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Nismo Super Taikyu ST-1 GT-R Specs Unveiled and New Spy Video

June 18, 2010 Comments off

Nismo has released the specifications for their latest GT-R race car creation. The 2010 Super Taikyu ST-1 Class NISMO Nissan GT-R will debut in it’s first race next weekend at Fuji Speedway for Round 4 of the Super Taikyu 2010 series. The goal is to demonstrate the car in action for race teams to field in 2011 in much the same way as the 2010 GT1 spec GT-R raced 4 races in 2009 FIA GT Championships.

While we’ve translated the specifications, nothing super exciting is gleaned from them. Instead we spotted this video uploaded to Youtube of the car testing.

Length 4,650 mm
Width 1,895 mm
Wheelbase 2,780 mm
Track (front) 1,640 mm
Track (rear) 1,640 mm
Tare Weight Over 1,480 kg
Engine Type VR38DETT
Displacement 3,799 cc
Power Output Over 485ps/6,400rpm
Torque Output Over 60kgm/3,200-5,200rpm
Transmission Type GR6 Dual Clutch Transmission
Brakes (Front) Ventilated rotors (6 piston monoblock calipers)
Brakes (Rear) Ventilated rotors (4 piston monoblock calipers)
Suspension (Front) Double Wishbone
Suspension (Rear) Multi Link
Drive System 4 wheel drive
Wheels (Front) R20 x 10.5JJ
Wheels (Rear) R20 x 10.5JJ
Tires(Front) 290/710 R20
Tires(Rear) 290/710 R20

Nismo’s Super Taikyu GT-R Testing at Fuji Speedway

June 13, 2010 Comments off

Due to make it’s testing debut later in the month, the Nismo guys have been less hesitant at getting their wares out for the public to see. Looking mighty tidy the Super Taikyi ST-1 spec Nismo GT-R is chock full of carbon goodness.

Look forward to the weekend of the 26th of June for some more close ups and info on this latest creation of the Omori Factory…

Sources: and AutoSport Web

NISMO to Debut Super Taikyu ST-1 Spec GT-R this Month!

June 1, 2010 Comments off

NISMO has just announced their intention to field a ST1 specification Nissan GT-R at round 4 of the 2010 Super Taikyu series at Fuji Speedway on the 26th – 27th of June! The drivers will be Masemi Kageyama, Tetsuya Tanaka and Kazuki Hoshino and the car will wear the legendary #23.

This is great news as until now we’ve had barely any official acknowledgment of the ST1 spec car until now except that we had photos of it from Nismo Festival in December 2009.

Update: NISMO have release images of the livery the car will wear. See the image below!

Link: NISMO News Release (Japanese)
Link: Super Taikyu Website

Nismo Super Taikyu Nissan GT-R Updated Spy Shots

April 14, 2010 Comments off

Obviously still in development since we saw it last in December of 2009, the ST-1 specification Nissan GT-R has been spotted again testing on the track in Japan. What’s new now is the carbon fibre front lip spoiler which has been radically redesigned from the previous item which was basically a standard one redone in dry carbon.

This new lip features an extended front splitter, more aerodynamic design and much larger brake ducts. I really would love to see Nismo release this as a tuning part for street GT-Rs. Don’t know if I’d love the price though…

Source: GT-R Magazine
Link: NISMO Super Taikyu ST-1 Nissan GT-R Photo Galleries from Nismo Festival

Nismo Festival 2009: Nismo Super Taikyu Nissan GT-R – Part 2

December 10, 2009 Comments off


Time to get to the real meat of the latest race spec Nissan GT-R to be spied out of Nismo’s workshop. We got our first look on Saturday and fortunately, GTR-World were quick enough with their camera to snap a whole load of pics.

In this final installment of the photo posts, we get under the hood and inside what we presume is the upcoming ST1 specification Nissan GT-R for Super Taikyu competition next year.


Firstly lets check out the tyres on this beast, we can quickly see that these are no street tire and a full slick is fitted. It’s actually a prototype Yokohama Advan A005 265 wide (front) tyre in 20 inch size. Yokohama’s largest commonly available size for this tire is 18 inches so one wonders if this tire will be sold through dealers in the future or restricted to use by Nismo.



