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Willall Racing Transmission Bulletproofing Bundle WR35BP

November 28, 2009 Comments off


Willall Racing have quite a few options in the market these days for someone wanting to enhance their GR6 transmission. Either for preventitive reasons or in preference to OEM parts when repairing. It’s kind of a logical next step to package them all up in one bundle then.

So this Christmas you can take advantage of this package deal discount and get all of the following for one price of $2750 in one go. The WR35BP ships with:

Why not spend the holiday period up to your elbows in transmission fluid? Or you could wait and pay more next year!

Maybe just send this link to your wife by accident … ?

Link: Willall Racing Website

Willall Racing Release GR6 Clutch Retaining Clips

October 12, 2009 Comments off


More transmission part replacements/upgrades from Willall Racing have been released recently. Known as the WR35CCL, these items replace the stock clips that keep the clutches on the main shaft. While I don’t pretend to know why Nissan went with such a weedy looking retaining clip (left) from the factory it’s evident that once you remove these you probably don’t want to put them back in and rely on them to keep your $26,000 transmission functional.

If you’re fixing or upgrading clutches, piston seals or anything internal to the trans, maybe consider an upgrade like this to do while you’re there. You’ll be replacing these clips anyway so why not go for a more substantial hardened steel version. The price is set at $150.

Link: Willall Racing WR35CCL

Limey Racing Announce Release of LR850 and OEM Replacement Clutch Packs

October 10, 2009 Comments off


Limey Racing have now released their clutch upgrade options for the Nissan GT-R as well as a OE style replacement option for those with worn standard clutches.

The upgraded, LR850 option, is rated to 800 lb/ft of torque at the engine or about 850 hp. These bad boys sell for $1350.

The standard style replacement option, for those who may have overenthusastically worn out their stock clutches on a mainly standard car, can be had for just $999. Hit up the link below for more information on obtaining these.

Link: Limey Racing Website

Willall Racing Transmission Piston Seal Upgrades for Nissan GT-R

September 30, 2009 Comments off


The GT-R has quickly grown from supercar to super tuner base car and it seems to be getting trickier to find an owner who hasn’t modified their GT-R these days. Just an exhaust they say, or just an ECU reflash… It’s so simple and rewarding, so why not eh?

While the debate on the durability of the Nissan GT-R’s gearbox may still rave on various blogs and forums around the net ,the innovators amongst us are coming out with their own preventative measures to prevent problems before the occur in a catastrophic way for those who do get the urge to tune.

One of the newer products on the market is the Willall Racing GR6 Piston Seal upgrade. Designed to prevent failures caused by OE seals that may deteriorate and cause the transmission to fail into limp mode or, at worst, take other internals down with it.

Priced at $390, you can hit up the Willall Racing website linked below for the full rundown and order form.

Link: Willall Racing Website

PPG Full Gear Set for Nissan GT-R Released

August 6, 2009 Comments off


There are many options on strengthening the GT-R’s gearbox coming to market these days but none so mind blowing as the full gear set we just laid eyes on from Pfitzner Performance Gearboxes (PPG) out of Australia. The full first through sixth gear upgrade is manufactured from high-carbon steel, CNC’d to PPG’s specs which increase gear contact area by up to 40% (first gear). Combine the superior materials used with the heat treating process and the gears are up to twice as strong as standard.

These should suit the high power street GT-R to around the 700 – 900 hp (engine) range.

Head on over to for the details on pricing and availability.

Thanks to Mike @ GT-RR for the heads up.

Link: PPG Website
Link: PPG Full Gearset for Nissan GT-R @


SouthSide Performance Solid Transmission Mounts for Nissan GT-R

July 1, 2009 Comments off


The Nissan GT-R is a potent supercar for sure, but there are some notable tweaks that could be made that some people think may elevate its status again to ultimate motorsports weapon. One motorsport in particular that’s cause for concern is drag racing since the high torque loads that this sport subjects the GT-R’s transmission to are known to cause a component or two to come under some unusual stresses.

