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Switzer R1K GT-R Smashes Into the 9 Second Club With a Record Mph Pass

October 14, 2010 Comments off

It’s the season for it, record breaking R35 GT-R quarter mile times that is. Switzer have joined in the fun after some serious R&D to see how their latest R1K package will perform at the drag strip.

“Damn well” was the result as they reeled off a 9.38 best ET at 155.29 mph. Enough to bump heads with the Alpha-10 GT-R by AMS Performance. They had the track to themselves so kept at it and took home a record for the day’s work for fastest mph for an R35 GT-R at 156.44 mph.

This Mph time is just a tad over 3 mph quicker than the AMS 9.33second ET recorded just the other day and shows the R1K certainly has the muscle to clock some faster times.

Massive effort to get this far from team Switzer so congratulations to them on the R1K’s performance and hope to see it out again breaking more records and dipping ever closer to the 8 second mark.

Link: Switzer Performance Innovation Website
Source: NAGTROC Discussion Thread

Battle of the Mega Godzillas Heats Up: SPE1000 and Switzer R1K Dynos

September 17, 2010 Comments off

Two huge builds are reaching tipping points in the GT-R world this week with big news from two prominent tuners that the 1000awhp barrier has been effectively reached. In one case it’s even been poked with a sharp stick.

First up from Switzer was the announcement that their R1K prototype build has reeled off a 1005awhp dyno pull at 32 – 34.5 psi of boost running VP C16 fuel. To get this level of power the R1K package will feature custom manifolds, and a pair of big Garret watercooled turbochargers fitted with external wastegates. Switzer are also quick to point out that this tune is not right on the ragged edge. Conservative timing and boost settings are deliberately chosen for durability.

Hot on the heels of the R1K update, SP Engineering announced that their SPE1000 build has bumped its head against the limit of it’s ID 1000cc injectors at 997awhp (886 lb/ft of torque). They ran 30psi of boost for the pull on C16 fuel. ID 2000cc injectors are due to be fitted shortly to sort that and back on the dyno to make it an official round 1000awhp … or more…

So yes, it’s huge news and it won’t stop coming any time soon with AMS set to have their own 1000whp Alpha GT-R demons on the dyno in the not too distant future.

Right now it’s a little too close to call who will win down at the track and that really is where the where the winner will be decided. Can’t wait to see it!

Link: SP Engineering Discussion Thread @ NAGTROC
Link: Switzer R1K Update @ NAGTROC

Tuned Nissan GT-Rs Take on Bugatti Veyron

May 21, 2010 Comments off

Put two Switzer P800 tuned GT-Rs into the mix with a megadollar hypercar and this may very well be the result. If you ever needed reinforcement that a 1000hp quad turbo 16 cylinder powered car is potent then this is highly recommended viewing.

Source/Link: Website

Switzer’s Animal 800 Horsepower Streetable Trackday Star

April 10, 2010 Comments off

Switzer Performance Innovation have put the finishing touches on their most recent Switzer P800 based Nissan GT-R build up. The goal of this build was one that will resonate with many an R35 owner in that, while big things will be expected on the circuit, a comfortable drive to and from is a must.

To get there the decision was made to lift horsepower, lower weight and improve handling, all sensible checkboxes to tick to wind up with a great drive but there’s also a lot of pitfalls to look out for along the way.

Fortunately the guys at Switzer have the knowledge and experience to do it right the first time and chose great components to do it with. Some of the highlights of which are the AP Racing carbon rotors which save loads of unsprung rotating mass at each corner, in-house tuned JRZ suspension and a Aeromotions active rear wing.

For full build details and more information, click through the jump for the full press release below…

Link: Switzer Performance Website

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Switzer and Dodson Join to Offer Strengthened Nissan Transmissions

January 28, 2010 Comments off

Nissan GT-R gearbox upgrades are popping up more and more these days. Dodson Motorsports out of New Zealand are the pioneers in the field of upgrading the known weak spots in the Nissan’s GR6 DCT.

Switzer are joining forces with Dodson to offer the latest upgrades and strengthening parts for the GT-R transmission. They’ll also be using them in their own upcoming builds so have the advantage of having the real world test data to back them up. One of the very next upgrades that should feature in the Switzer builds are the above upgraded heavy duty GR6 clutch assemblies.

Should be some more info soon on packages and pricing, either way its great to see more options on the market outside of doing the hard work of finding a transmission shop you can trust.

Link: Switzer: New Development Partner: Dodson Motorsport
Link: Dodson Motorsport

Switzer P800 Nissan GT-R Breaks Quarter Mile Record – 10.193 ET

October 16, 2009 Comments off


Word is in that Russan, Switzer P800 tuned, Nissan GT-R owner Oleg, has broken the world record for quarter mile ET for a Nissan R35 GT-R when he ran 10.193 yesterday.

