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Mine’s Complete Engine: First Driving Impressions

November 20, 2009 Comments off


We’ve seen Mine’s President Niikura-san talk about the individual components and the concept of the Mine’s Complete VR38 engine for the Nissan GT-R before but now it’s getting closer to release. The engine is built and in the Mine’s demo car and, while it may still need tweaking before performance figures can be shown, they’re already confident enough to release their initial impressions:

Although it is not ready to be released yet and still in the process of being tested, today our president has test driven our R35 GT-R demo car with this amazing Mine’s Complete Engine [above].

He was commenting “This is absolutely an amazing VR38DETT. It feels like as many as about 500kg lighter than the stock R35 when you drive your R35 with this awesome engine installed. Very responsive, very exhilarating, and extremely enjoyable engine. It was absolutely fantastic. The moment you drive this, you’ll definitely want this remarkable engine!!”

Would you like to test drive it?

I think the answer to that last question Niikura-san is, yes. Can I book it in for tomorrow please?

Source: Mine’s Overseas Blog
Link: Mine’s Official Site (English)

Mine’s Dry Carbon Doors and Bonnet Type II For Nissan GT-R

November 13, 2009 Comments off


Mine’s continue to expand their already impressive lineup of dry carbon products this week with the announcement of their anticipated full carbon door replacement for the GT-R.

Each door is specifically designed as a direct but lightweight replacement for the factory item and shaves off 6.4kg per side. This brings the weight of each door down to an amazing 3.2kg (7lbs). While the weight comes down the strength, fitment and quality does not as these are manufactured from a dry carbon honeycomb material for ultimate durability. The doors are available from Mine’s dealers now with a pricetag of 590,000 yen.


Also new from Mine’s is the Carbon Bonnet Type II for Nissan R35 GT-R. This original style hood replacement integrates a simple set of NACA ducts to funnel cool air to the tubochargers. Unique to the Mine’s Carbon Bonnet Type II, towards the rear corners of the hood, are air vents to allow hot engine bay air to circulate out keeping under hood air temps down. The hood is also fitted with a drainage point to allow rain water a way out.

The hood is not just extremely functional, it’s also lighter than the standard item as it weighs just 5.2kg (11.4 lbs). That represents a huge 6.9kg weight saving. While the hood is a perfect fit on any GT-R, Mine’s do recommend you use hood pins to prevent any issues at high speed.

It’s available with a Super Clear finish that will protect the hood for 640,000 yen. It’s also available without the clear coating if the customer intends to paint the hood themselves for a price of 570,000 yen.

Link: Mine’s R35 GT-R Website (English)

Mine’s Titanium Suction Pipe Kit for Nissan GT-R

October 6, 2009 Comments off


Just when you were beginning to think you’d upgraded all your intake piping, Mine’s have again shown us there’s more to it. The Mine’s Titanium Suction Pipe Kit features a pair of direct fit replacement compressor intake pipes that are as beautiful to look at as they are functional.

Line the Mine’s intake up next to the original Nissan part and you can quickly see the difference. The restrictive cast factory item is not as co-operative as it could be at high boost pressure – the result – sucky throttle response. The Mine’s items on the other hand are wide open (45mm vs. 60mm) reducing intake airflow resistance and thus increasing throttle response and horsepower. Performance gains of around 20 – 30hp are claimed.

Manufacturing quality is as per usual, top shelf. Mine’s round slice and weld each titanium section to ensure each pipe is perfectly circular right the way through. Each weld is then extensively cleaned to perfection.

The kit comes with all the hardware you need to fit including the Titanium Suction Pipes, SAMCO silicone hoses and hose clamps. The price is set at 128,000 yen, hit up your Mine’s distributor for more information and combine with Mine’s Intercooler Piping set for even better effect.

Link: Mine’s R35 GT-R Website (English)


Mine’s Release Cam Shaft and Titanium Straight Pipe Upgrades for Nissan GT-R

September 21, 2009 Comments off


Mine’s continue leading the way in terms of GT-R engine tuning with the release of their latest hardware upgrades. The Mine’s Super Camshaft Shore PRO is a full camshaft replacement for the VR38DETT designed to unleash the full potential of the engine in terms of response and power.

