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One Lap 2009: Team Cannonball Nissan GT-R Wins Outright

May 12, 2009 Comments off


Congratulations to team Cannonball GT-R who have taken the Tire Rack One Lap of America win for 2009. In what was a well fought and close battle from start to finish, they completed the 13th competitive event on top of the points. Their final points lead was 205 points in front of their nearest and strongest competitor, team Cannonfodder in their Porsche 911 GT2.

Freedom Autosport in their mean green machine finished down in 10th spot in their class after a few unfortunate issues kept cropping up with their modifications causing the car to enter limp mode.

Well done to all the participants, drivers, teams and bloggers who kept us up to date.

Final Top 10 – Tire Rack One Lap of America 2009
Pos Car # Vehicle Class Points
1 3 Nissan GT-R SSGT1 BB 5215
Drivers: Steven Rankins, Will Taylor
2 1 Porsche 996 GT2 SSGT1 BB 5010
Drivers: Peter Lier, Ian Stewart
3 6 BMW M3 SSGT1 SB 4960
Drivers: Catesby Jones, Jose Collado
4 4 Subaru Impreza WRX MidPri Sed 4955
Drivers: Tony Wiesenhahn, Tony Barber
5 25 Chevrolet Z06 Corvette SSGT1 BB 4725
Drivers: Dan Corcoran, Bill Smith
6 17 Ultima GTR SSGT1 BB 4565
Drivers: Carl Warren, sam kimberley-bryant
7 21 BMW Dinan M5 Luxury Sed 4455
Drivers: Jonathan Czarny,
8 10 Audi S-4 Luxury Sed 4430
Drivers: Norman Babcock, Mike Babcock
9 16 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 SSGT1 BB 4310
Drivers: Dick Clark, Jerry Clark
10 12 BMW M3 Luxury Sed 4270
Drivers: Mike Schnell Renner, Dwayne “CurvFun” Mosley, Steve Maguire

Link: Tire Rack One Lap of America – Results
Photo: MotorTrend Magazine

One Lap 2009: Day 6 Hat Trick for the Cannonball GT-R

May 8, 2009 Comments off


Thursday turned out better than hoped for team Cannonball driving their Nissan GT-R. Dominating both events at Carolina Motorsports park and going on to win again at the BMW Performance Center event. Each win coincidentally 4 seconds ahead of their nearest competitor. Four seconds ahead of the #16 Corvette Z06 with a 5:38.178 in event 13 , four seconds ahead of the #1 Porsche GT2 in event 14 and then four seconds ahead of the #4 Subaru WRX in event 15.

Thursday’s amazing run puts real distance between the Nissan GT-R in first place overall and the Porsche GT2 in second place overall. Now with 110 points separating them there’s going to be a lot of work for the Cannonfodder Porsche to do to make it up.

Link: Tire Rack One Lap of America – Results
Photo: MotorTrend Magazine

One Lap 2009: Daytona International Speedway Results

May 7, 2009 Comments off


A mixed results Wednesday for the #2 Nissan GT-R of team Cannonball GT-R and the #1 Porsche GT2 of team Cannonfodder traded 1st and 2nd places in events 11 and 12 going one each leaving the points difference between them the same. Team Freedom Autosports had ECU issues again but still managed respectable finishes in both legs with a 3rd place in event 11 and a 5th place in event 12.

Today are the two Carolina Motorsports Park legs and then onto the BMW Performance Center where the BMW’s get to do well for once … maybe … we’ll see!

Link: Tire Rack One Lap of America – Results
Link: Tire Rack One Lap of America – Schedule
Photo: MotorTrend Magazine Blog

One Lap 2009: Nissan GT-R Still Leads, Porsche Gains Ground

May 6, 2009 Comments off

One Lap of America - CannonBall GT-R Photo by Motor Trend

Tuesday brought with it two events at Sebring International Raceway and the drag racing at Gainesville Raceway on the Tire Rack One Lap of America. An overall average day for the Nissan GT-Rs who win some and lose some but overall let a little ground slip to the #1 Porsche GT2 of team Cannonfodder.

The overall results table, in order of points looks like this for the top 5 spots this Wednesday morning, 6th May:

  1. #3 Nissan GT-R – Team Cannonball GT-R – 2780 points
  2. #1 Porsche GT2 – Team Cannonfodder GT2 – 2775 points
  3. #4 Subaru Imprezza – 2660 points
  4. #6 BMW M3 – 2590 points
  5. #2 Nissan GT-R – Freedom Autosports – 2485 points

Leg 7 – Sebring International Raceway #1

A great round won well and truly by the #1 Cannonfodder GT2 Porsche taking a 9 second lead for full 315 points in this leg. Sebring being their home track, they were always favorites to win this and the next event.

