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TAS09: Top Secret Super GT-R Sees the Light of Day

January 18, 2009 Comments off

Top Secret have been extremely busy over the past year since they picked up their first GT-R in December 2007. Their showing at Tokyo AutoSalon 2008 got everyone’s hopes up but shortly after they disappeared into the Top Secret batcave in Chiba. When they emerged six months later they came bearing their first parts and have slowly picked up the volume since.

Now the Top Secret Nissan GT-R parts catalogue is quite broad offering everything from multiple types of suspension to body kits to electronically operated exhausts.

Something we hadn’t seen yet from Top Secret that was at Tokyo Auto Salon 2009 were these 410mm front and rear rotors for the R35 GT-R. Just when you thought your 400mm rotors were big someone goes and gets a bigger set. Top Secret’s 410mm rotor sets go for 230,000 yen for the front and 250,000 yen for the rear.

As for the Top Secret demo car, it featured the following laundry list of modifications:

  • Top Secret Super Induction Kit
  • Top Secret Intercooler Piping Kit (half titanium)
  • Cobb Tuning Access Port Top Secret Version
  • Top Secret TV-Pro Titanium Muffler
  • Top Secret Titanium Front Pipe
  • Top Secret G-Force Front Lip Spoiler
  • Top Secret G-Force Side Diffuser
  • Top Secret G-Force Rear Diffuser
  • Top Secret Super Spring Roberuta Kit (F:14kg/mm R:7.3-10.3kg/mm)
  • Rays Volk Racing TE37G2 20×10 front and 20×11 rear wheels
  • Takata Harnesses

Click through the jump below to see the rest of our photos of the Top Secret car at Tokyo Auto Salon 2009.

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TAS09: Hasemi Sport Aero Parts – Subtle Goodness

January 17, 2009 Comments off

Hasemi Sport were in the house last weekend at Tokyo AutoSalon. They have their range of subtle carbon aero styling parts on display. This in certainly one way to go if you want to add a little personalisation to your GT-R but aren’t looking for that flashy “look at me” styling.

We got our first look at this kit around Nismo Festival time in December 2008 and we have the pricing from back then:

  • Front Under Spoiler Splitter – 93,450 yen (FRP 57,750 yen)
  • Side Skirts – 114,450 yen (FRP 72,450 yen)
  • Rear Center Diffuser – 47,250 yen (FRP only)
  • Rear Side Diffusers – 40,950 yen (carbon only)
  • Rear Pod Extensions – 68,250 yen (FRP 47,250 yen)
  • Rear Wing Lip – 26,250 yen (carbon only)

Hasemi Sport has a long history of motorsports competition in Japan even having fielded a team in the most high profile motor racing in Japan in 2008, the SuperGT GT500 class. With a reputation like theirs you know these parts are going to be quality.

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TAS09: HKS Kansai GT-R Featuring Seibon Dry Carbon Fibre

January 15, 2009 Comments off

HKS Kansai’s GT-R bears only a small resemblance to the HKS Kansai GT-R we saw back in Tokyo AutoSalon last year. This year it comes covered in dry carbon fibre from Seibon and lowered with HKS HiperMax III Kansai Spec suspension on the brand new ADVAN Racing RS-D 20″ wheels.

We went over the complete specs down to the nitty gritty in our preview prior to AutoSalon so check that out if you’re interested in every detail. For now though check out our photo gallery after the jump…

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TAS09: BRANEW GT-R Aero Update On Show

January 14, 2009 Comments off

BRANEW’s controversial aero kit for the Nissan GT-R was on display this weekend at Tokyo AutoSalon at what I rated as one of the most luxurious looking booths on the day. Historically a VIP/luxury/import car tuner their philosophy hasn’t traditionally seen them tuning domestic Japanese sports cars.

That has changed recently with the launch of the Nissan GT-R range of parts which was followed by the new Lexus IS-F and 370z kits. The aggressive look of their GT-R has to be the most unique take on the aero seen so far though. Also probably the only GT-R that can really pull off the diamond studded badge look.

