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AMS Alpha GT-Rs In Record Breaking Territory Again: 9.1 @ 163 mph and More

October 22, 2010 Comments off

Forget everything you read about Nissan GT-R quarter mile records because AMS just went and rewrote the book. They not only just smashed their own quarter mile ET record but they blew up the current Mph record as well.

With time to tweak the car since the first 9.33 second outing back in early October the guys took the car back to the track and managed a best time of 9.192 at 163.12 mph. Over two tenths quicker and a full 10 mph faster down the strip than their previous Alpha-10 best time. A serious improvement and seriously closer to 8 seconds.

Not content with just setting the outright quarter mile records all in one day they also went on to break the pump gas R35 quarter mile record in the Alpha-9 package GT-R. The Alpha-9 GT-R is the Nissan GT-R to dip into the 9’s on pump gas with a 9.95 ET @ 141.01 mph.

One of the best things about the AMS’s Alpha GT-Rs isn’t related to how damn fast they are but how streetable they remain with all that grunt under the hood. After running 9’s in the Alpha-9 the guys will begin an epic cross USA roadtrip beginning in Chicago, driving through Colorado and Nevada and ending up in SoCal. Over 2,000 miles of cross country driving with a full writeup expected. Check the video below for a taste of the Alpha-10’s daily drivability…

AMS Nissan GT-R Alpha 10 Package

Acceleration that leaves you breathless. Speed like nothing you have experienced. A power package that will leave any Super Car in its wake.

Over Twice The Horsepower Of A Stock GT-R Yet Mild Mannered For Daily Driving

The AMS Alpha 10 package for the Nissan GT-R combines the stock like driveablity of the Nissan GT-R with 1100+ horsepower. Typically power like this comes at the cost of reliability and comfort. That is not the case with the Alpha 10 as every aspect of this package was fine tuned to allow for a true Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Your GT-R will go from mild mannered and streetable one moment to white knuckled power the next.


Link: AMS Alpha GT-R Website

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Switzer R1K GT-R Smashes Into the 9 Second Club With a Record Mph Pass

October 14, 2010 Comments off

It’s the season for it, record breaking R35 GT-R quarter mile times that is. Switzer have joined in the fun after some serious R&D to see how their latest R1K package will perform at the drag strip.

“Damn well” was the result as they reeled off a 9.38 best ET at 155.29 mph. Enough to bump heads with the Alpha-10 GT-R by AMS Performance. They had the track to themselves so kept at it and took home a record for the day’s work for fastest mph for an R35 GT-R at 156.44 mph.

This Mph time is just a tad over 3 mph quicker than the AMS 9.33second ET recorded just the other day and shows the R1K certainly has the muscle to clock some faster times.

Massive effort to get this far from team Switzer so congratulations to them on the R1K’s performance and hope to see it out again breaking more records and dipping ever closer to the 8 second mark.

Link: Switzer Performance Innovation Website
Source: NAGTROC Discussion Thread

MotorTrend: Lexus LFA vs Nissan GT-R

May 10, 2010 Comments off

Interesting to see what happens when you put the two most menacing Japanese supercars side by side in a straight line.

Considering the price tags I’d say the GT-R holds it’s own. It’d be interesting to see the results using launch control and, as mentioned on AutoBlog, how they fare on a road course.

Source: MotorTrend via Autoblog

Two More GT-Rs Run 9’s and New Records All Round

April 13, 2010 Comments off

A huge day for GT-R drag racing enthusiasts with not one but two more GT-Rs entering the mega exclusive 9 second R35 GT-R club.

A lonely club it was for the single GT-R in it until today when SP Engineering smashed the record and dug deep into the 9’s with a amazing 9.62 @ 150.75mph at SpeedWorld drag strip in Arizona, USA. That is seriously moving.

It was quickly followed by NAGTROC member Hing (rsfootball) who had an amazing day as well running back to back 9’s with a best of 9.8 @ 148mph.

