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Agency Power Electric Valve Controlled Exhaust System for Nissan GT-R

March 5, 2010 Comments off

Agency Power set out with a goal to design and build an exhaust that would be suitable for almost every GT-R owner. Sounds quite ambitious and it would be if they didn’t have a trick up their sleeve. This exhaust is really two exhausts in one with an electronically controlled valve to switch between the two. The valve controls the exhaust flow and can vary it to direct through rear mufflers or straight out the quad matte black tips.

This feat is doubly impressive when you consider it usually only features in the top end exhausts commanding big dollars but the Agency Power system crafted from 304 stainless will only set you back $4,000. Check out what it sounds like in the video below…

While we’re on the topic of Agency Power exhausts though, you might also want to checkout their range of catted and non-catted downpipes for the GT-R. These stainless items are 3″ in diameter and show decent gains on the dyno.

More information can be found by browsing the Agency Power website below…

Link: Agency Power – Electronically Controlled Exhaust
Link: Agency Power – Agency Power Catted Downpipes
Link: Agency Power – Agency Power Non-catted Downpipes

Zele Performance Release Type-1 Titanium Exhaust and Titanium Midpipes

October 9, 2009 Comments off


It’s been a full year, almost exactly to the day, since we last had an update on the Zele Performance Type-1 FZ-Titanium muffler for the R35 Nissan GT-R. Zele have this week finally announced the release of the exhaust which is targetted specifically to those chasing maximum performance and weight saving while expecting the absolute best quality fit and finish.

The Type-1 FZ-Titanium exhaust is a single side exit exhaust which saves weight and allows the user to install transmission or differential coolers in the vacant area opposite. It’s fully manufactured in Japan from titanium for durability and lightness and tips the scales at just 6.5 kgs (vs. 17kgs of the OE item).

The main pipe diameter is 89.1mm which splits into two 120mm exit tubes via a pair of resonators. If you guessed this exhaust might be a signifant upgrade in the sound department, you guessed right and you can check out the sound in the video we shot @ Zele headquarters in Yokohama earlier in the year.

The price for the exhaust is 348,000 yen in Japan.

Next up is the Zele FZ-Titanium front pipes. These high flow cat fitted front pipes keep your car street legal and emissions friendly while improving exhaust flow. They weigh less than half the standard front pipes as well at 5.2kgs (vs. 13.3kgs for the stock ones).

These front pipes go for 248,000 yen in Japan.

Hit up the links below to get more information and find your nearest Zele Performance dealer. Zele will also be attending SEMA 2009 this year in Las Vegas from 3rd – 6th of November. Visit them at their booth.

Link: Zele Performance FZ-Titanium Muffler Type-1
Link: Zele Performance FZ-Titanium Front Pipes