Next let’s check out the interior. While much is stripped out and a serious roll cage bolted in, several standard road car items can be spied. A Sparco racing wheel replaces the standard wheel but much of the dashboard, cluster, stalks and paddles remain stock. Carbon blanking panels replace the vents and stereo and climate controls are of course completely replaced with functional carbon panels to bolt more robust controls into. A Recaro Pro Racer SPA HANS carbon kevlar seat with Willans harness keeps the driver in place.

The MFD and navigation control surround piece is also replaced with proper carbon fibre. At first thought I guessed this was from the SpecV model but in comparison you can tell they’re nothing alike. The SpecV carbon MFD surround panel was too heavy for the race car? Or is this a preview of parts that may make it into future road car versions?



Under the hood we’re greeted with a pretty ordinary looking VR38DETT engine. A few obvious updates include:

  • Custom catch can
  • Blanking plates where blow off valves were
  • Removal of emissions / evap control systems
  • Billstein fully adjustable suspension (Thanks Martin)
  • Custom radiator overflow tank
  • Custom power steering fluid sock
  • Custom brake fluid resevoir sock
  • MOTUL engine oil replaces Mobil 1
  • Lightweight battery with emergency cutout
  • Upgraded fittings

There’s also a hidden power steering cooler in front of the radiator and a lack of aircon.

That’s pretty much it from me on the subject, I’ve strained my eyes enough for one day. Feel free to post in the comments if you spot anything I missed first time round. Enjoy the rest of the photos!

Images: Copyright (C) 2009


Nismo Festival 2009: Super Taikyu Spec Nissan GT-R – More Details Part 1

December 7, 2009 Comments off


Well firstly, sorry to those who got their hopes up that Nismo would unveil this car at Nismo Festival. Evidently it was spied on it’s way out of Fuji not to return until the next private testing session. That is to say, it was completely absent for Sunday the 6th of December which was Festival day.

Doesn’t really matter though because we still have photos enough to make a few good guesses about the upcoming Nismo racer. We’d also like to replay a bunch of photos from our last up close and personal article about the Tokachi 24hrs R35 GT-R for comparison.

First up its obvious that the hood scoop is a new addition, but the the entire hood base was carbon for Tokachi and it seems that there is no variation here on that point.



As for the front end in general, while at first glance it is the same as the Tokachi 24hrs car, if you look closer at the finish and materials used back then, we’ve actually got a completely new generation of bumper. Fully carbon now, each duct seems more fully integrated than before. The front lip spoiler is also revamped into a full carbon version versus the ABS plastic with carbon ducts of the Tokachi car.

The location of the air-jack line input has also shifted sides and become a proper fixture versus the rudimentry previous version.


Around back and its again easy to spot the differences. Theres a entirely new rear bumper in full dry carbon with a rear underspoiler in carbon to match. The previously gorgeous SpecV exhaust has been reduced to meer straight outlets via the path of least resistance.

A rear diff cooler can be seen hiding behind that rear grill also, and not surprising really. It shares this with the Tokachi car but there are some other differences here. The fuel filler for one, it moves from the rear trunk lid to the rear quarter panel window and that itself is replaced by a lightweight lexen window.

Have a browse through the photos to compare, point out anything you spot different. Coming up in part 2 will be some engine bay shots or maybe the interior. We’ll see what kind of mood we’re in at the time.

Source: All Nissan GT-R Super Taikyu R35 GT-R Photos (C) 2009
Images: All Nissan GT-R Tokachi 24hrs GT-R Photos (C) 2008 – 2009


Nismo Festival 2009: Nismo Super Taikyu Spec GT-R Spied – SCOOP Photos!

December 5, 2009 Comments off


Previously just a rumor, today we saw the proof that Nissan is developing a Super Taikyu specification R35. Based on a standard MY2010 GT-R and utilising many of the components originally developed on Tokachi 24hrs competing R35 GT-R (i.e. tjhe SpecV prototypes), this new spec GT-R kind of caught us by surprise. The good news first, yes it IS VR38DETT powered and AWD and utilising the GR6 transmission! Finally a true GT-R race car? (Sean will be pleased…)

It was in the pits for mere moments before being locked away in a truck so we’re using our friend from‘s photos. These are the only ones known to exist right now.

Hopefully Nismo doesn’t keep all their toys locked away for the entire weekend and we see this thing in action tomorrow.

If not, don’t fret, we have loads more photos we’re holding back until we get a green light…

Source: – Scoop Nismo Festival 2009 Photos