We’re told that, in addition to the Switzer P800 package, the car was running 19″ Dymag lightweight carbon fibre wheels fitted with 315/30R19 Hoosier R6 tires. The car was also running VP Racing MS109 race gas. Even with the super sticky Hoosiers the car constantly spun the tires a good way down the strip.

It’s early days yet but according to our source, a video is inbound soon.

Thanks to JURY from for the tip.

Link: Forums Thread (Russian)

Switzer Performance Debut R850 Tuning Package for Nissan GT-R

August 20, 2009 Comments off


The Switzer Performance P800 is a potent vehicle already but what happens when you take a potent 800hp on pump gas monster and tune it for some high octane race gas? A fire breathing Godzilla incarnate basically.

Switzer have now shipped their first R850 package equipped Nissan GT-R (to Russia!). The package makes about 800hp at the engine (based on 15% drivetrain loss) and 820 lb/ft of torque.

The package comes with tunes for race and pump gas so you’ll actually find the car remains eminently streetable. It also features a large dual core radiator with revised thermostat, revised “MONSTER” intercoolers and the Switzer cooling package. The package comes in at the $20,990 mark all said and done.

Link: Switzer Performance Website

Switzer P800 GT-R Challenges Lingenfelter LPE Corvette ZR1

August 14, 2009 Comments off

Interesting race from a roll that we noticed over on Switzer’s blog today. A P800 Switzer Tuned Nissan GT-R up against a LPE ZR1.

The ‘vette is putting out nearly as many claimed horses and weighs a lot less, for sure – but Godzilla has a way of making physics bend to his will. Who wins? You’ll have to watch all the way to the end!

Quite an interesting race, especially for those who write off the GT-R at the top end of a long drag…

Link: P800 GTR v. LPE ZR1 @ Switzer Blog

Freedom Autosport and Switzer to Enter 2009 One Lap of America

April 28, 2009 Comments off


Can you believe it’s been a full year since Tire Rack One Lap of America 2008? Well believe it and get ready because it’s right around the corner and this year looks to be especially exciting.

For those not in the know, the “One Lap” is a annual week long cross country endurance motorsports competition. It pits drivers against each other in time trials for almost 20 legs in more than 3,200 miles of racing and traveling in a single week. Tires are controlled and entrants get only one set for the week but car modifications are allowed.

Each entrant is entered into a class dependent on what their vehicle was delivered from the factory with. For the GT-R that puts it in the SSGT1 category with cars such as the Z06, Porsche 911 and Dodge Viper. Modifications, no matter how insane, do not change your class.

Last year a completely standard 2009 GT-R finished 11th but was a serious contender for 5th overall if not for an unfortunate DNF awarded in one leg. The resounding footnote from 2008 was this quote from GT-R pilot and Car & Driver editor Tony Swan:

The bottom line: whatever all you Corvette and Porsche zealots may say, the GT-R is a serious player in the supercar game. It’s a formidable sports car fast and competent, with cutting-edge technical sophistication.

Tony Swan, Car & Driver

This year the GT-Rs wont be so timid.


This Year…

Derek Whitis from Freedom Autosport has been combining forces with the tuning kings Switzer Performance to build their GT-R to compete at the very top tier, the seriously tuned realm where the Hennessey Vipers dwell and the modified Porsche 911 Turbos reign.

Making in excess of 700 awhp, the Freedom Autosport GT-R has the full Switzer P800 Performance Package which features upgraded turbos, upgraded intakes, bigger fuel injectors, bigger intercoolers and a full ECU tune.

Add to that lightweight panels from Password:JDM, active aero surfaces by AeroMotions, and components from Performance Friction & Motorsport Brake Specialists, STILLEN,, Forged Performance, Kraft Nissan of Tallahassee, WillAll Racing, and JRZ suspension the package is truly potent.

This year we will be covering the One Lap again so stick around and check back for updates as it will certainly be a heated battle for the top places this year.

If you’re interested to see the One Lap in person, admission is free to the circuits, check the schedule after the jump to see if there’s one near you.

Complete press release after the read more link below…

Link: Tire Rack One Lap of America Website
Link: Switzer Performance Website
Link: Freedom Autosports Website

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Jalopnik: Switzer’s P800 – 707 awhp Nissan GT-R Driven

April 14, 2009 Comments off


It’s not everyday that a tuner the caliber of Switzer Performance makes an invitation to press to come try out their latest and greatest behemoth but that’s just what they did. On the dyno this beast reels off a solid 707 awhp (527kw) and 603 lb/ft (817 Nm) of torque which is good enough for a 3.35 0-60mph without resorting to the GT-R’s fabled launch control.

Jalopnik were the first to write up their experiences with the P800 on a miserable looking day on a snowy wet track. Good things to be said all round and well written to boot.

Check it out at the link below, video and tonnes more photos in their gallery over on Jalopnik…

Link: Jalopnik – Switzer P800 Nissan GT-R First Drive
Link: Switzer Performance Website