For everyone else not so at home here, the #3 Cannonball GT-R performed the next best and took second place for leg 7 and 310 points while the #2 Freedom Autosports GT-R had the Nissan’s pesky ECU protection circuitry cut in and send the car into limp mode costing them a load of time and relegating them to 18th and 230 points in the mornings run.

To manage second @ Sebring is quite an accomplishment for Will Taylor in the Cannonball GT-R, by all accounts he had never even seen the track until he raced on it.

Leg 8 – Sebring International Raceway #2

Rinse? Repeat? Same results as leg 7 with the #1 Porsche basking in the home field advantage leading the event for 315 points, #3 Cannonball GT-R in 2nd and the #2 Freedom Autosports GT-R having technical difficulties and finishing in 16th for 240 points.

The trouble with the Freedom Autosports GT-R was theorized as being ignition related, plugs possibly so we will see a come back with luck if they can sort it out. Fortunately the drag racing is next.

Leg 9 – Gainesville Speedway – Low ET Drag

This is about as simple as it gets, a 1/4mile drag race, lowest ET wins. The #2 Freedom Autosports Nissan GT-R with Switzer P800 kit installed, in a conservative run made the best pass at 11.286 seconds. Good enough for first and was followed by the #3 Cannonball GT-R with an 11.393 second pass.

The Porsche only managed an 11.778 but was good enough to get it into 3rd spot.

Leg 10 – Gainesville Speedway – Bracket Drag

Bracket drag racing is not so simple but is a great test of a car’s consistency to repeat performance down the 1/4 mile. Unfortunately none of the GT-R teams managed to make it past the first round, nor did the Porsche GT2 so all three teams took the equal number (290) of points from this round.

Tuesday’s wrapup: GT-R 4, Porsche 4, Corvette…

Probably won’t bother listing Corvette anymore.

Today’s Racing

Today brings us to Daytona International Speedway for two rounds of racing followed by a MPG competition. Should be a good day racing but not sure exactly how the GT-Rs will fair against the hybrid in the MPG challenge…

Stay tuned for updates and checkout for videos, data, and photos from the events in a more regular fashion.

Link: Tire Rack One Lap of America – Results

Freedom Autosport and Switzer to Enter 2009 One Lap of America

April 28, 2009 Comments off


Can you believe it’s been a full year since Tire Rack One Lap of America 2008? Well believe it and get ready because it’s right around the corner and this year looks to be especially exciting.

For those not in the know, the “One Lap” is a annual week long cross country endurance motorsports competition. It pits drivers against each other in time trials for almost 20 legs in more than 3,200 miles of racing and traveling in a single week. Tires are controlled and entrants get only one set for the week but car modifications are allowed.

Each entrant is entered into a class dependent on what their vehicle was delivered from the factory with. For the GT-R that puts it in the SSGT1 category with cars such as the Z06, Porsche 911 and Dodge Viper. Modifications, no matter how insane, do not change your class.

Last year a completely standard 2009 GT-R finished 11th but was a serious contender for 5th overall if not for an unfortunate DNF awarded in one leg. The resounding footnote from 2008 was this quote from GT-R pilot and Car & Driver editor Tony Swan:

The bottom line: whatever all you Corvette and Porsche zealots may say, the GT-R is a serious player in the supercar game. It’s a formidable sports car fast and competent, with cutting-edge technical sophistication.

Tony Swan, Car & Driver

This year the GT-Rs wont be so timid.


This Year…

Derek Whitis from Freedom Autosport has been combining forces with the tuning kings Switzer Performance to build their GT-R to compete at the very top tier, the seriously tuned realm where the Hennessey Vipers dwell and the modified Porsche 911 Turbos reign.

Making in excess of 700 awhp, the Freedom Autosport GT-R has the full Switzer P800 Performance Package which features upgraded turbos, upgraded intakes, bigger fuel injectors, bigger intercoolers and a full ECU tune.

Add to that lightweight panels from Password:JDM, active aero surfaces by AeroMotions, and components from Performance Friction & Motorsport Brake Specialists, STILLEN,, Forged Performance, Kraft Nissan of Tallahassee, WillAll Racing, and JRZ suspension the package is truly potent.

This year we will be covering the One Lap again so stick around and check back for updates as it will certainly be a heated battle for the top places this year.

If you’re interested to see the One Lap in person, admission is free to the circuits, check the schedule after the jump to see if there’s one near you.

Complete press release after the read more link below…

Link: Tire Rack One Lap of America Website
Link: Switzer Performance Website
Link: Freedom Autosports Website

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Tire Rack One Lap of America: Car & Driver – Final Results and Story

May 13, 2008 Comments off

Well the One Lap has wrapped up and after all is said and done the Nissan GT-R did a great job against some big competition.