Modifications to this GT-R include:

  • BRANEW Front Bumper Spoiler Dynamic Version (new)
  • BRANEW Side Step
  • BRANEW Rear Spoiler Exhaust Version
  • BRANEW Rear Wing
  • BRANEW Titanium & Stainless Steel Exhaust
  • Front Pipe
  • BRANEW Original BW-101 23″ Super Chrome Aluminum Wheels
  • BRANEW Original BW-101 23″ Material Finish Aluminum Wheels
  • Pirelli P Zero-Nero Tires (Fr: 265/35R23, Rr: 265/25/23)
  • Suspension Kit

Pricing for the new BRANEW Front Bumper Dynamic Version has also been announced and should retail at 270,900 yen.

If you’re interested in learning more about BRANEW, Matsuyama-san can take your questions via email in English. Contact info can be found on their home page below.

Loads more photos after the jump so don’t forget to click the Read More link below…

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TAS09: Power House Amuse R35 Phantom Still a Crowd Favourite

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Not much has changed on the Power House Amuse Nissan GT-R in terms of appearance but it’s most likely because they got the formula so perfect first time around. Still a huge crowd drawer at Tokyo Auto Salon 2009, it was good to see how timeless the late Hideki Tanabe-san’s design was and that it most certainly still holds it’s own in the flesh and around a race track against most newcomers.

Featuring the full Power House Amuse Exhaust including the R1-Titan Extra STTi muffler, the R1000-No1 turbine outlets and the R1000-No2 straight RS STTi midpipes. Combined with the Hi-Tech ROM ECU and a HKS EVC5 to control boost and it’s good for 611ps.

Aero is also handled by original Amuse products, the Amuse front under diffuser and the Amuse carbon rear wing offer improved downforce allowing for higher cornering speeds.

Suspension is adjustable via the Power House Amuse R1 Adjusting Kit which allows the standard Bilstein Damptronic dampers to take aftermarket springs and have an adjustable ride height. Spring rates chosen are 20kg/mm front and 12kg/mm rear.

Wheels are standard and fill the guards nicely when lowered like this, tires are also standard but a set of rear 285/35 tires are fitted to the front of the car to assist in getting the understeer under control.

These slight modifications are all it took to get into the low 59’s at Tsukuba Circuit (59.061).

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TAS09: Esprit R35 GT-R Shows Off Unique and Functional Aero

January 13, 2009 Comments off

Esprit fans will enjoy these pics of their new unique looking matte finished dry carbon fibre rear wing. Offering an alternative to the Voltex style big GT Wing concept this Esprit GT-R manages to pull off the look quite successfully.

We can also see here the Esprit dry carbon front air intake front bar modification as well as the Esprit intercooler peeking out from behind it.

The Esprit car is finished off with a 5Zigen exhaust system a pair of Bride racing bucket seats and a set of Prodrive 20″ wheels.

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TAS09: Garage Saurus GT-R, Original Saurus Parts Net 650ps

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One of the more subdued GT-Rs at Tokyo Auto Salon 2009 was also sporting some interesting modifications. Regular readers will have been tracking Garage Saurus’ build up for some time now and at AutoSalon we finally got to take some close up photos.

Featuring the Garage Saurus original parts lineup such as the exhaust system including Garage Saurus Extension front pipes, Garage Saurus No.2 straight through mid-pipes and Garage Saurus centre exit muffler.

On the intake side, an original Garage Saurus intake/intercooler hard pipe kit with silicon hose joiners was held together with upgraded hose clamps. A pair of Trust/GReddy R35 GT-R intercoolers is fitted to round it out.

Making 650ps on the standard fuel delivery system is not a great idea, the injectors will be strained resulting in a lean fuel mixture. Something you definitely can not live with. Garage Saurus have thus upgraded the injectors and to provide that stronger spark, have gone with OKD-R Coils. Controlling all these is a Garage Saurus Power-ROM ECU upgrade.

In terms of handling, Garage Saurus tuned Ohlins suspension with 16kg/mm spring rates up front and 12kg/mm spring rates in the rear does the job. Wheels are Yokohama ADVAN RS-D in size 9.5×20″+40mm offset front and 10.5×20″+20 offset rear wrapped in 255/35 front and 285/30 rear Yokohama ADVAN Sports tires. Stopping power is enhanced with some new Project µ brake rotors front and rear with Project µ 900i brake pads.

A Garage Saurus GT-R transmission cooler kit keeps trans temps down at the track.

Check out the Garage Saurus GT-R at our photo gallery by clicking read more link below.

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