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Tomei Launch Even Bigger Upgraded Procams for the Nissan GT-R

November 13, 2010 Comments off

Since launching their first upgrade Poncam camshafts for the VR38 back in March, Tomei has been busily preparing some significantly more hard core camshafts for the more heavy breathing VR38’s around. Recently they announced the availability of these Procams which look to be the biggest set of cams that the VR38 has seen to date.

Adding to the existing 256 degree 10.25 mm IN and 264 degree EX 10.50 mm lift Poncams which come as a fixed set of 4, the Procam range gives tuners the ability to select from a long list of profiles to mix and match on the Intake/Exhaust side. Here’s the full list of cam profiles available:

Once you’ve decided your application and selected your cam profile, price is fixed at just $550 MSRP per side so you’re looking at just $1100 all up for a full set irrespective of the profile you choose.

Hit up the Tomei website for more information or contact your favorite distributor of Tomei parts to order your set.

Link: Tomei Website

Tomei Poncam Camshafts for Nissan GT-R Now Available

March 24, 2010 Comments off

Prior to Tokyo AutoSalon 2010 we had seen that Tomei were on the brink of releasing these camshafts for the Nissan GT-R’s VR38. We’re happy to announce that Tomei has released them and they’re now available.

The Poncams are designed specifically as a drop in upgrade to run with the completely standard valve train. They’re said to give VVT enhancements across the entire rev range. Exciting stuff, the feature list reads as follows:

  • Made from special materials specifically for the VR38DETT
  • Precision grinds
  • Valve timing has been pre-set
  • Compatible with the stock valve springs
  • Best turbine response
  • Variable Valve Timing compatible
  • Stable idling
  • Best overall balance

As we suspected earlier on in the year, the Poncams are quite a big step up for a drop in upgrade. The specs are:

  • Intake; 256 Duration x 10.20mm Cam Lift
  • Exhaust; 264 Duration x 10.50mm Cam Lift

You can pickup your set at your local Tomei dealer listed over on their website. MSRP is set at the $1600 USD mark.

Link: Tomei Dealers Worldwide

Tomei Poncam Camshafts for Nissan GT-R

January 6, 2010 Comments off

After just the right amount of anticipation, Tomei has joined the Nissan GT-R camshaft party with their own range of upgrades under the Poncam brand. Well respected in the tuning world forever, the Poncams are a drop in replacement for the standard items.

On the intake side, the Poncams increase duration to 256° and lift to 10.2mm with a initial lobe center angle of 124°. On the exhaust side the cams feature a 264° duration and 10.5mm of lift. Initial lobe center angle on the exhaust side is 115°. In comparison stock ones are 238°, 9.56mm intake and 248°, 9.88mm exhaust.

For now, there’s just one spec of Poncams for the VR38DETT, but at 134,400 yen in Japan for the full set they’re priced competitively. You can also opt for just the in or ex set for 67,200 yen a pop.

Tomei have a big showing planned for Tokyo AutoSalon 2010 which begins later this month (15th – 17th Jan) so we’ll be sure to snap a few photos of the cams in the flesh.

Link: Tomei USA Website