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JUN Carbon Exhaust Ducts for Nissan GT-R

September 18, 2010 Comments off

JUN has deviated a little from their hardcore engine upgrades parts range to include this new Carbon Exhaust Duct in their GT-R lineup. These carbon exhaust tip surrounds will liven up your GT-R’s rear end for about 29,400 yen in Japan.

Possibly more interesting in the release than the parts themselves is that JUN seems to have a bright yellow R35 GT-R happening. Is this the return of the fabled JUN Hyper Lemon 1000hp GT-R in R35 format? We’d like to think so…

Link: JUN R35 GT-R Parts Website

JUN Auto VR38 Short Head Announced and Short Block Priced

April 20, 2010 Comments off

JUN has expanded it’s range of VR38DETT engine upgrades with the release of the JUN Short Head in two different flavors; the BASIC and the EX Short Head.

Included in the BASIC version is the following gear:

  • New cylinder head (OEM)
  • New Intake and Exhaust valves (OEM)
  • New Valve Springs (OEM)
  • New Valve Retainers (OEM)
  • Fitting of valve train, camshafts/JUN camshafts and lifter clearance adjustment

The EX version is similar but adds these unique parts along with some porting and polishing:

  • JUN Strengthened Valve Springs
  • JUN Titanium Valve Retainers
  • Intake and exhaust port polishing
  • Valve seats cut
  • Head surface verification and correction

Pricing is set at around the 718,200 yen mark for the BASIC head and 928,200 yen for the EX version in Japan.

Also along with the short head announcement comes the pricing and specs on the JUN EX 4.0L Short Block that we first saw at Tokyo AutoSalon in January this year.

The JUN EX 4.0L short block comes with the following:

  • Bore x Stroke: 96.0 x 92.0 mm
  • Displacement: 3996cc
  • New cylinder block (OEM)
  • JUN Custom Kit EX 4.0L
  • JUN Piston Kit Series C
  • JUN I-Beam Conrods
  • JUN Crankshaft
  • JUN Cylinder Liners
  • New bearings
  • Comes fully assembled and checked

The JUN Short Block is priced at 2,310,000 yen in Japan. Hitup their website in the links below for more information or speak to your local JUN distributor if you’re interested in local pricing.

Link: JUN Auto Short Head Website (Japanese)
Link: JUN Short Block Website (Japanese)

Tokyo AutoSalon 2010: JUN Camshafts TypeZero and Short Block with Liners

January 21, 2010 Comments off

Well the work-in-progress JUN 1000ps build with big cams is a great thing no doubt but not everyone is shooting for that level of ultimate power so they need a camshaft that will operate reliably with a more standard engine build. To fill that need, JUN Auto have produced this High Lift Camshaft TypeZero for the Nissan GT-R’s VR38DETT suitable for use with the standard ECU.

These camshafts feature identical duration and lift on both intake and exhaust sides which is 256 degrees duration and 10.3mm of lift. Not the 264 degrees and 10.5mm lift we heard for their big power build.

The price for these is set at a interesting 84,000 yen in Japan and about the $1,200 USD mark over in the states.

Update: You can now pick up a set for lower than our estimate, just $1150, online @ GT-RR

On the short block front, JUN Auto were also showing off their VR38 bare blocks with liners fitted. This is the kind of thing useful when you’ve spent the cash on the JUN Auto 4.0l stroker kit.

No pricing on the short blocks with liners just yet.

Link: JUN Camshafts, buy online @
Link: JUN Auto TypeZero Camshafts Website
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JUN Auto Nissan GT-R Camshafts Specifications

January 10, 2010 Comments off

The quest for the 1000ps JUN GT-R engine continues with the development of camshaft upgrades for the VR38. To get there JUN have opted for the biggest cam profile so far with 264 degrees of duration on both the intake and exhaust sides. Lift is also the most aggressive yet with 10.5mm on both intake and exhaust.

Pricing is not available yet but perhaps we will be able to probe deeper at Tokyo AutoSalon later this week.

Link: Jun Auto Website

SEMA 2009: JUN 4.0 Litre Stroker Kit for Nissan GT-R, JUN Camshafts Soon

November 10, 2009 Comments off


While not news, the JUN Auto Custom Kit EX 4.0 was a little mythical in nature until SEMA this year. JUN were able to field a booth with various engine internal kits and among them, the kit for the Nissan GT-R which we first heard about back in March this year.

As promised the kit comprises pistons, rods and crank. ARP rod bolts are specially selected by JUN for the kit. The price is set at a nice round 1,880,000 yen or around the $20,000 USD mark in Japan.

As for results and expected power output, as yet there is very little public data. When asked for test data we were informed that we can expect some once the upcoming JUN camshafts for VR38 become available and the whole engine is reassembled in the JUN GT-R.

While the real test data is not public, it’s known that JUN are shooting to be the first 1000hp R35 GT-R on the block using this setup with a custom exhaust manifolds sporting a pair of TD06H-25g turbos, the biggest yet to grace the VR38.

Details on the JUN camshafts should be available within the next two months so stay tuned for that.

Link: JUN Website
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JUN Auto Custom Kit VR38DETT Engine Internals

May 25, 2009 Comments off


Well we had a little tidbit of info back in March regarding this but now we’ve heard that pre-orders are being taken for the JUN VR38DETT engine internals and it will be known as the VR38DETT Custom Kit. The kit should contain:

  • Billet conrods
  • Billet pistons
  • Billet crank shaft
  • Upgraded cams

The first 10 prototype kits are expected for September 2009 delivery and will sell for 1,575,000 yen in Japan. Expressions of interest on the first 10 kits are being taken but not deposits yet.

Those keen should contact their local dealer of JUN parts like GT-RR or GTC who I thank for passing on this info.

Link: JUN Auto Website