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Top Racing Give Us the Lowdown on the HKS F-Con V-Pro for the GT-R

May 5, 2010 Comments off

Recently a representative of HKS Japan, Mr Suzuki, came to Top Racing Hong Kong “GT-R professional workshop” to make the announcement that the release of the HKS F-con V-Pro and F-con IS is set for mid to late June.

Top Racing was given a unit of F-con V-Pro to conduct tuning tests on the R35 GT-R and were impressed with the results. The V- Pro was installed on a R35 with the HKS GT600 kit installed, and during peak power there was a 20 horsepower gained. On our dyno, we were able to achieve 619.3 horsepower, and we can see a complete power up throughout the rev range.

The F-Con V-Pro is a full computer and completely replaces the standard ECU in the R35. It is plug and play, so installation is very straight forward. At the same time, this V-Pro comes with the HKS Valcon system, it allows the tuner to adjust the engine’s VCT system, which dramatically improves the low and mid range torque. With the ability to fine tune the fuel map, allows better fuel consumption and of course improves the power throughout the RPM. It’s again one big step in computer tuning for the R35.

We weren’t unable to conduct any test with the F-con IS. But technically speaking the F-Con IS is a sub-computer and runs off the stock one, but at the same time also allow the tuner to use the HKS Valcon system. The only differences is that you will need to run a OSC (Oxygen Signal Computer) to run the F-Con IS, this is due to the strong A/F close loop circuit the stock eco runs.. We believe that the power output between the two comp shouldn’t differ greatly, but the F-Con V-Pro will have more potential for tuning.

Link: Top Racing HK Website

Tanabe Release Sustec Stabilizer Bars for Nissan GT-R

April 26, 2010 Comments off

Tanabe Japan together with Top Racing Hong Kong “GT-R Professional Workshop” has developed the new anti-roll bar specific for the R-35 GT-R. These newly released anti-roll bars were developed from the data gathered by Top Racing on the race track and after severe abuse, it’s been proven that the increase width and stiffness will enhance the handling of the R35. It’s easier for the driver for the turn in and at the same time easier to predict with the increase feedback given from these anti-roll bars.

The front bar is 36.2mm in diameter, which adds an additional of 2.1mm comparing to standard. In the rear, the diameter is 18.2mm, an bump of 4mm.

Hit up the link below to contact Top Racing for more information…

Link: Top Racing HK Website

Top Racing HK Report from R35 Street Battle at ZIC in China

April 9, 2010 Comments off

The 27th and 28th of March was a big weekend for the GT-Rs around Hong Kong and China. For the first time ever, the R35 Street Battle was held at the Zhuhai International Circuit (ZIC) on the 29th and organized by the Hyper Zpeed Magazine. Many GT-Rs turned up for the event to see how fast they were able to go. Although there was a small drama on Saturday, one of the GT-Rs was severely damaged during practice, the race course was required to shut off for a while for clean up. It was a great day with nice sunshine, with an air temperature of 20 degrees and overall, it was proved to be an enjoyable event run smoothly.

Top Racing GT-R Professional Workshop also attended the event with their customers and became the spot light of the day. Since Top Racing had experience at Zhuhai International Circuit from previous trackdays, the track’s layout was well known to them. Since it was technically a Street Battle, Top Racing brought their street demo car up to ZIC to conduct the speed trial. This street spec car was able to manage a respectable 1:46.28 lap time and also set the highest top speed for the day of 244km/h at the end of the main straight. To top it off, on the very same night at the after battle dinner party, Top Racing GTR Professional Workshop won the Most Fashionable award, Quickest Lap Record award and the 2009 Media Best Tuner Gold award for their street demo car.

The Top Racing street demo car was equipped with the Willall Racing WR35MTT turbo setup which runs 1.1 bar of boost, HKS Hipermax III ZIC spec suspension, Tanabe sway bar, SSP radiator, Trust oil coolers for the engine and transmission, HKS Superior Spec R, Trust Intake Suction kit, HKS GT600 Kit, COBB Tuning AccessPORT, Dixcel R15 brake pads and SP FSC brake rotors. Also, in the transmission department it was equipped with the Dodson Motorsport mechanical circlips and FWD gear lock to ensure durability, as well as Willall Racing WR35CP clutch packs to ensure good bite while shifting gears.

What is special about this time out is a newly in-house designed aero kit which borrows concepts from the Nissan FIA GT1 spec race car. Not only does it give the GT-R a new aggressive look, but it could also decrease the engine oil, transmission oil and water temperature dramatically. This aero kit completely solves the usual temperature issues and allows the driver to drive their GT-R on the race track at full pace with peace of mind. The aero kit is made out of light weight, rigid dry carbon, and provides ducting to cool the front brakes down which helps solve the problem of brake over-heating. The new aero front bumper is also designed to give greater down-force and provide greater stability at high speed, add that to the fact that it reduces weight and you can see how it can improve handling. The kit reduces weight by 5kg in the hood, 5kg in the front bumper and under panels, 2.5kg in the rear bumper and 2.5kg in the rear trunk lid.

