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Redline Time Attack 2010: Season Opener This Weekend at Buttonwillow Raceway

March 25, 2010 Comments off

Redline Time Attack is back and this year is promising to be better than ever. Round 1 is this weekend at Buttonwillow Raceway and along with the time attack events there’s also a two day Battle of the Bands, Miss Redline Spokes Model Search as well as Show N Shine, video games and beer garden.

Most interesting to us of course are the GT-R’s that will be attending and competing in the event. Here’s Cobb’s GT-R that is now fully decked out and ready for Brian Lock to take the pilots seat.

The latest upgrades to the Cobb Motorsports GT-R include fitting an all new AIT carbon wide body kit and the OS Giken TCD spec rear LSD. The LSD upgrade has done wonders for the driveability of the car:

“My first impression was “WOW!” What a difference the TCD LSD made! As I started my first hot laps I could feel the difference in the rear of the car. Now the chassis just seemed to hunch down in the back and squirt out of the corners with no rear inside wheel spin at all. Plus it was much easier to use the throttle to help steer the car out of the corners. With the inside wheel spin gone, I could easily modulate rear slip angle with my right foot, encouraging corner exit rotation by feeding in just a bit more throttle.”

– Brian Lock, for COBB Motorsports

They took the car out to Cali Speedway to gather test data, the video and MoTeC data logs you can check out over on their blog. The bottom line is the car is way more controllable at the corner exit which is going to help them turn some even more respectable laptimes.

Good luck to Brian and Cobb for this weekend and all the other teams competing. We’ll be keeping a close eye on things and be posting up results as we hear them.

For more information or to read the full press release, hit up the giant red read more link below….

Thanks to Brandon from WebRidesTV and Gary from Cobb Tuning for the input and help on this.

Link: RedlineTimeAttack Website
Link: Cobb Tuning Blog

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GOTO:Racing Win First Event and Set Thunderhill Lap Record

August 27, 2009 Comments off


The GOTO:Racing Nissan GT-R entered into a NASA Time Trials event in Super Unlimited category over the weekend and came away with a solid win. As you can see in the videos, it was a tough battle with one quick Mustang rumored to be in the 700hp range running 335 wide slicks all round. During the same outing they also managed to take the Thunderhill Time Trial lap record.

Overall the guys seem really happy about the car’s performance but recognize some areas they can improve on. Such events are perfect for exactly this reason, data gathering and planning.

Head on over to NAGTROC and Brian Lock’s website for more details on the race and some great photos.

Link: GOTO:Racing Update @ NAGTROC Forums
Link: GOTO:Racing Website
Link: Brian Lock Racing Website

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Willall Racing WR35DC Rear Differential Cooler

June 30, 2009 Comments off


Another Australian innovation to show you guys today, Willall Racing’s latest addition to their cooling and oil related product lineup, the WR35DC rear diff cooler. Designed from the ground up with circuit driven Nissan GT-Rs in mind, the kit is designed to be a direct bolt on, no nonsense required fit onto your Nissan GT-R.

Featuring a 13 row oil cooler, CNC machined brackets, oil pump, high pressure hoses and fittings as well as every fastener you’ll need to bolt it straight on. The kit also has a neat replacement diff cooler air scoop and jack point adapter to ensure you can continue to service the car via the rear diff jack point as per normal without concern that you’ll break something.

One other benefit of going with the WR35DC is the integration and compatibility with the existing WR35TC transmission cooler. If you have this item or are looking to buy it at the same time, you’ll find that Willall can ship with the require brackets and looms to mount them both without issue.

Priced at $1,495 it’s available from your Willall Racing distributor now, test data should be made available shortly.

Link: Willall Racing WR35DC thread on NAGTROC

HKS GT600 Sports and Racing Kit for Nissan GT-R Released

June 14, 2009 Comments off


HKS’s GT570 Racing kit has been a huge hit with GT-R owners both in Japan and overseas. HKS have extended the kit before to suit street cars by producting the GT570 Sports package which shipped with high-flow catalytic converters to keep emissions in check. Now they’ve gone another step further and produced a second pair of packages known as the GT600 Racing and GT600 Sports kits.

The GT600 package evolves the existing GT570 kit and in fact ships with all the same equipment plus a few extras. Those include the HKS Premium Suction kit – large diameter OE intake piping replacements – a fuel regulator and a fuel pump. The GT600 kit also ships with the HKS Superior Finisher fitted with an exclusive GT600 badge. A small dyno comparison chart of all four kits can be seen below:


The pricing for each kit has also been released, for the GT600 Racing package you get three options. The GT600 Racing base package is 882,000 yen. For the less obnoxious “Silencer Version” fitted with an additional muffler in the exhaust you will pay 903,000 yen. Finally for the LEGAMAX Premium exhaust version you’re looking at 1,155,000 yen all up.

If being street legal is your thing, then you’ll opt for the GT600 Sports package at 1,197,000 yen for the base package for 1,470,000 yen including the LEGAMAX Premium exhaust.

The GT570 Racing package base price is 598,500 yen so you’re looking at ponying up just under 300,000 yen more for the GT600 Racing kit that most buyers will go for.

Link: HKS Website / HKS GT600 Release

SARD Release GT-Wing Range for Nissan R35 GT-R

April 5, 2009 Comments off

SARD GT-Wing FUJI SpecM for Nissan GT-R

Japanese motorsports part manufacturer SARD has updated their aero parts lineup to include two new GT-Wings suitable for the Nissan GT-R. The GT-Wing Fuji Spec M and the GT-Wing Pro have both been released for the GT-R owner interested in upgrading the on-track performance of their base GT-R.

Both of these wings are a 1,710mm wide, carbon fibre units with 5 steps of adjustability. The Fuji Spec M item (pictured here) offers a low drag high downforce design in a standard shaped wing while the Pro version has the lifted center to offer maximum rear downforce. As an option carbon kevlar and carbon twill weave wing elements are available over the standard carbon item.

Pricing ranges from 192,150 yen for the carbon GT-Wing Fuji SpecM (part code 61810C(B)) up to 210,000 yen for the carbon kevlar GT-Wing Pro (part code 61700K(B)).

Link: SARD GT-Wings Website
Link: SARD Website