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HKS GT800 Turbo Kit – Installed and First Impressions

December 2, 2010 Comments off

HKS GT800 Kit for GT-R

After hearing about the development of the HKS Turbo Kit, one particular GT-R owner closely involved with the GT-R community was privvy to some early information on this kit. As a member of NAGTROC forums, his enthusiasm for the GT800 kit brought him in contact with other GT-R owners, HKS pro dealers and HKS USA. Having been satisfied with the quality and results that HKS had seen, “Se7enGTR” was on the edge of his seat waiting for the final release of the kit.

When the day finally came, the HKS pro dealers were able to spill plenty of information over on the NAGTROC forums. They were confident that this kit would back all claims made by the HKS promo video.

Eugene from SP Engineering shared his visual comparison of the HKS GT800 kit vs the competitor’s kit and said, “The HKS GT 800 turbos seem to be capable of multiple things after simple visual comparison. This kit with proper combination of the tune and parts is capable of upto 900 WHP with quick response on our mustang dyno.”

Sean from Iveytune said, “Coming from my experience with the HKS 7640R turbos, I can assume the kit is easily capable of 800+ whp with very quick spool. These turbos have sweet spots after 24 psi. Each turbo flows 52 lbs/min and will max out around 500whp depending on the dynos. We will be testing our kit with shop car soon and will share the result with NAGTROC.”

Jotech Motosports built and delievered 2 kits to customers. Kenny@Jotech said, “We will let the customers to see the results with the kit and comment.”

Lastly, independant tuning company (i.e. not a HKS dealer) T1 Race Develpoment/InjectorDynamics, said, “As we tuned and saw the base result(600 whp 600 wtq just @ 19 psi on race gas) from one customer’s HKS GT800 GTR, we think there will be a lot of impressive results coming from these HKS turbo kits. These turbos are very responsive…”

Driving impression from the owners and the dealer testing will follow soon.

For more info on the HKS GT800 kit, please, contact the HKS prodealers at the forum:

Link: Iveytune:
Link: Jotech Motorsports:
Link: ISP Engineering:

Editors note: This is a guest blog from Se7enGTR, we’re pretty excited to see this HKS GT800 kit and Se7en has it fitted to his own GT-R. He supplied us with this excelent background piece but also this truckload of photos and we’re looking forward to hearing how he goes with it. – Kris

HKS GT800 Kit for GT-R

NAGTROC Meetup: Toronto GT-Rs Come Out of Hibernation

April 25, 2010 Comments off

It’s Spring time in Canada, and the Greater Toronto Area members of NAGTROC decided this past Saturday was the perfect weather to get together for the first time in 2010.

While some GT-Rs do spend the winter season on the street, most do get to see storage for a couple months, so it was a surprise that the Canadian section of NAGTROC had its best member showing ever. Having converged to one of downtown Toronto’s best bar and terrace area next to lake Ontario, the GT-Rs were stacked on Esplanade street while the owners met up at the city’s Bier Markt for a cold drink on a beautiful sunny weekend.

Having all met and freshened up, the group convoyed with photographers in tow to nearby Polson pier at the Docks in Toronto’s port. The owners spent a couple hours gathering around the cars, discussing visual mods, equipments and comparing upgrade stories. For the first time, and captured in a magnificent panoramic picture were all of the GT-Rs original launch year colours on hand, the very rare (in Canada) Ivory White and the now positively collectible Titanium representing!

As usual with a car meet, there was the conversation on the car’s ability to pull the good ole donut. With MF92 showing his 270 degree prowess and NickTo doing his signature Pretzel move!

Soon afterward some of the owner retired to a nearby watering hole for more fun and conversation over pub food.

Everyone had a great time and group agreed to meet again soon this summer with the hopes to beat its attendance record. A big thanks to the photographers on hand. Look for their work to show up on NAGTROC’s Canadian section here.

Thanks to NickTO @ NAGTROC for this guestblog for

Forged Performance and NAGTROC Trackday at Virginia International Raceway Photos

February 23, 2010 Comments off

Forged Performance and the North American GT-R Owners Club got together for a superb day of enjoying their GT-Rs where they’re meant to be, on the circuit. The weather wasn’t so great but I’m sure it hardly dampened the guys enthusiasm.

Check out the rest of the photos at the link below.

Photos here are by KJM-Photo @ NAGTROC.

Link: Photos and Discussion Thread @ NAGTROC Forums

AMS Performance 1000hp GT-R Build High Tech Introduction

December 16, 2009 Comments off

Well you may know by now that AMS has taken on the task of building Chuck H from NAGTROC’s Nissan GT-R into something of a beast. A Sen-bariki no bakemono if you will indulge me.