That’s the sort of thing that the guys at SSP have been thinking of for quite some time now and to that end, they’ve designed and machined these solid transmission mounts to assist coping with the loads the GT-R’s tranny sees. These are said to go some way

These solid trans mounts are CNC machined from solid aluminum and designed to be direct fit replacements for the OE rubber and liquid filled items. These mounts are available in two packages, a stage one including four mounts that remounts the transmission alone on solid mounts and stage two, a further four mounts, that replaced the upper liquid filled transmission mounts as well. There’s eight mounts in the total package.

This modification isn’t for everyone and it may not be suitable for your daily driven street car. You’ll see (well hear really) an increase in noise and vibration in the rear as everything is now solidly linked together. For those guys tracking the car more regularly they’re worth considering.

Link: SouthSide Performance Website
Link: Discuss with SouthSide Performance on NAGTROC

Transmission Adjustment for Everyone via Carman SCAN Tool

June 7, 2009 Comments off


Nextech’s Carman SCAN OBD-II scan tool has supported the Nissan GT-R for about a year now and has been used by many that don’t have access to or can’t afford the official Nissan Consult III hardware. It can read and diagnose GT-R error codes and clear them as well.

Recently Nextech have released an update that should allow Carman Scan tool owners to adjust GT-R TCM settings themselves, saving a trip to the dealership. The GT-R’s 6 speed dual clutch transmission, the GR6, has 4 settings for the automated clutches. These settings are regularly adjusted during service time to keep it performing at it’s peak. Adjusted incorrectly however and driveability and clutch heat problems issues can crop up.

On top of this the new update allows the modification of the ABS settings to tune braking performance and ABS sensitivity.

The Carman SCAN tool is still not cheap at around $4,000 for the unit but it’s an option for some and both Sunline Racing and MCR in Japan have added it to their tool kits.

Images: Sunline Racing and MCR
Link: Nextech Website

Photo Gallery: SSP Clutch Pack Upgrade Install and Update

May 28, 2009 Comments off


Southside Performance say they have had a lot of success with their upgrade clutches for the Nissan GT-R’s GR6 DSG gearbox today in their latest update. Running them in their development GT-R with over 700hp, they’ve managed to reduce any clutch slip issues significantly. Over 30 sets have found homes with GT-R owners worldwide to date.

Done properly, clutch upgrades like these wont only improve the GT-R’s ability to get power to the ground but should lead to lower transmission operating temperatures under load and thus less transmission maintenance overall. Priced from $1,399 they also come with a 1 year warranty, you can check out the full press release here.

Combine these with other upgrades to the transmission like the PPG 1st gear and input shaft upgrade of the PPG 1st-6th gear upgrades for a more robust gearbox all round.

One weak link down in the quest for big horsepower GT-Rs…

Link: SouthSide Performance

Willall Racing Release Front Mount Transmission Cooler

May 1, 2009 Comments off


With so many exhaust options on the market today, it can be difficult to find the right mounting for a big radiator at the rear of the car. Unless you go to a loud / race straight through design or a single sided exhaust you may run into clearance issues with a standard Willall Racing Transmission Cooler.

Willall Racing have done their homework here though and come through with a solid solution. A front mounted cooler for those who cant or don’t want to rear mount the radiator.

Utilising the regular WR35TC transmission sump extension, extended lines, updated radiator type and a modification to the GT-Rs front bumper this kit can be fitted to any Nissan GT-R. Front bar removal is not necessary and can be done with it in place on the hoist.

Available now from Willall Racing and their distributors.

Link: Willall Racing Website
Link: Willall Racing US Distributor Forged Performance

SouthSide Performance Transmission Cooler Kit Update

April 23, 2009 Comments off


Kris over at SSP has posted up some photos of one of the first SouthSide GR6 Transmission coolers – aka the GR6-TC230RS – installed. Lookin’ good, these are making their way to customers now.

Check out our previous article for the performance data of these units on the circuit.

Link: SouthSide Performance Website