The Director of HKS product strategy management, Suguru Kobayashi, was also there on the day as a spectator, he was astonished with the cooling ability of this new aero kit and admired the quality and design. He is greatly interested in the aero kit, and in discussions with Top Racing, has requested a set for testing on the HKS R35 demo car.

Unfortunately, Top Racing’s race ready R35 “TR35” was unable to attend this event. The TR35 GT-R features an even more aggressive aero kit which provides for even wider front wheels. We are all anxious to see how well the TR35 will perform with the wide body kit on the race track.

So it was an enjoyable weekend at ZIC, everyone from Top Racing and their clients had fun and enjoyed the thrill of high speed on the race track, they are all looking forward to hitting the track again very soon.

Top Racing Hong Kong would like to take this opportunity to give a special thanks to the following:

  • Weave Carbon Series
  • HKS
  • Dodson Motorsport
  • TANABE Japan
  • Willall Racing
  • TOYO

Link: Top Racing GT-R Professional Workshop Hong Kong

Top Racing HK: The Skinny on Lambo Style Doors for the GT-R

November 19, 2009 Comments off


Judging by the feedback I get on the blog, there’s a huge variety in what people find tasteful when modifying cars. Some love 22 inch chrome wheels and bright purple vinyl wraps and some hate them. I’m trying to be unbiased as much as I can so I present the Top Racing HK LSD install.

Top Racing have got the first set of LSD doors in Hong Kong. The hinges come pre-assembled and include the various gadgets and such needed for installation. They’re a specific fit for the Nissan GT-R.

The way they work is that the LSD hinge allows the door to open normally for about 30 degrees, then a gas strut takes over to lift the door vertically. Once you exit the car, be careful of the women flocking towards you.

If this is something in your field of interest and you’re based in the Hong Kong region, hit up Top Racing for more information.

Link: Top Racing HK

Top Racing HK: Track Day Performance at ZIC in China

October 27, 2009 Comments off


A little over a month back now, Hong Kong based tuner Top Racing was out at Zhuihai International Circuit in China to collect data on the Willall Racing cooling solutions and the HKS suspension systems for the Nissan GT-R. This particular R35 Demo car was built aiming to set as a reference for other R35 owners.

The Top Racing GT-R Demo car is fitted with what some would term as only mild, bolt on modifications. We see the HKS GT600 Kit with the HKS Superior Spec R Titan Muffler, the latest HKS Hypermax 3 Super Sport Suspension, COBB Tuning Anti-roll Bar, COBB Tuning AccessPORT, Willall Transmission Cooler and Dixcel RE Brake Pads with rotors.


Over the course of the two day track event, the air temperature was close to 40 degrees celsius. Top Racing conducted the tests with the GT-R tuned to run 1.1 bar of boost with Willall Racing oils protecting the engine, transmission and the differentials. Saturday’s main focus was on the suspension setting and after all was said and done the guys managed a best time of 1:47.6.

On Sunday, there was a chance for the Top Racing team to stress test the oil and the cooling system. During testing their results were pointing in the right direction but, due to interruptions, only 8 hot laps were able to be completed during the one session. Based on the data gathered however, there is no doubt that the oil will maintain good temperatures even over a 10 lap session in the scorching heat.

Overall, it was a successful event, and the data gathered by the Top Racing Demo car will be extremely useful to use as a baseline for further GT-R builds to come. Taking certain steps with the setup of the car can go a long way to eliminating any over heating issues.

Furthermore, another point worth making was in regards to the Dixcel RE brake pads. Their performance overall was extremely good with no sight of fading even after 8 laps back to back in the heat. Moreover, the wear on the brake discs and the pads over the two days was far less than expected. These brake pads were developed for endurance races, and are highly recommended for GT-R users planning to do some track work.

Next steps for Top Racing are to look forward to building a more aggressive track orientated R35 GT-R with a horsepower target of between 700 ~ 800 hp. The guys are looking forward to an even better laptime next visit to Zhuihai.

Link: Top Racing HK Website

Top Racing HK: Willall Turbos Good for 700ps in Top Racing R35 GT-R

October 20, 2009 Comments off


The Willall Racing WR35TT twin turbo upgrade package was announced earlier in the year and has been finding it’s way into a few GT-R builds. The premise is simple, take the superb standard combined turbocharger exhaust manifold setup and improve on it.

The improvements specifically consist of a 6mm larger compressor wheels, and 9mm larger turbine. The standard plain bearing core has also been replaced by a complete ball bearing core to prevent any lost in low end response.

One of the biggest concerns for anyone installing bigger turbos is the affect it has on the low end response, by inducing turbo lag. After installing and testing the Willall items however, there appears to be no appreciable effect on the GTR’s low end output at all, seemingly matching the OEM turbo response.

Being the sole distributor for all Willall Racing products in Hong Kong, Top Racing was delighted to be the first to install and test out these set of turbos. The Top Racing GTR demo car was able to produce over 700hps @ 1.4bar boost with supporting modifications including the COBB AccessPort and 800cc Deatschwerks injectors.


The Willall Turbos make strong power with a significant gains throughout the rev range. The fact that this upgrade maintains standard low end response mean they’re great for daily driving while delivering real punch when you want do some hard driving.

Check out Top Racing’s website for some more details linked below…

Link: Top Racing HK Website