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Inheritance – Nissan GT-R Short Film by Dylan Osborn

November 18, 2009 Comments off


This is no ordinary Youtube clip, film maker Dylan Osborn put together this short film to show what the Nissan GT-R is capable of and tell a story at the same time. You’ll love the ending too.

A family gathers to read their father’s will, but his final wish forces them into a high speed race. Will a Nissan GT-R give the estranged daughter Emily the edge she needs to earn her inheritance?

A Dylan Osborn film written by Sarah Haskins. Starring Victoria Haynes, Patrick Flynne, Sanam Erfani, Josh Lubin-Levy, Sarah-Doe Osborne, and Chuck McMahon. Director of photography Scott Uhlfelder. Produced by Seth Low-Tufo. Consulting producer Catherine Schuler. Original score by Eliot Gray Fisher.

Thanks to Dylan for the submission and keep it up!

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TiTek Titanium Race Exhaust Released – Available Now

August 28, 2009 Comments off


TiTek Innovations extends their range of exhausts this week with the release of their Titanium Race version cat back exhaust. This exhaust features a 90mm main section into 2x76mm resonated sections. These resonators are smaller than the street version which makes them lighter and subsequently louder as well. The whole system tips the scales at just 8.9kgs (19.5lb).

Price? Just $3909 inc shipping if you get it from our friends at

To get a feel for how loud it is check out the Youtube clip below. You can pick one up at the link below.

Link: TiTek Race Exhaust Available now @
Images/Discussion: TiTek Titanium Race Exhaust Thread @ NAGTROC