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GReddy Spec-R Intercooler Upgrade Now Shipping in the US

June 3, 2009 Comments off


More details and availability on the GReddy Spec-R front mount intercooler upgrades have surfaced after they finally and officially made their way into production and into the hands of US distributor MVP.

These intercoolers are a direct fit OE replacement type which offer improved cooling efficiency with better airflow characteristics. The core itself is almost 40% larger than the standard core with fewer, larger rows it also offers a much larger internal volume. In testing it was seen to be over 20% more effective at cooling the intake charge versus the standard item. That’s a 10 + ℃ effective temperature drop even in unfavorable conditions.

The results are, up to 18hp improvement in the mid range and 11hp at peak. A corresponding torque increase was also seen.

If you’re interested, get in now and you’ll get a set that’s already in the US shipped to your door for $3,699 from The kits comes with all fittings, fasteners and airguides seen above including fitting instructions. Check out the link below.

Thanks to Dusty from MVP for all the info and photos!

Link: GReddy Intercooler Product Page

MVP Motorsports GT-R Breaks Quarter Mile Record – 10.31 @ 131mph

May 20, 2009 Comments off


Well known Texas based Toyota Supra shop MVP Motorsports have been preparing their own Nissan GT-R for some time now while also preparing to launch their new online store

And, as they say, what better way to do it than to set a new record R35 GT-R quarter mile time? Hitting up the brand new Dallas Raceway dragstrip they managed a 10.31 second ET @ 131 mph beating the previous world GT-R record by almost two tenths.

Of course this GT-R is no factory standard car and modifications include upgraded turbos, intercoolers, intakes, turbo outlet pipes, and y-pipe by ARD Motorsports. The ECU is a MVP tuned Cobb AccessPORT. Notice also that nitrous is left conspicuously OFF the modifications list and indeed was not used at the drags.

Thanks to Dusty@MVP for the heads up.

Link: MVP GT-R Website
Link: MVP Motorsports