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SEMA 2009: SEIBON GT-R Featuring SEIBON Carbon and APEXi Exhaust

December 2, 2009 Comments off


If you thought we were done with GT-Rs from SEMA you’re mistaken, there were quite a few stalking the giant halls, wading amongst the Camaro ocean. This SEIBON decked out GT-R, for example, was on display at the SEIBON booth and was suprisingly carbontastic.

Well in case you’ve been hiding under a rock, here’s some background, SEIBON have had a fairly comprehensive range of carbon fibre parts available for the GT-R for quite some time now. Some of the parts on offer include:

  • Carbon fibre hoods, both OE and aero style
  • Carbon fibre trunk lid
  • Carbon fibre rear spoiler
  • Carbon fibre rear underspoiler
  • Carbon fibre front lip spoiler
  • Carbon fibre doors
  • Carbon fibre front fenders
  • Carbon fibre rear seat delete sets
  • Carbon fibre rear center console
  • Carbon fibre engine cover
  • Carbon fibre radiator shroud

The SEIBON GT-R was also fitted with the exceptional new A’PEXi Racing Sports Evolution Extreme exhaust for Nissan GT-R, something we think is gonna sell like hotcakes as soon as A’PEXi can get them into the hands of dealers.

SEIBON parts are being increasingly adopted by tuners worldwide for their demo cars and have popped up on HKS Kansai’s R35 GT-R, AutoSelect’s R35 GT-R, Dynamic Autosports Drift R35 GT-R and more.

For a comprehensive list of parts and where to get them from, hit up the link below…

Link: SEIBON Website


SEMA 2009: Hankook Unveil Dynamic Autosports Drift GT-R for 2010

November 5, 2009 Comments off


Hankook Tires held a press conference at SEMA today to announce their sponsorships for the upcoming 2010 motorsports season. During the conference Hankook renewed their comittment to maintaining their existing sponsorships while adding on a cash contingency program to support grassroots motorsport teams using their products.

The mic was then passed to Eddie Kim from Dynamic Autosports who detailed their own plans for the Formula Drift season 2010. They have decided to take the AWD Nissan GT-R supercar and make a drifter out of it.

Dynamic Autosports will convert the GT-R to rear wheel drive and will make heavy use of Seibon dry carbon body parts to lighten the car up.

Rumour is that the car will not initially run the VR38DETT engine however and a single turbocharged VQ35 may find it’s way under the hood of the R35 chassis while the team develops the VR38 package. The VQ will not be stock size though and fans can expect to see it displace around 4.0 – 4.1 litres.

The transmission will also be switched out and relocated up front. A G-Force transmission will replace the GR6.

As said, the plan to use the VQ is not set in stone and Dynamic Autosports may indeed use the VR38 engine. If this happens, it certainly wont be stock either and they are already developing a 4.1 – 4.4 litre stroker kit for it.

Engine swaps like these are not surprising, spare parts availability and the existing experience base with the VQ motor are going to give them a leg up in the first years of drifting.

Link: Dynamic Autosports Website
Link: Hankook Tires Website
Link: Hankook Tires Press Release
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Seibon Carbon Dry Carbon Fibre Range Updated

February 1, 2009 Comments off

Seibon have recently updated their Nissan GT-R parts range to include these OEM replacement doors and front fenders. Constructed in dry carbon fibre each saves considerable weight over their standard counterparts. The carbon doors tip the scales at just 3.63kg a piece while the fenders are just 1.47kg each.

Check after the jump for more photos of the parts and hit up the link below for more details on Seibon Carbon.

Link: Seibon Carbon Website

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TAS09: HKS Kansai GT-R Featuring Seibon Dry Carbon Fibre

January 15, 2009 Comments off

HKS Kansai’s GT-R bears only a small resemblance to the HKS Kansai GT-R we saw back in Tokyo AutoSalon last year. This year it comes covered in dry carbon fibre from Seibon and lowered with HKS HiperMax III Kansai Spec suspension on the brand new ADVAN Racing RS-D 20″ wheels.

We went over the complete specs down to the nitty gritty in our preview prior to AutoSalon so check that out if you’re interested in every detail. For now though check out our photo gallery after the jump…

Link: HKS Kansai Website
Link: HKS Kansai related articles on GTRBlog
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Seibon Carbon Dry Carbon Fibre Parts

October 1, 2008 Comments off

Another player has joined the Nissan GT-R carbon fibre body parts game with the announcement from Seibon Carbon that they are also releasing their own dry carbon fibre OE style hood and trunk.

The parts are looking to be in a finished state but have not been priced on their respective vendor websites yet. We’re expecting these to go on sale early November.

Source: Vividracing via NAGTROC
Link: Seibon Carbon Home Page

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