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TAS09: Girls of Tokyo AutoSalon 2009

February 23, 2009 Comments off

One last post of photos from Tokyo AutoSalon 2009 we attended last month. We really focused on the GT-R this year and didn’t get too many shots of the booth babes, but that doesn’t mean we returned completely empty handed.

Here’s our final post on photos from TAS2009. We had an amazing time this year and can’t wait until we head back to Japan next. Click through the pages below to see all the pics. Enjoy!

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TAS09: Garage Defend GT-R – A Face Only a Mother Could Love

January 27, 2009 Comments off

It’s not pretty but almost a year since Garage Defend built their one of a kind Nissan GT-R with trademark Stingray Carbon Canards up front it still pulls a crowd. It’s one of the most aggressive looking GT-Rs in Japan and is still a one of my favourites from Tokyo AutoSalon 2009.

Regular readers will be quite familiar with the modifications Defend Racing have made to their GT-R such as:

  • Garage Defend Stingray Evolution Front Canards
  • Garage Defend GTU-Spec Carbon Front Mask
  • Garage Defend GT Cooling Panel
  • C-Ring modified standard suspension for lower ride height
  • RDD 400mm rotors up front
  • Bride Seats
  • Takata Harnesses
  • Blitz Nur Spec F-Ti Exhaust

Click through the jump for more photos of the Garage Defend GT-R from Tokyo AutoSalon 2009…

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TAS09: BBS LM-ACQ New GT-R Colours

January 26, 2009 Comments off

BBS’s plans to roll out two new colours for the Nissan GT-R was announced in late 2008 after the initial run of LM-DBK (Diamond Black) 20″ wheels sold out in a very short time. Only 100 sets of the Diamond Black colour BBS wheel were made.

The colours you see here are the new normal production run of BBS LM-ACQ wheels in the two new colours. Diamond Silver and Gold Face. These shown here are 20″ versions specifically for the Nissan GT-R.

These will be available in both Japan and the US this year and come in sizes 20×9.5″+40mm front and 20×10.5″+20mm rear. BBS Japan and BBS USA will have more price and availability information shortly.

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TAS09: TWS AVANZATO Forged Magnesium Wheels

January 25, 2009 Comments off

Tan-Ei-Sya Wheels Supply Co or TWS for short isn’t a big name in wheels internationally just yet but these Japanese made forged magnesium wheels should be on your list if ultimate performance is your goal when choosing a wheel.

Available in specific Nissan GT-R fitment, these TWS AVANZTO series wheels fitted to the TWS demo come in 20×9.5 +37 offset front size weighing just 9.85kg each. The rears are 20×10.5 +19 offset size and weigh 10.68kg each. These lightweight wheels put them over 2kg lighter per front than standard and over 1.5kg lighter per rear than the standard forged Rays wheels.

That kind of unsprung rotational mass saving can benefit you considerably more than the numbers suggest on paper.

Link: TWS Website
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TAS09: KW Suspension Booth and KW Hydraulic Lift Suspension for GT-R

January 24, 2009 Comments off

KW Suspension’s been working with Hashimoto for some time now, tuning their Japanese spec GT-R’s suspension on Germany’s Nurburgring circuit. The KW Variant 3 suspension was born of this development work and was launched in 2008 for GT-R owners worldwide.

At Tokyo AutoSalon 2009, KW showed off their new product for the GT-R the Hydraulic Lift Suspension system on their black GT-R demo car decked out in Seibon carbon fibre parts and LSD door system. Twenty inch F1X-Carbon wheels are supplied by Khan Wheels and are a magnesium alloy construction wheel with a carbon fibre inlay. Weight per wheel is around the 13 kg mark. The new 20″ Toyo R888 competition tires assist with the aggressive stance of the car.

The KW HLS system is designed to give the user in-cabin height adjustment facility to enable the owner to raise or lower their car on the fly. Available in 2 (HLS2) and 4 (HLS4) wheel kits, this is the same setup KW has previously sold for Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini’s to enable them to have a more practical supercar. Demo video is after the jump.

The HLS2 kit comes in at 1,020,600 yen while the HLS4 kit is a touch more at 1,209,600 yen. This includes the KW Variant3 height, rebound and damper adjustable suspension integrated into the hydraulic lift system.

To help promote the availability and test of the KW Suspension GT-R parts, they’ve built the Nissan GT-R Webspecial Site which is up now at the link below.

Link: KW Suspension Webspecial Site
Link: KW Suspension HLS Downloadable Pricelist (PDF)
Link: Hashimoto Corporation Website

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TAS09: WALD Sports Line GT-R Shows Off Wildest GT-R Aero Styling Yet

January 21, 2009 Comments off

We’ve been following the build up of the WALD Sports Line Aero kit from concept through to final molds here on GTRBlog and regular readers will have been anticipating the final product for some time. Finally we knew it’d be at Tokyo AutoSalon so we were extremely excited to see it.

But… personally, I missed the WALD GT-R, even after several laps of Makuhari Messe I didn’t find it. Fortunately our great friends at know a little more about “asking directions” than we do so we’re able to snap a load of great photos on our behalf (ありがとうございました!).

