct fit OE replacement type which offer improved cooling efficiency with better airflow characteristics. The core itself is almost 40% larger than the standard core with fewer, larger rows it also offers a much larger internal volume. In testing it was seen to be over 20% more effective at cooling the intake charge versus the standard item. That’s a 10 + ℃ effective temperature drop even in unfavorable conditions.

The results are, up to 18hp improvement in the mid range and 11hp at peak. A corresponding torque increase was also seen.

If you’re interested, get in now and you’ll get a set that’s already in the US shipped to your door for $3,699 from The kits comes with all fittings, fasteners and airguides seen above including fitting instructions. Check out the link below.

Thanks to Dusty from MVP for all the info and photos!

Link: GReddy Intercooler Product Page