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SP Engineering Stage 1 SPE750 Turbo Upgrade Package

November 16, 2009 Comments off


SP Engineering have announced their own 750hp+ stage one performance upgrade for the Nissan GT-R based on their SPE750 upgraded turbochargers. The turbos, based on standard IHI ones, are honed out and have their internals replaced with ball bearing type cartridges. There’s an increase in the compressor and exhaust wheel size but this is probably countered by the improved ball bearing design to maintain response.

The package also includes JET coating on the integrated exhaust manifolds. This will help keeping heat out of the engine bay and in the exhaust. This keeps exhaust gas temps higher and improves gas flow. Obviously it also takes heat out of the engine bay as well which benefits the cooling system overall.

The full SPE750 package will consist of supporting modifications to help owners get the most from the turbos including 800cc injectors, upgraded fuel pressure regulator with lines, upgraded dual 255 litre/hour fuel pumps.

A HKS GT570 kit is included as well to cover the exhaust, intake, boost control, ignition and wastegate control side of things. To control all this, owners will be supplied with a Cobb AccessPORT map specifically for the SPE750 setup.

MSRP for the full setup is set at $18,500 installed.

For those wanting to push the GT-R even further, SP Engineering have a GReddy TD06-20G twin turbo based SPE900 kit as well but pricing is yet to come for that.

Check the link below for more info.

Link: SP Engineering Website