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Nissan GT-R SpecV Turbos vs. Standard Turbos

June 4, 2009 Comments off

GT-R vs SpecV Turbo Comparison

When the price of SpecV parts were being made public via various Japanese media outlets many were firstly shocked that a SpecV badge could cost $1,500 and then intrigued why the SpecV‘s turbochargers were listed as a separate part with a higher cost.

Nowhere did Nissan mention that the turbochargers were different so why the cost?

Garage Saurus have had a SpecV in the workshop for a couple of weeks and couldn’t help themselves. They’ve pulled the exhaust off and taken photographs to compare.

What we see here is quite unexpected. A larger exhaust wheel combined with a totally different blade design. Add to that a what looks like a slightly larger volume exhaust opening. The SpecV’s turbo is actually a rather big improvement over the standard item then.

Garage Saurus have commented that this difference could mean we see a lot more horsepower without reaching the turbos limit from the SpecV versus a base model GT-R. Who’s game enough to do it though with a 16 million plus yen investment?

Link: Garage Saurus R35 GT-R Website

AMS Ready Turbo Upgrades for Nissan GT-R

April 22, 2009 Comments off

AMS Performance Turbo for the Nissan GT-R

AMS are currently putting the finishing touches on their turbo upgrades for the Nissan GT-R. The turbos feature upgraded internals including compressor and exhaust wheels. These retain the standard IHI housings which makes a lot of sense. Some of the magic of the GT-Rs great response can be attributed to the turbo-exhaust manifold integration. For a mild upgrade it’s going to be hard to beat those stock manifolds on the VR38 so most will find it’s best left alone. That’s exactly what AMS have done here.

Right now they’re completing a line kit but expect these to sell together as a kit for $5,800 exchange in the near future.

Update: RRP has been made official at $5,995 for the kit exchange via GT-RR official distributor. Thanks Mike.

Link: Follow the discussion over @ NAGTROC
Link: AMS Performance Website