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HKS Kansai Rear LSD for Nissan GT-R

June 10, 2010 Comments off

First seen back in January, HKS Kansai have finally brought their rear LSD solution to market for GT-R owners. Designed to be used alone or to compliment their HKS Kansai Front LSD product, it’s also available in two specifications.

The HKS Kansai Rear LSD Spec-1 is a street and light circuit oriented diff while the HKS Kansai Front LSD Spec-2 is a competition oriented differential. Pricing is 205,800 yen for the Spec-1 while the Spec-2 is slightly more at the 249,900 yen mark.

For more information like local pricing and availability, contact your local HKS Kansai distributor…

Link: HKS Kansai Website

OS Giken Extend Range of Rear LSD Upgrades for the Nissan GT-R

February 12, 2010 Comments off

Some time back Sunline Racing worked together with well known Japanese manufacturer of all things clutch and LSD related, OS Giken, to come up with an improved rear LSD for the R35 GT-R. The result of this partnership was the OS Giken OS-TCD LSD. This flagship product is a easy to live with but high performance LSD in the OS Super Lock LSD range. It features unique oil control systems to ensure that all of the friction plates are kept lubricated all of the time. The result is a smooth performing LSD with extreme high performance capabilities which led Sunline Racing to shave seconds off their laptimes at the track.

The OS-TCD may be the ducks guts rear LSD but it comes at a price of 300,000 yen in Japan before tax.

OS Giken have now developed a less intense but still better-than-standard performing upgrade rear LSD for the GT-R known as the OS-NEO. The NEO is designed for daily driver GT-Rs who see some performance street driving and track days and are looking for a bit more predictable traction from the rear out of the turns without the interference of VDC. The NEO will set you back just 191,000 yen in Japan before tax.

OS Giken are also pegged to release a front LSD upgrade for the GT-R in coming months. This will compete with existing offerings from HKS Kansai.

Link: OS Giken LSD Range Release (Japanese)