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PPG Full Gear Set for Nissan GT-R Released

August 6, 2009 Comments off


There are many options on strengthening the GT-R’s gearbox coming to market these days but none so mind blowing as the full gear set we just laid eyes on from Pfitzner Performance Gearboxes (PPG) out of Australia. The full first through sixth gear upgrade is manufactured from high-carbon steel, CNC’d to PPG’s specs which increase gear contact area by up to 40% (first gear). Combine the superior materials used with the heat treating process and the gears are up to twice as strong as standard.

These should suit the high power street GT-R to around the 700 – 900 hp (engine) range.

Head on over to for the details on pricing and availability.

Thanks to Mike @ GT-RR for the heads up.

Link: PPG Website
Link: PPG Full Gearset for Nissan GT-R @


Samurai Speed Set Nissan GT-R Quarter Mile Record: 10.47 @ 132 mph

April 12, 2009 Comments off

Samurai Speed
is back at it again out on the track setting records. Many of you will remember that this very same GT-R had previously set the bar high with their 10.53 ET backed by their famous exploding gearbox trick. Two hundred launches tend to do that to any gearbox.

Since then however the car has been off the road while solutions were found to the problem of repairing the gearbox without resorting to replacing it with an entirely new transaxle assembly from Nissan. Enter PPG’s first gear and input shaft set available and shipping as of last month. For $1,500 in parts and using inhouse labour they were able to replace the faulty gear and enhance the strength at the same time.

In between then and now, Samurai Speed also fitted up a nitrous system as well but have not rigged it to automatically function yet. So a 25 shot per side, manually activated was all that was used this run.

Congrats John and great work to all the guys @ Samurai Speed.

Link: Samurai Speed Website
Link: Discuss this over @ NAGTROC