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Pauter Billet Connecting Rods for the Nissan GT-R’s VR38

October 7, 2009 Comments off


Jotech Motorsports has just announced the availability of Pauter rods for the VR38 application. These high quality, high strength connecting rods are a single rib E4340 chromoly forged rod designed for high horsepower applications.

The Pauter rods are strong but they’re also lighter than the standard rods at 655.55 grams per rod versus 725.75 grams for each stock rod. A total reciprocating mass saving of 421.2 grams over across the six cylinders of the VR38 engine.

Featuring ARP-2000 rod bolts, a set of these will set you back $1290.

Link: Jotech Motorsports Website
Link: Pauter Website