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More Power In Store for 2012, Spec-M Named for Japan Market: The Nissan GT-R EGOIST

August 30, 2010 Comments off

Well we did mention that the SpecM name was tentative and today we’ve heard another rumor from sources close to Nissan that the R35 GT-R “Gentleman’s Edition” will launch in the Japanese market as the Nissan GT-R Egoist. While the name seems insane to us it’s not too far outside the bounds of Japanese naming schemes so that we’d completely rule it out.

The SpecM nameplate is likely to be kept in markets outside Japan however so don’t completely cross it off your wish list just yet…

On the topic of rumors from sources close to Nissan Japan, here’s another we’ve just heard. Those folks hopeful that 520ps is the new peak power figure for the 2012 GT-R might be surprised to learn they can expect to be dissapointed. After seeing this figure making its way around blogs and forums one might start quoting it as fact by now but to this date no figure has appeared either officially or leaked. In the true spirit of it not being over ’til the fat lady sings, we’re now told by our reliable sources that 530ps – 540ps is more accurate.

I’ll leave that last one out there…

TommyKaira Sunshades for Nissan GT-R

August 5, 2010 Comments off

If you’re a guy that needs to have JDM everything these sunshades might be for you. Featuring the proper R35 “R” logo and the Tommy Kaira logo as well, these can be had for 12,000 yen in Japan.

The fold away for storage as you can see in this video.

Link: Tommy Kaira website

Japanese 2010 GT-R Changes Not in the Press Release?

October 22, 2009 Comments off


Some interesting changes we expected to see in the official press release didn’t seem to make it all the way to the English version. At this time we’re not sure as to why they weren’t translated outside of Japan and we hope to know more soon.

So far we’ve also collected the following details on items that could be in, or optional on, the 2010 GT-R but are not in the English press statement.

Upgraded Water Lines to Enhance Transmission Cooling

The engine coolant in the GT-R is used to enhance the rear mounted GR6 cooling. In 2010 JDM model, the water lines are upgraded to carry more coolant to the rear to lower the transmission temps overall.

Optional Nismo Multifunction Display Data Logging Kit

The GT-R’s Multi Function Display (MFD) is a big highlight of the GT-R’s interior giving drivers access to nearly every piece of data made available via the network of sensors throughout the car. The Nismo data log kit upgrade will give the users the ability to record this data to a USB pendrive for analysis later. Image above is a photoshop btw…

Optional Nismo Rear Diff Cooler

The Nismo Rear Diff Cooler is also rumoured be available as an option starting next year. This was first seen on the Tokachi 24hrs Nissan R35 GT-R developed by Nismo as a test platform for many of the Nissan GT-R SpecV parts.

What else did we miss out on? Well it appears the update front bumper we saw in spy shots is a no go, at least for the base model GT-R. The rear skirt ducts also seemed to go missing although we speculate that these will only be fitted to cars featuring the Nismo differential cooler?

More as it is dug up, confirmed or ruled out by Nissan…


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Nissan Officially Announce 2010 Japanese Specification R35 GT-R

October 21, 2009 Comments off


Officially announced today is the 2010 specification Nissan GT-R for the Japanese market. We’d heard the rumours of some of the updates to feature in this iteration of Godzilla but today all is confirmed and more. Keep in mind that these changes may well trickle down to MY2011 specification Nissan GT-Rs in other regions but none of that is confirmed yet.

Suspension is retuned to enhance ride comfort while still providing direct feedback from the road surface. The front shock absorbers are improved as well as an increase in the stiffness of the front springs. Rear radius rod bushings have also been strengthened.

The SpecV‘s rear diffuser is indeed available now on all models standard which improves cooling in the rear floor area. Something many GT-R owners noticed in previous model years.

New style, higher flowing, catalytic converters are adopted to improve low and mid range engine response.

On the inside, the Japanese CARWINGS system is enhanced and the audio system now features a USB port with iPod connectivity capability.

The MY2010 SpecV also receives some updates, the rear shock settings are tweaked which should improve ride and handling. SpecV’s are also now delivered with Dunlop tires standard instead of the Bridgestones. Bridgestones are now optional.

Full press release after the jump

Source: Nissan Motors

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Password:JDM Release Ultimate Front Lip Spoiler for Nissan GT-R

July 16, 2009 Comments off


It’s a big call but when you see what this front lip has to offer I’m sure you’ll agree that this is the ultimate in aero parts for your GT-R’s front end.