Both of these cars feature the GReddy TD06-20g twin-turbo upgrade kit and were running the 18″ drag radials on Volk TE37 wheels for the best runs.

The SP Engineering car also has further modifications to the engine including:

  • GReddy Intercooler
  • CP Pisons with coating (standard sized)
  • Carrillo Conrods
  • 1000cc Injectors
  • SP Engineering Fuel Pump Setup w/FPR
  • TiTek Titanium Race Midpipe
  • TiTek Titanium Race Exhaust
  • Cobb AccessPORT

With all that said though, the clutches remain stock. You can actually check out their massive engine overhaul photo thread on their website here for pics of the engine components.

Hing’s car on the other hand is slightly milder, while it does have the same GReddy TD06-20g twin turbo kit, its still running standard internals… Yep a standard motor, upgraded fuel system, Cobb AcessPORT, GReddy Titanium Exhaust and Dodson Motorsport/Exedy upgraded clutch packs! There’s more to it than that but I’ll let Hing decide if he wants to divulge the rest over on NAGTROC

On this setup, and his own 20″ drag radials, he was running back to back 9.9’s. It was when he switched out to the 18″ drag radials that he dipped into the 9.8’s.

For these runs, both cars were running C16 fuel the track temps were around 120° F and air temps were about 80°F.

Congrats to Hing, SP Engineering and everyone involved in this huge success!

Link: SP Engineering Website
Link: NAGTROC Discussion Thread

AMS Smash The 9 Second Barrier at TX2K10

March 21, 2010 Comments off

After beating out all the other competitors in the dyno competition, AMS have driven this SR850 tuned R35 GT-R to a worlds first 9 second ET at Lonestar Motorsports Park on their first run of the day!

They went on to run a string of 9 second passes with the best ET being 9.89 @ 145 even after hitting the rev limiter in second. The best mph of the day was 146.96 mph which you can see in the timeslip in the gallery below.

To get there, the car runs an AMS SR850 upgrade package which includes:

  • AMS upgraded bolt on turbo’s
  • Upgraded actuators
  • AMS 90mm downpipes
  • AMS 90mm Resonated midpipe
  • AMS 90mm exhaust
  • AMS Front mount intercooler
  • AMS 3″ intercooler piping
  • HKS bov’s
  • AMS Large MAF intake pipes
  • AMS fuel System upgrade
  • Cobb AccessPORT
  • AMS Custom Race gas map (unleaded 109 octane Race gas)

With these mods the car is putting 765awhp and 738 lbft of torque to the ground. Impressive stuff and big big numbers from bolt on upgraded turbos. What will we see when AMS’s custom cast manifolds and even bigger turbos get bolted up to Chuck’s car?

Congratulations to Frank who owns the world’s first 9 second GT-R and to AMS who built it!

Cheers to Chuck for the heads up on this. Also note, these pics are from previous runs.

Discussion Link: AMS GT-R WORLD’S FIRST GT-R in the 9’s!

AMS Update: Intercooler Upgrade for Nissan GT-R, New Drag Record

August 2, 2009 Comments off


A two part post today regarding AMS’s exploits in the Nissan GT-R scene. First up they’ve unveiled renderings of their upcoming intercooler for the Nissan GT-R.

In other AMS news the guys have been back out at the drag strip to try and beat their own record for a Nissan GT-R on pump gas. Thanks to a set of loaner MT drag radials courtesy of Chuck “NAGTROC” H, with no other changes, they’ve dropped their own world fastest GT-R on pump gas ET down to 10.53 @ 133.68 mph! Congrats!

Video to come shortly!

Link: Discussion threads on NAGTROCIntercoolerDrag Record
Link: AMS Performance Website

AMS Sponsored GT-R Pump Gas Quarter Mile Record

July 18, 2009 Comments off

Seems like the big power GT-R scene has matured somewhat of late and quarter mile times are both falling and requiring less experimentation to get there. The AMS sponsored GT-R in the video above has run a 10.69 @ 132 mph on 93 octane gas making it the fastest run on pump gas according to AMS. What’s more is the list of modifications is quite brief and it was done on the standard Bridgestone runflat tires.