The Mine’s camshaft profile on the intake side is 256 degree duration with 10.2mm of lift. On the exhaust side there’s 264 degree duration with 10.5mm of lift.

Compare the Mine’s camshaft profile against the standard item which is 238 degrees / 9.56mm on the intake and 248 degrees / 9.88mm on the exhaust and you can see that the Mine’s set will clearly breath better.

These would ideally suit someone already running / considering turbo upgrades but even on the standard turbos you would see a concrete improvement once tuned. They’re full drop in replacements for both GT-R and SpecV GT-Rs.

Update: Pricing for the Mine’s Camshaft set is 138,000 yen.


Next up Mine’s have also released the final word in lightweight titanium midpipe for those who are chasing the ultimate response and power from their GT-R.

The Mine’s Titanium Straight Converter for Nissan GT-R removes the secondary catalytic converters and replaces them with two small resonators. The final weight reduction over the standard item is 9.8 kg (3.6 kg vs. 13.4 kg). The main pipe sections are 70mm into a pair of 110mm resonators. Then via dual 70mm pipes into a single 80mm collector.

Fitment is a simple bolt on affair and pricing is to be announced shortly. Again, stay tuned to the new Mine’s website for more details.

Update: Pricing for the Mine’s Titanium Straight Converter is set at 210,000 yen.

Link: Mine’s Website (English)

Mine’s Parts Range Grows: Rear Underspoiler and Intercooler Piping Kit

August 8, 2009 Comments off


Three new parts from Mine’s hit my news feed today. First up is their intercooler piping kit. Built by hand in titanium and finished with typical Mine’s attention to detail. This kit replaces your OEM piping kit and ships with all the required hose joiners (in silicon) and fresh clamps.

The second and third parts really go together. The Mine’s Rear Underspoiler with Carbon Diffuser Fins. The rear underspoiler is a subtle dry carbon upgrade but integrates well with their diffuser fins.

No doubt these parts will not come cheap but Mine’s customers will not be shocked to learn that.

Link: Mine’s Website
Source: Corner Balance


Mine’s Super Outlet Pipes and Intake Support Clamps Released

July 13, 2009 Comments off


Coinciding with the release of the Mine’s Carbon Bonnet and the Mine’s Carbon Trunk Lids are two more, less flashy but still interesting upgrades added to the catalog at the same time.

First up is an easy one to explain, Mine’s Super Outlet Pro II are turbo dump pipes minus a catalytic converter. Manufactured from stainless steel, they’re 80mm in diameter and welded and finished perfectly as you would expect for a Mine’s product. Price is 138,600 yen in Japan.

Next up may we have something that may baffle some of you to begin with, but knowing Mine’s reputation there’s surely some solid research and reasoning behind it. These aluminum clamps are designed to essentially give your factory rubber intake hoses the same resilience to expansion as a full hard pipe kit would. The cylinders fit over the centers of your intake hoses while the clamps replace certain factory clamps to ensure the hose doesn’t loosen off or pop off under high boost. Interesting solution for those not big fans of polished or titanium hard pipe kits. Check the photos in the gallery of a set fitted. Price is 48,300 yen in Japan.

Link: Mine’s GT-R Catalog Website

Mine’s Carbon Fibre Range for Nissan GT-R Extended

July 11, 2009 Comments off


Mine’s debuted their first version Nissan GT-R trunk and hood at Tokyo AutoSalon in January 2009 as part of the special Mines Spec-X 6.0 prototype, but since then further work has been done on both to produce these final products.

First up is the new Mine’s Carbon Bonnet – this OEM style hood has a few unique features. for one, it’s extremely light at just 5.2 kilograms. This is about a 57% saving over the standard item which was already quite lightweight. In making it light, Mine’s chose not to sacrifice rigidity and on the underside it is reinforced similar to the OE version. Secondly, the intake ducts have been redesigned and as you can see these original design intake ducts are much more integrated into the hood over the standard versions.

This hood is available with (651,000 yen) or without (577,500 yen) Mine’s Super Clear Coat protection at your local Mine’s dealers.


Next up is the new Mine’s Carbon Trunk Type I and Type II. You probably may think you’ve seen this before and that may be the case with the OE replacement Type I trunk lid. Take a closer look at the Type-II lid and you can see how Mine’s have integrated the lower spoiler mounts.

