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Nissan North America Follows Japan’s Lead With Steering Lock Service Campaign

March 28, 2010 Comments off

It’s officially official. Those of you with certain 2009 model Nissan GT-R’s could suffer from this steering lock issue that Nissan Japan had recently launched a voluntary service campaign to correct. As of last week it seems that Nissan North America began reaching out to those US customers with these vehicles to get them in for a pro-active replacement. The official wording of the TSB outline is:

CP 2009 GT-R; Steering Lock Unit – Voluntary Service Campaign

Nissan is conducting a Voluntary Service Campaign to replace the steering lock assembly on certain specific 2009 model year GT-R vehicles due to excessive oil within the assembly, which could cause the Body Control Module (BCM) to prevent the engine from starting when the ignition is cycled. This issue does not affect steering or engine operation when the vehicle is already running. See this bulletin for further detail.

So guys, if you’re an owner and you get this letter, get in to your dealer so you don’t get stuck somewhere. If you’re a second owner, see your local dealer to find out if you’re affected in case you don’t receive the letter yourself.

That this only effects early 2009 model cars leads me to believe Japan and NA may be the only regions effected. Nissan Australia didn’t respond to our inquiries to confirm this however.

Nissan Japan Initiates GT-R Steering Lock Replacement Service Campaign

March 3, 2010 Comments off

This is a controversial issue for GT-R owners in some regions. If you’ve been hanging around owners club forums and discussion boards you’ll have already seen the mysterious posts where owners get stuck with a car that wont start for seemingly unknown reasons.

Often the culprit is found, after much time and effort and probably swearing, to be the steering lock which seems to be in some way prone to a fault. The fault, when it arises, will prevent the car from starting and has so far been noted to affect Japanese and US model GT-Rs.

Nissan, in Japan at least, is cognizant of this issue and has begun sending out letters to GT-R owners informing them of a Service Campaign to replace potentially problematic steering locks for no charge for customers. We’ve received a copy of the letter and have included these photos of it.

We hope that following hot on the heels of this letter is a similar one for cars affected in other regions.