After last update the cars headed on to the BeaveRun events. GT-R put in a superb effort finishing 6th in event 17 and 4th in event 18 unfortunately in the autocross event 19 the GT-R missed a gate and thus was penalised with a DNF for the entire event. There was a lot of confusion over this rule and 21 other cars were penalised similarly. At this stage everyone was exhausted so weren’t exactly willing to stick around on the off chance the rules would be reviewed and a second chance given. Finally event 20 – the dry skid pad – the GT-R managed 0.98g and placed 23rd.

So overall the GT-R finished 11th and 7th in class. Just prior to the autocross DNF it was in 5th place overall so you can see it is really a shame.

Now for the wrapup from the pilot of the GT-R for the duration of the event, Car & Driver editor Tony Swan has placed a great article covering the event up on the Car & Driver web site. A very good read so check it out!

The bottom line: whatever all you Corvette and Porsche zealots may say, the GT-R is a serious player in the supercar game. It’s a formidable sports car—fast and competent, with cutting-edge technical sophistication.

Tony Swan, Car & Driver

Link: Car & Driver: 2008 One Lap of America: We Race a Nissan GT-R – Feature

Tire Rack One Lap of America: Results Update #4

May 9, 2008 Comments off

Wow it’s beginning to turn into around here… Anyways here’s an update on how the Nissan GT-R has been doing in the Tire Rack One Lap of America!

First off we got an explanation direct from Mary, the co-driver, regarding the poor 1/4 mile ET last we told you about last update. As thought, Tony had difficulties figuring out the launch control system. There are a series of steps to follow and once done the launch control is easy to cancel. Seems Tony accidentally canceled the launch control on each pass attempt while rolling forward to the line. Ah well, thanks Mary for the inside info.

So on to the results, the GT-R did well at the No Problem Raceway in events 9 and 10 with a great 8th and 7th placing for 325 and 330 points. Carolina Motorsports Park was kind on the GT-R too with two 7th positions for 660 points total.

Onward to BMW motorsports park and a decent finish for the BMWs. The GT-R doesn’t do too badly though with a 9th spot.

That’s about when the rain started. The race hit Virginia International Raceway and so did the weather. The RE070’s are reportedly disastrous in the wet so the team finished well down in 43rd position in event 14. Behind a Honda Odyssey! Slightly better with a 39th in event 15. Finally the rain stopped and they made up for it finishing 7th in event 16.

So where does that place us overall? Well 6th in class still but movin’ on up one place to 6th overall! Great going guys!

Source: TireRack OneLap and NAGTROC
Images: Billyco @ NAGTROC

Tire Rack One Lap of America: Results Update #3

May 7, 2008 Comments off

The Nissan GT-R is still hanging in there despite an abysmal effort at the drag strip (sorry Tony). We left off yesterday at event four so here’s a rundown on what’s been run since then. Events 5 and 6 were held at Texas World Speedway, the GT-R finished in 14th spot ahead of Porsche’s and exotics in event 5 and 13th in event 6. Enough to snatch 295 and 300 points respectively.

Event 7 was where the GT-R was expected to shine, irrespective of driver the GT-R is good for a mid 11 second pass at the drag strip as long as you push the right buttons. Obviously the buttons remain un-pushed or there was some mechanical problem because the 12.8 second pass is what they managed. Even without launch control a mid 12 second should have been a given. So unfortunately it placed 16th in that test scrounging just 200 points.

On the back of these results the GT-R still remains in 6th place in it’s class but moves back two spots to be 7th overall. Still an admirable effort for a standard car which by all reports is handing the GT3’s their collective butts even with a driver who’s arm just got out of a cast.

Tire Rack One Lap of America: Results Update #2

May 6, 2008 Comments off

Next up on the One Lap was two events at Mid America Motorplex. The GT-R slipped a little managing a 14th and 295 points in event 3 but struck back in event 4 with an 8th place finish and 325 points. Winning these two events was the Dodge Hennessey Viper.

In the tally so far these results push the GT-R back to 6th place in it’s class and 5th position overall in the One Lap. A fairly admirable position considering the competition for this completely stock GT-R.

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Tire Rack One Lap of America: Results Update

May 4, 2008 Comments off

The Tire Rack One Lap of America event is a yearly endurance race held as time trials at racetracks throughout the United States. A full-on 20 legs and over 5,000 miles of racing packed into a single week which started the 2nd of May and which will wrap up on the 10th of May.

One Nissan GT-R is entered into this contest by Car and Driver magazine and is driven by Tony Swan and Mary Seelhorst. It’s entered into the SSGT1 Big Bore class alongside cars like the Corvette Z06, Porsche 911, Dodge Viper and Ford GT. Serious competition to say the least. Vehicle modifications are permitted as well and will not change the class you are entered in, for example one entrant is running a Hennessey Performance Dodge Viper.

Tire regulations however are strict on the One Lap, cars are restricted to street tires of one type only and tires cannot be changed without good reason and only to the same type. The GT-R is running the Bridgestone RE070 runflats.

Continue reading after the jump for results so far and more photos.

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