Well by now they’ve jumped right into the build and have already dropped the well loved but much abused original VR38 out of the engine bay. While it’s out they’ve gone completely high tech using a Stinger CMM (Co-ordinate Measuring Machine) to digitize the inside of the engine bay and the dimensions of the engine. With this data they can layout the stonking great turbos they’ll need to shoehorn in on a simulated GT-R before they need to start mocking up parts in fabrication.

Just another example of how you do things right the first time and how serious AMS are about the end product being perfect.

Check out the video but don’t forget you can follow the progress (with loads more pics) on AMS’s blog and get pinged on updates on their Twitter!

Link: AMS Website / Blog / Twitter


GTC GT-R Runs 10.8 @ 126mph with Latest AccessPort Tweaks

September 18, 2009 Comments off


The guys over on NAGTROC have a pretty interesting discussion going regarding custom tuning of the staple GT-R ECU upgrade, the Cobb AccessPORT. The guys have figured out how to write maps that control boost pressure based on RPM.

While this doesn’t sound like much when described like that (and there’s probably more to it), its actually quite a big deal. What it allows the average GT-R owner to do is to get more tuning value from their Cobb AccessPORT before resorting to electronic boost controllers and aftermarket wastegate actuators to keep the GT-Rs small turbos from boost spiking, especially on gear change.

The guys at GTC Racing have used the latest code and maps on their GTR to run 10.8 @ 125.92 mph at Santa Pod drag strip in the UK. This car is fitted with neither a boost controller or a set of actuators. It’s also running street tires but is fitted with a full turbo back exhaust and Forge Motorsports upgraded intercooler.

Link: GTC Racing Website
Link: NAGTROC COBB AccessPORT Discussion

GOTO:Racing Hit the Track for Initial Round of Testing

August 16, 2009 Comments off


GOTO:Racing have been carrying out one epic Nissan GT-R racecar build and documenting it for the most part for NAGTROC members over on the forums. Starting off with a brand new 2010 GT-R, they’ve stripped it down to 3,400 or so pounds for now and race prepped the body. The full list of modifications made so far can be seen over on NAGTROC but suffice to say the engine and turbos remain standard for now.

The car is now driveable after the build effort and the guys have already hit the track and surprised themselves with just how quick the GT-R is. They turned a 1:39.5 laptime at Infineon Raceway in California which by all reports is really moving.

The team is set to campaign the 25hrs of Thunderhill Enduro in early December 2009 but the exact details and spec of the car are still being finalised for now.

Check out their recent HD in-car video from testing at Infineon Raceway …

Link: GOTO:Racing Website
Link: GOTO:Racing GT-R Build Thread @ NAGTROC

Nissan Tochigi Plant – Godzilla Ground Zero: GTRBlog Photo Gallery

April 14, 2009 Comments off


The Nissan Tochigi Plant is an amazing place to visit, sprawling over a vast physical area you need to take a bus (or a “plant test GT-R”) to make your way around it. That’s exactly what we did in January this year with NAGTROC thanks to Nissan Japan and our good friend and GTR Owners Club Japan President Shin Inoue. If you’re interested in the entire writeup on the experience you can checkout our previous post with the link to the official NAGTROC magazine style writeup. If you’re more of a visual person, well you can enjoy some of the photos I took at the plant.

In terms of what we could and could not photograph, we were quite restricted. Photography within the plant structures was forbidden due to certain confidential things we may or may not have seen. Outside again we were also fairly restricted. Only I was allowed to bring my trusty Nikon D300 and I tried to capture what I could but there was a LOT going on. Everyone else was made to leave their cameras behind.

Enjoy what we have here and let us know in the comments if you want any details on what exactly is going on in any of these. Click the giant “Read More” link below for the rest of the photos…

Photos: (C) 2009 – Reproduction with permission permitted
Link: NAGTROC and GTRBlog Visit to Nissan Tochigi Plant – Full Writeup (17mb, PDF)


Read more…

Nissan Tochigi Plant: GTRBlog and NAGTROC’s Pilgrimage 2009

March 30, 2009 Comments off

Tochigi Plant Guest Hall - Welcome NAGTROC

In January of 2009, seven members of the North American GT-R Owners Club as well as two of us from GTRBlog took a trip to the ancestral home of the Nissan GT-R in Tochigi Japan – Nissan’s Tochigi Plant. To say the experience as anything less than a defining moment in my life would be to discount the scale of the event. It was intense and I’ve found new passion to continue doing what I do here at the ‘blog since.

I think many of the guys who were there from NAGTROC feel the same way and Davin (Tekknikal) does especially. He’s been writing and producing this article since and has now completed it for distribution.

The document is linked here in it’s original PDF format, it weighs in at 17mb since it includes some of the high-res photos but it’s certainly worth the download to experience the Tochigi Plant tour for yourself.

Link: Nissan Tochigi Plant Tour Writeup – NAGTROC Visit Tochigi Plant

Tochigi Test Track - GTRBlog Rides Along