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Okada Project Plasma Direct Coils for Nissan R35 GT-R

April 18, 2009 Comments off


Okada Projects (OKD) has launched their Plasma Direct coil upgrades for the VR38DETT this week. The direct fit upgrade coil pack provides stronger spark under a wider range of conditions versus the OE coils. They should be the first stop for an upgrade for those noticing ignition issues under high boost. The Plasma Direct technology offers a 4x spark strength increase which should net you a gain in power and torque across the rev range, especially, again, for cars running more boost than standard.

OKD has been supplying coil packs to some serious competitive racing teams in Japan for some time, big names like M-Speed’s time attack R34 GT-R, Midori Seibi Center’s time attack R34 GT-R and Garage Saurus’ drag and time attack R32 GT-Rs.

These retail for around 155,000 yen in Japan but you can pick them up for just $1,395 from you local GT-R parts dealer, GT-RR.

Link: Okada Projects Website
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