This results in cleaner airflow under the rear spoiler and subsequently lower drag and higher downforce at the rear. Best used with the Mine’s Complete Rear Spoiler which also deletes the center pillar.

The trunk lids are also exceptionally lightweight, saving 68% (4.5kg reduction) for Type I and 62% (4.1kg reduction) on the Type-II item. Price wise you’re looking at 399,000/462,000 yen for the Type-I with/without Super Clear Coat respectively. The Type-II is a little more at 451,500/514,500 yen with/without the Super Clear Coat.

Sweet, sweet carbon – you know you need these.

GTR-World: Mine’s High Flow Throttle Body Report

June 24, 2009 Comments off


As seen recently in an interview with Mine’s president Niikura-san, Mine’s has been developing engine parts for the Nissan GT-R and GT-R SpecV with a goal to improve the power and, more importantly, the response of the VR38 engine. Mine’s tuning philosophy has always been one of modest power goals with maximum response.

One of the differences noted by Mine’s when they got their hands on the new SpecV was that Nissan had paid some attention to airflow through the SpecV’s standard throttle body. To smooth flow through the intake they have coated the rough cast inside of the throttle body. The result you can see below. In comparison with the standard item it’s an improvement but when you see it next to the Mine’s item you can see how doing it properly would be preferable.


Mine’s not only pay attention to machining the inner surface of the throttle body but also to the aerodynamics of the butterfly valve and control shaft.


The Mine’s High Flow Throttle Body is available now through your local Mine’s distributors. For a pair of throttle bodies in exchange for your standard ones, the price is 132,000 yen. For a pair of throttle bodies without exchanging your own the price is 258,000 yen.

Source: Mine’s High Flow Throttle Body Report
Link: Mine’s Website

GT Channel: Mine’s Boss Niikura-san on New Generation of Tuning Parts and Mine’s SpecV

May 5, 2009 Comments off

GT Channel have had a long friendship with Mine’s and Niikura-san certainly seems to love their cameras. They recently hit up the Mine’s HQ in Yokosuka, Japan to check out what the Mine’s guys have in the pipeline and what their plans are for the new Nissan GT-R SpecV.

As discussed in the video, probably some of the most exciting news which we have touched on previously, is that Mine’s are indeed developing a full engine upgrade called the Mine’s Super Complete Engine. We’re now aware that Mine’s will be shooting for about 600ps peak power but that, in the Mine’s tradition, the power will be delivered very early and in a very responsive manner.

Mine’s have always been about maximum response at modest power levels. That was powerfully evident in the Mine’s R34 GT-R of days gone by. Now by utilizing Mahle forged pistons and titanium I-beam conrods they plan to lighten and strengthen the VR38’s internals to be stronger and more free revving. They’re shaving off more than 300g per cylinder with just these mods.

The second video (after the jump) goes into great detail on the mine’s Super Big Throttle Body coming soon also.

Thanks to Taro from GT Channel for the heads up!

Link: GT Channel – Mine’s GT-R SpecV: Niikura Michizo Interview
Link: Mine’s Website

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Mine’s President Niikura-san Hints at New Tuning Products for Nissan GT-R

April 13, 2009 Comments off


In a recent statement, Mine’s CEO and President, Michizo Niikura-san has announced a confirmation of further developments on the Nissan R35 GT-R platform. Mine’s has been committed to developing products for GT-R enthusiasts since launch back in 2007 and most recently showed off their Mine’s Spec-X 6.0 GT-R representing the then pinnacle of their parts catalog.

Next up from Mine’s according to Niikura-san’s statement are releases for the 2009 (Series II) GT-R and the SpecV GT-R. ECU’s for both have been unlocked so expect updated VX-ROM releases in the very near future.

Outside of that, Mine’s is also working on their throttle body upgrade for the GT-R known as the “Super Big Throttle Body”, more carbon fibre products to enhance the aggressiveness of the GT-R’s looks, and finally, a VR38DETT Super Complete Engine upgrade featuring upgraded pistons and conrods among other things.

More on these new parts as news comes to hand.

Link: Mine’s Website
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