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Nissan GT-R 2010 Model Version Up Kit Offered in Japan

April 3, 2010 Comments off

Another interesting Japan only dealership offering was recently launched. With the latest model GT-R comes a few select upgrades with regards to the brakes and navigation system. Instead of leaving 2007 – 2009 model owners in the cold, Nissan have built the “’10 Model Version Up Kit” for them.

It’s worth pointing out here that what Japan calls the 2010 model is broadly equal to what the US market refers to as the 2011 Nissan GT-R.

The kit comes in three flavors but primarily consists of upgrades or changes to the Brembo brakes, Carwings Navigation and MFD system and rear spoiler. Let’s take a little deeper look.

First up, the Brembo brake calipers. As part of this service, the calipers will be refinished and rebranded back to Brembo. As you would know when the GT-R launched in 2007, the Brembo logo adorned the brakes. This changed in 2009 when Nissan changed it in favor of a large NISSAN logo with smaller red Brembo logo. On top of this, the paint used on the GT-R’s brake calipers faded to a dark brown after circuit use which is less than attractive in many owners opinions.

For this service the calipers will have their gold finish reapplied with more robust paint and the Brembo logo will once again take pride of place on the calipers.

In addition to this, the 2010 model features an upgraded pad spring clip. This is actually quite a big deal as quite a few guys have found the stock spring clip to be less than ideal in some situations. This clip will be retrofitted here.

Next up is the Carwings navigation system upgrade. It’s no secret that the 2010 model GT-R features a significant upgrade in this department. It’s not just software but also some hardware bits and pieces to provide USB functionality and make it compatible with the NISMO DataLog Kit MFD upgrade. This service does not exactly include the NISMO upgrade but it’ll get your Japanese GT-R up to spec to have the NISMO MFD upgrade installed separately.

Pricing? Well for the MFD upgrade alone you’re looking at 693,000 yen in Japan. For the brakes and the MFD upgrades together its 819,000 yen. The MFD upgrade is available on its own but, for reasons unknown, the brakes are not.

Last but not least is a special limited offer. The SpecV dry carbon rear spoiler will be available to the first 20 regular (or black or premium edition) GT-R owners that rock up to the NHPC with the cash. How much cash exactly? Don’t expect much change out of 630,000 yen… None at all really.

Thanks to Orito-san from GT-R OC of Japan for the brochure images and to Ado-san from the R35 GT-R Owners Club of Japan for further details.

Nissan Japan Initiates GT-R Steering Lock Replacement Service Campaign

March 3, 2010 Comments off

This is a controversial issue for GT-R owners in some regions. If you’ve been hanging around owners club forums and discussion boards you’ll have already seen the mysterious posts where owners get stuck with a car that wont start for seemingly unknown reasons.

Often the culprit is found, after much time and effort and probably swearing, to be the steering lock which seems to be in some way prone to a fault. The fault, when it arises, will prevent the car from starting and has so far been noted to affect Japanese and US model GT-Rs.

Nissan, in Japan at least, is cognizant of this issue and has begun sending out letters to GT-R owners informing them of a Service Campaign to replace potentially problematic steering locks for no charge for customers. We’ve received a copy of the letter and have included these photos of it.

We hope that following hot on the heels of this letter is a similar one for cars affected in other regions.