So what goes into an AMS built tuned mid 10’s on stock tires Nissan GT-R? Here’s the modifications list:

That’s all… Crazy eh!?

Link: AMS Performance Pump Gas Record Discussion Thread @ NAGTROC
Link: AMS Performance Website

Samurai Speed Set Nissan GT-R Quarter Mile Record: 10.47 @ 132 mph

April 12, 2009 Comments off

Samurai Speed
is back at it again out on the track setting records. Many of you will remember that this very same GT-R had previously set the bar high with their 10.53 ET backed by their famous exploding gearbox trick. Two hundred launches tend to do that to any gearbox.

Since then however the car has been off the road while solutions were found to the problem of repairing the gearbox without resorting to replacing it with an entirely new transaxle assembly from Nissan. Enter PPG’s first gear and input shaft set available and shipping as of last month. For $1,500 in parts and using inhouse labour they were able to replace the faulty gear and enhance the strength at the same time.

In between then and now, Samurai Speed also fitted up a nitrous system as well but have not rigged it to automatically function yet. So a 25 shot per side, manually activated was all that was used this run.

Congrats John and great work to all the guys @ Samurai Speed.

Link: Samurai Speed Website
Link: Discuss this over @ NAGTROC

Noteworthy GT-R Drag Times: Our Top Three

November 22, 2008 Comments off

We’re seeing quite a few guys stateside with their Nissan GT-R’s out at local drag strips these days and some interesting things are happening. The first is, transmissions aren’t breaking in huge numbers like some predicted. Go figure…

Secondly drag times are coming down, whether it’s the cold weather or people are just starting to “get” how to drive the GT-R or a combination of both.

Not Stock: 10.9 ET
Last week we saw the GT-R finally dip into the 10’s when Jotech Motorsports ran a mildly worked GT-R for a 10.9 @ 129 mph. Amazing work with what amounts to intake, exhaust, boost and tuning.

Almost Stock: 11.212 ET
On the more standard side of the street some cool things have been happening as well. FikseGTR from NAGTROC has run his almost standard GT-R at Moroso Motorsports park during a test and tune session. He put in a great effort to see an 11.212 @ 122.24 mph without using launch control. That’s right, no launch control needed. The only modifications he’s running is a COBB Tuning AccessPORT canned tune and a pair of K&N panel filters. Boost level in this tune tops out at 14 psi, less than 1 bar of boost. Good work! Video below.

Bone Stock 11.691 ET
Last but not least has to be HybridMT’s recent record for fastest standard GT-R down the 1/4 mile without using the launch control. He managed a 11.691 @ 120 mph. His 60ft time was 1.90. His GT-R is completely standard without a single modification and his secret to success is, “just mash the pedal in auto mode”.

(Update, bone stock record has since been lowered to 11.67 @ 120mph)

Great work and while we all know the GT-R is not in any way shape or form designed to be a 1/4 mile racer it’s nice to know some people are having fun pursuing it for their own reasons.


First Nissan R35 GT-R In the 10’s – 10.9 @ 129mph

November 17, 2008 Comments off

We’ve been expecting 10’s to be broken into for a while now. Quite a few guys had run in the 11.0’s so surely it was right around the corner. Despite their best efforts though traction was a major issue even with the GT-R’s ATTESSA AWD system.

Today 10’s have been achieved in the US by a Dallas, Texas based workshop Jotech Motorsports. The owner of the car is D3GTR on the NAGTROC forums and it was built by Kenny Tran of Jotech.

The car is of course modified, running a HKS GT570 kit, Mine’s Exhaust, and the COBB Tuning AccessPORT. It’s making 548 hp and 573 lb/ft of torque.

Unbelievably, the run was done on a cold track with the 22″ wheels and street tires you see here fitted up.

Congrats guys.



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