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STILLEN Release Adjustable Sway Bars for Nissan GT-R

June 16, 2009 Comments off


We’re happy to hear that STILLEN has completed development on these beefy looking sway bar upgrades for the GT-R. These feature a 28 – 31% stiffness increase over the stock items but also feature 5-way adjustment. This gives the owner a great opportunity to fine tune the handling of the GT-R.

Adjustments range from slightly stiffer than stock to extremely stiff which according to STILLEN really keeps the car flat through the turns.

A great way to handle some of the GT-R’s tendancy to understeer, they’re available now for $1049. Check out the STILLEN website and product page for more details and ordering info.

Link: STILLEN Release

STILLEN Release GT-R 304 Exhaust and Y-Pipe for Nissan GT-R

May 30, 2009 Comments off


Adding to their growing lineup of quality tuning parts for the Nissan GT-R, STILLEN have announced a new cat back exhaust system. Manufactured entirely from hand tig welded 304 grade stainless steel, it cuts the fat off the stock stainless system by ditching exhaust note dampening mufflers and ends up 27% lighter. That is, 30 lbs versus the 41 lbs for the OE version. The polished rear section leads to four attractive looking 5″ outlets and all up the system is $2,475.

The ideal match for the light weight cat back system is a resonated y-pipe and STILLEN also have you covered there with the new release of their STILLEN Secondary Cat Delete Y-Pipe. Again manufactured from hand tig welded polished 304 grade stainless it features dual resonators to keep the drone down and flex joins to guarantee durability. It’s 47% lighter than the factory item thanks to the removal of the secondary catalytic convertors. This one sells for $768.25.

The end result is lighter exhaust with a race car exhaust note which is exactly what the GT-R needs to bring it to life.

Link: STILLEN Website | Cat Back Exhaust | Y – Pipes

STILLEN Targa Newfoundland Update: Videos, Sweepstakes

May 2, 2009 Comments off


STILLEN’s preparation for Targa Newfoundland continues and today Road & Track magazine have also announced their involvement in the project. R&T Editor Mike Monticello will be navigator for team STILLEN in the Nissan GT-R during for the race with the man himself Steve Millen driving.

To promote the entry into Targa Newfoundland, STILLEN and Road & Track magazine are giving away a trip to Canada to see the event and hang out with team STILLEN. To enter head over to the STILLEN Sweepstakes link below. Sounds like a great prize.

Road & Track have also published 9 videos taken during the development of the STILLEN Targa GT-R today. Various topics covered from weight reduction to parts development. Check ’em out at the link below.

Link: STILLEN Sweepstakes Website
Link: Road & Track – STILLEN Targa Videos

STILLEN Targa NewFoundland Nissan GT-R Preparation

April 27, 2009 Comments off have gone to check out the upcoming STILLEN Targa Newfoundland entrant and speak to Steve Millen about the car’s development. Good video check it out.

STILLEN have been extremely busy with this car and the pay off is going to be great for GT-R owners in terms of high quality parts development for street cars and for motorsports.

Stay tuned to GTRBlog for more info soon on upcoming parts developed on this car.

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STILLEN Braided Brake Lines for Nissan GT-R

April 24, 2009 Comments off

Stillen Braided Brake Lines for Nissan GT-R

STILLEN launched thes stainless braided brake lines for the Nissan GT-R this week. The GT-R is well equipped in the brakes department from the factory using solid lines liberally. The STILLEN kit takes this into account and does not remove or replace any of that.

This kit replaces the OE rubber hoses with braided stainless items which offer a huge increase in stiffness. The result is a firmer, more responsive brake feel at high temperatures.

Quality fittings and Goodridge components throughout, these offer DOT-compliance and are TÃœV certified.

Priced at $298 they’re available now.

Link: STILLEN Website

AP Racing Release J-Hook Rotors for Nissan GT-R

April 8, 2009 Comments off

AP Racing J-Hook Rotors for Nissan GT-R

For those of you interested in serious braking performance with no compromises these may be the rotor upgrade for you. Released in addition to the earlier slotted design, this updated “J-Hook” design offers superior initial bite characteristics which leads to more confident braking performance.

Now combine this with the other features that the AP Racing rotors have such as improved airflow through the curved vein internal design, improved cooling, and cost savings by re-using OE aluminium hats. Overall they turn out to be one of the best value for money upgrades for the Nissan GT-R.

Price is around the $1,116 area from for a pair including new hardware required to fit these to your existing hats.

Link: AP Racing Rotors Available Online –

STILLEN Release Front Lip Spoiler and Side Skirts for Nissan GT-R

March 17, 2009 Comments off

Stillen Front Urethane Lip for Nissan GT-R

Having one of the best known names in the US car culture brings with it big expectations and today we’re happy to announce that STILLEN have not dissapointed.

Some of the first Nissan GT-R parts we’re able to let you guys know about are now released in the form of a front lip spoiler and side skirts. The team at STILLEN have gone to great lengths to get not just the look of these parts right but also the function and the materials they’re made from.

Using 100% polyurethane these body parts are flexible and durable and can take almost any punishment a race track – or driveway – can dish out.

The front lip extends the front spoiler two inches to increase downforce at the front and give a canard effect off the flared sides. The sideskirts also have a ledge extending out 2 inches which has been proven to improve downforce in circuit racing and in wind tunnel testing.

Loads more details in the official press release details you can read after the jump, or just enjoy the photo gallery and installation video provided by STILLEN below.

Stay tuned for more parts coming soon from STILLEN.

Link: STILLEN Nissan GT-R Body Components

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Stillen Release AP Racing Rotor Upgrades for GT-R

January 14, 2009 Comments off

Cost effective brake upgrades don’t come around every day on the Nissan GT-R. When you have 380mm rotors standard clamped by massive Brembo calipers it has to be something pretty great to be considered an upgrade. Stillen have been working with AP Racing on putting together something that does just that though.

These AP Racing rotors feature an improved, track oriented design which is more suited to extreme temperature conditions without the cracking commonly being seen on the standard drilled rotor. The curved vein design manages heat better under stress as well.

Priced at $1,169.75 USD per pair this makes for a cheaper option than paying RRP for a set of OEM Brembo rotors if yours are worn or cracked. Your standard hats are re-used but new attaching hardware is supplied for that price.

Link: Stillen Web Site

Road & Track Magazine Nissan GT-R DVD Special

May 8, 2008 Comments off

Road & Track magazine comes with a special DVD inclusion in June’s issue. I always have trouble getting these US magazines outside the US so luckily for me someone has uploaded it to YouTube already.

Check out the videos for some decent footage including an interview with Mizuno-san and a lap with Steve Millen.

Follow the jump for the second part of the video…

Source: Road & Track Magazine via NAGTROC

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