The Password:JDM front lip is constructed from dry carbon fibre reinforced with honeycomb matrix that’s designed to be extremely durable. This is no museum piece and is designed for guys who are going to drive their cars and occasionally, you know, meet a speed hump or, god forbid, drive up their steep driveway.

This lip is also completely modular, and has loads of options to choose from. You can fit strakes, brake ducting, skid plates and add on splitters to enhance the look and, more importantly, the functionality of the lip. Above you can see it in it’s raw form and below with the add on splitter fitted.

We mentioned brake ducts earlier and that is going to be interesting for a few of you. The GT-R sure could use some cooling on the brakes and this offers it in spades. The full carbon brake ducts again bolt onto the underside of the lip and force air onto the calipers

If strakes are your thing then Password:JDM give you that option as well with a set that easily bolt up to enhance downforce at the front.

So I’m pretty sure many of you will agree on this being the ultimate front lip and if you’re keen to get one head over to the Password:JDM website to contact them. We don’t have pricing or delivery dates yet but we’ll let you know as soon as we do.

Link: Password:JDM Website

Password:JDM Dry Carbon Wide Front Fenders Coming Soon

July 12, 2009 Comments off


Ever thought about upgrading the tires on the GT-R but been dissatisfied that you had to have staggered sizes due to not being about to fit the same ultra wide tires at the front that you can easily accomodate in the rear?

When choosing tires, staggered sizes can often result in outer diameter differences between the front and the rear of the car. This can lead to issues with the ATTESA system and cause various fault codes and conditions to be thrown.

What you REALLY need is giant tires on the front and the rear to both dial out that understeer AND get all the power to the ground in the most efficient way possible.

Cue Password:JDM who thought of exactly this when designing their new full dry carbon wide body front fenders for the Nissan GT-R. The primary goal was to allow the client to go up to a massive 315mm in both the front and the rear.

Finishing up the final prototype now we expect to see some prototype shots very soon so we’ll keep you guys in the loop.

Link: Password:JDM Website

Password:JDM Dry Carbon GT-R Rear Spoiler Update

January 17, 2009 Comments off

Loads more photos of the latest product from Password:JDM have been posted today. We can get a sense of the elevation now and how it looks on the car. The elevated rear spoiler sits 60mm higher and 50mm further back than the standard wing and is constructed completely from dry carbon. Weight is reduced significantly over the standard wing although a final reduction value is not known at this time.

Expect to pay around the $2,500 mark when the wing is finished in the very near future.

Link: Password:JDM Website

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Password:JDM Elevated Dry Carbon GT-R Rear Spoiler

January 13, 2009 Comments off

One of the more sought after GT-R aero modifications are carbon fibre rear wings. Password:JDM are currently putting the finishing touches on one of their own. Featuring full dry carbon construction, a slightly elevated height (elevated 60mm), slight offset towards the rear of the car, an integrated third brake light and an option for gloss or matte finishes this is going to be one hot seller.

The Password:JDM rear wing promises an increase in rear downforce while being lighter than stock. The rear spoiler will bolt straight onto your factory support elements.

The effect is an OEM-“ish” dry carbon wing with the benefits of the OEM third brake light and lightweight, aerodynamic functionality.

Expected price is around the $2500 USD for this US made, top shelf quality wing. Images here are of the pre-production model but expect final delivery dates soon.

Source: Password:JDM

Password:JDM: Dry Carbon Intake Snorkels

October 28, 2008 Comments off

I mentioned these in a post last week and I’ve finally gotten around to downloading the photos that the Password:JDM guys kindly put up over on NAGTROC. These snorkels guide air from directly behind the GT-R’s front grille into the standard airboxes resulting in more cold air being available at high speed.

These look to be quite well thought out and made from dry carbon they’re attractive and durable as well. Too bad you’ll rarely ever see them tucked away when they’re installed.

These snorkels are available now from Password:JDM’s online store linked below. Price is $599 USD.

Link: Password:JDM Website

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Password:JDM: Dry Carbon Radiator Shroud

October 25, 2008 Comments off

PasswordJDM has completed and released some seriously great gear for the GT-R to date. Including hoods and trunks and rear diffuser blades. Some further work has been done since these parts were released though. For sale on their store you’ll now see this radiator shroud available for delivery right now.

Made from strong and lightweight dry carbon fibre this cooling plate as they forces air through the radiator to improve cooling system efficiency. It also doesn’t do too bad at dressing up the engine bay.

So check it out, priced at $449.99 USD plus shipping the part number is PWCCP-R35-C00. While you’re there you’ll might want to check out their dry carbon intake cover and dry carbon snorkel set.

Source: Password:JDM