As you can see the WALD Sports Line “Black Bison” Edition styling masterpiece remains quite faithful to the concept rendering from back in September 2008. It features the following components:

  • Front Bumper Spoiler (Front Bumper/Front Lip/Grille Cover/Side Duct/Under Cover)
  • Side Step
  • Rear Diffuser
  • Trunk Spoiler
  • Rear Wing Element
  • Rear Over Fenders

The Black Bison is finished with a set of WALD P13F three piece aluminium 22 inch wheels, 9.5 inches wide at the front and 10.5 inches in the rear. HKS HiperMax III suspension gives it that lowered stance.

On the inside WALD has tricked out the interior with it’s red leather and suede treatment which carrys the Nissan Japanese market Black Edition theme to the centre console, handbrake boot steering wheel and gear knob. Carbon fibre touches accentuate the shifter surround, steering wheel and gauge surround.

Check out the rest of the photos after the jump below…

Link: WALD International Website
Link: WALD related articles on GTRBlog

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TAS09: Nissan and IMPUL Booths, Nismo ClubSport, XANAVI GT-R and IMPUL GT-R

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Nismo made a great showing at Tokyo AutoSalon this year with their Nissan GT-R parts display. Representing the R35 GT-R was the Nismo ClubSport edition which bares many of the parts developed for the Nissan GT-R SpecV. The various parts of the ClubSport (and hence the SpecV) were affixed to the wall of the booth for people to get acquainted with. Unfortunately the SpecV itself could not be in attendance at the show but of course we had already seen it at the press launch the day before Tokyo AutoSalon began so we we’re not too disappointed.

Also on display at the Nissan booth was the 2008 SuperGT championship winning #23 XANAVI Nismo GT500 GT-R. Satoshi Motoyama-san, championship winning driver for 2008, was also hanging around occasionally over at the Zele Performance/Motoyama merchandise booth so SuperGT fans were well catered for.

Over at the IMPUL booth we could also check out the #12 Calsonic IMPUL GT-R, winner of two rounds of the SuperGT 2008 series (round 6 and round 9). Gotta love GT500 hardware.

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TAS09: Tein Circuit Master Super Racing Ultimate Spec for Nissan GT-R

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Over at the Tein booth at Tokyo AutoSalon 2009 they had their Circuit Master suspension on display. This gear is aimed at those who want the ultimate suspension tuning ability when they hit the track at the right price. The Tein gear is top quality and is fully height, damper and rebound adjustable both front and rear.

The Tein Circuit Master Super Racing suspension can be combined with Tein’s EDFC technology (Electronic Damping Force Controller) to offer electronic in cabin adjustment of both the damping and rebound control. Extremely useful for those guys tweaking settings for each track they visit.

These Teins will set you back 420,000 yen for the suspension plus extra for the EDFC depending on what you go for (damper control plus rebound control or just damper control). A serious setup for not a lot of cash.

Link: Tein Website
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TAS09: Garage Yawata Street Special GT-R

January 19, 2009 Comments off

It doesn’t come much more understated than the Garage Yawata GT-R with it’s barely noticeable external modifications. On the inside lurks quite a bit of power, 650ps to be precise.

Making that power is a LOUD full titanium variable sound exhaust system controlled by throttle linked bypass valve. The OEM ECU is tuned by Garage Yawata and the 100ps shot of nitrous doesn’t hurt either.

Garage Yawata recently finished second in the top speed challenge in Video Option DVD issue 178 published recently. Their top speed was 324km/h (200mph).

Link: Garage Yawata Website
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TAS09: Top Secret Super GT-R Sees the Light of Day

January 18, 2009 Comments off

Top Secret have been extremely busy over the past year since they picked up their first GT-R in December 2007. Their showing at Tokyo AutoSalon 2008 got everyone’s hopes up but shortly after they disappeared into the Top Secret batcave in Chiba. When they emerged six months later they came bearing their first parts and have slowly picked up the volume since.

Now the Top Secret Nissan GT-R parts catalogue is quite broad offering everything from multiple types of suspension to body kits to electronically operated exhausts.

Something we hadn’t seen yet from Top Secret that was at Tokyo Auto Salon 2009 were these 410mm front and rear rotors for the R35 GT-R. Just when you thought your 400mm rotors were big someone goes and gets a bigger set. Top Secret’s 410mm rotor sets go for 230,000 yen for the front and 250,000 yen for the rear.

As for the Top Secret demo car, it featured the following laundry list of modifications:

  • Top Secret Super Induction Kit
  • Top Secret Intercooler Piping Kit (half titanium)
  • Cobb Tuning Access Port Top Secret Version
  • Top Secret TV-Pro Titanium Muffler
  • Top Secret Titanium Front Pipe
  • Top Secret G-Force Front Lip Spoiler
  • Top Secret G-Force Side Diffuser
  • Top Secret G-Force Rear Diffuser
  • Top Secret Super Spring Roberuta Kit (F:14kg/mm R:7.3-10.3kg/mm)
  • Rays Volk Racing TE37G2 20×10 front and 20×11 rear wheels
  • Takata Harnesses

Click through the jump below to see the rest of our photos of the Top Secret car at Tokyo Auto Salon 2009.

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