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Best Motoring June 2009: Tuner Special Battle

May 10, 2009 Comments off


Just a reminder that Best Motoring DVD volume 6 for 2009 is now out and includes some features which may interest GT-R fans, especially fans of the Shadow Sports Design Nissan GT-R.

This issue features a Super Tuned battle at Motegi where the Shadow Sports Design GT-R faces off against a tuned Corvette Z06, Porsche 911 GT3 RS, RSD Ferrari 360 Modena, and the Ti Racing Lotus Exige.

I won’t spoil it too much but it’s worth a watch for GT-R fans for sure. If you really want to know though, Shadow Sports design posted a few of the results themselves on their blog. Hunt around a bit to find them.

As usual pick this one up online from at the link below.

Link: Best Motoring Website
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Shadow Sports Design GT-R Tuning Parts Pricing Now Available

March 25, 2009 Comments off


It’s been a few months since we first laid eyes and hands on these parts in Tokyo. The Shadow Sports Design tuning parts quickly hit the top of our wish list however and we’ve been pining for them ever since. Designed and engineered by one of Japan’s great racing minds, Masami Kageyama this gear exudes quality that is difficult to describe with mere photos. Finally, pricing information for some of the items is available so let’s dive in to see what the damage is.

Part Price
Dry Carbon Front Lip Spoiler w/Brake Ducts 472,500 yen
Dry Carbon Rear Wing 493,500 yen
High Performance Full Titanium Exhaust 472,500 yen
High Performance Catalyzer 220,500 yen

Photos of these parts are shown in the gallery below but for more close up photos of the brake ducts and such check our Tokyo AutoSalon 2009 photo gallery below.

Link: Shadow Sports Design Website
Link: Shadow Sports Design GT-R Photo Gallery from Tokyo Auto Salon 2009
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Shadow Sports Design R35 GT-R: Attention to Details

January 30, 2009 Comments off

There’s more to the design in the Shadow Sports Design GT-R than just the name. There’s good old fashioned workmanship and care put into these creative parts. I think that drawing attention to them again Attention to detail is obvious in the way the carbon ducts in the front underspoiler actually lead to the brakes.

The rear dry carbon spoiler is elevated and shaped to enhance downforce at the rear while being curvaceous and attractive. The weight is down over the standard item as well. The rear under diffuser fins are again dry carbon and functional.

The wheels are another Shadow Sports Design original created together with Enkei, the forged magnesium construction gives them strength while keeping the weight down.

The overall feeling you get from this GT-R is one of subtleties and quality with extra attention paid to the details. That’s something that many enthusiasts are looking for and is rare to find. I think this is why the Shadow Sports Design GT-R is one of the finest GT-Rs getting around.

Pricing unfortunately is not yet available but it will be soon. Watch this space for more as it becomes available.

Thanks to Ben from for the images.

Check after the jump below to see the rest of the new photos from Shadow Sports Design

Link: Shadow Sports Design Website
Link: Shadow Sports Design GT-R Photo Gallery from Tokyo Auto Salon 2009
Link: Shadow Sports Design related articles on GTRBlog

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TAS2009: Shadow Sports Design GT-R Tuning Parts Debut

January 11, 2009 Comments off

Japanese tuning house Shadow Sports Design has made an entry in the GT-R market with their new aero kit, wheels and exhaust parts which debuted this weekend at Tokyo Auto Salon. Lead by the legend race and test driver, Masami Kageyama-san, Shadow Sports Design has come up with some significant innovations that should be of interest to many of our readers.

First up is the aero kit, the kit includes a dry carbon fibre front lip underspoiler, dry carbon rear spoiler and carbon fibre rear diffuser fins.

The front lip spoiler is ducted and the duct is quite functional as it connects to a dry carbon channel which directs air directly onto the front brake calipers. You can see in the image below the duct airflow.

The rear wing is quite tall but lightweight being built from dry carbon. It’s shaped to generate more rear downforce on the circuit. The rear diffuser is attached as fins to the standard rear undertray on the GT-R.

Shadow Sports Design has partnered with Enkei to design these exclusive forged magnesium 20″ wheels. Available in two colours, Black which is a high gloss black finish and Gun Metal which is a semi-gloss dark grey finish. The Gun Metal finish is pictured below and the Black finish can be seen after the jump.

The use of forged magnesium in the wheels results in an very lightweight wheel and a consequential reduction in unsprung, rotational mass. Each front wheel weighs just 9.85kg, a 2.05kg saving, and just 10.6kg for each rear wheel, a 1.6kg saving over standard.

As for the exhaust, Shadow Sports Design has opted for a full titanium muffler with some unique burnt titanium tips. A titanium de-cat mid-pipe featuring a single resonator completes the titanium exhaust lineup. Those wishing to maintain the catalyzers in the exhaust have a stainless high flow cat option also.

To round out the Shadow Sports Design GT-R demo car is a pair of Shadow Sports Design racing seats fitted with Schroth Racing harnesses. Check out loads more photos after the jump!

Link: Shadow Sports Design Website
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Shadow Sports Debut GT-R Design

January 2, 2009 Comments off

Shadow Sports Design, a brand built by legendary Japanese racing driver Masami Kageyama, has announced they will be displaying their GT-R at Tokyo AutoSalon 2009 wearing their latest design aero parts and exclusive Enkei wheels.

Included in the design seen here is a carbon front underspoiler with brake ducting, and a full carbon rear wing. One of the keys to this design is the Enkei forged magnesium ultra lightweight wheels. Each front wheel saves 2.05kg of unsprung weight while each rear reduces unsprung weight by 1.6kg. A significant saving indeed.

We’ll know more with hopefully some real photos in precisely one week from today!


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