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Dynamic Autosports Hankook Gruppe-S Drift GT-R Project Update: Part VI

May 24, 2010 Comments off

It’s been a while since we checked in with the Gruppe-S blog to see how the Dynamic Autosports Gruppe-S Hankook drift spec Nissan GT-R has been coming along. As you may know it’s been drifting in Formula Drift this season after a pretty comprehensive rebuild from a VR38DETT twin turbo sporting stock GT-R to a VQ powered RWD drift weapon.

Loads of customization in the front end can be seen in this great photo above. Right now it’s in the workshop having the front suspension modified to provide more front steering angle. You can also see the nice bright orange Savini wheels they had custom made for the application.

On their parallel project of reinventing the VR38 by way of a 4.0 – 4.3 litre stroker kit they’ve teamed up with JE Pistons to design a billet piston for just about any level of power you’d care to throw at it! Team that with their billet crankshaft and sleeved VR38 block and I think we’ll see some impressive numbers soon. Watch this space!

Link: Gruppe-S Engineering Blog

Dynamic Autosports Hankook Gruppe-S Drift GT-R Project Update: Part V

March 27, 2010 Comments off

Time for some insight into the interior work for our continuing series on the buildup of the Dynamic AutoSports Hankook Drift GT-R by Gruppe-S. This week the guys have the dash out to replace the gauge cluster and climate control / audio controls panels with carbon plates.

To go along with the dashboard changes the engine bay gets some love too in the form of a new Cosworth plenum for the VQ35 engine. The Cosworth intake plenum is designed to improve air flow and thus horsepower and looks amazing too. Too bad they haven’t built one for the VR38 yet, I could see that being popular for GT-R owners.

Only two weeks to go before this car is due to be competing in California at Long Beach for round one of the Formula D 2010. That’s April 9th and 10th people!

Link: Gruppe-S Official Blog

Dynamic Autosports Hankook Gruppe-S Drift GT-R Project Update: Part IV

March 8, 2010 Comments off

More from the guys at Gruppe-S today. This time they’ve documented the completion of their custom transmission mount for the G-Force 4-Speed dog box. As you’d know the GT-R’s rear mounted trans-axle has absolutely nothing in common with the engine mounted G-Force tranny so you could have foresaw the problems they’d have bolting it up.

Out came the welder and with a lot of hard work and effort the guys have put the problem behind them by fabricating a heavy duty support structure that should hold up to the stresses of drifting. As a result, the transmission is officially mounted in the car in addition to the engine which was mounted up last week.

What the guys will do with the rear subframe now there’s no transmission in it is going to be the next chapter in this story I’m sure.

Link: Gruppe-S Engineering Blog

Dynamic Autosports Hankook Gruppe-S Drift GT-R Project Update: Part III

February 26, 2010 Comments off

Part three of our series where we stalk the Gruppe-S guys building their Hankook Dynamic Autosports drift GT-R. This time we’ve got our first official pics of the VQ35 motor and G-Force 4-Speed dog box manual transmission bolted into the R35 chassis. The VQ35 is smaller all round versus the VR38 so all that extra space will be filled with larger piping for a bigger turbo. Yes singular.

This VQ35 ain’t stock though in case you’re wondering. It’s stroked to 4.0 – 4.1 liters so should be able to put out some respectable numbers when all said and done. It’s bolted in by way of some custom solid engine mounts.

The guys promise the GT-R will be ready for round one of Formula D action at the Streets of Long Beach in California on the 9th – 10th of April! Sweet!

Link: Gruppe-S Blog

Gruppe-S VR38 Stroker Crank Officially a Work In Progress

February 18, 2010 Comments off

When the Hankook Dynamic AutoSport Gruppe-S Nissan GT-R drift car debuted at SEMA in 2009 we were fortunate enough to get an advanced preview from Dynamic Autosport’s Eddie Kim on what we could look for in terms of GT-R development. He mentioned that on top of the drift car’s chassis development they’d also be putting some focus on the VR38 development itself.

While they aren’t set on using the VR38 in the drift car just yet, (they’ll most likely be opting for a worked VQ engine), they’re very much going to be developing parts for it including a 4.0 – 4.3 liter stroker kit.

First up in the development of such a kit is to build a crank. That’s what’s happening right now and is expected to be completed in around a week. Pistons and rods up next we suppose and it should all slide nicely into their sleeved block. Should be an interesting competitor to the existing JUN 4.0 liter stroker kit which is quite a pricey item…

Link: Gruppe-S Blog

Dynamic Autosports Hankook Gruppe-S Drift GT-R Project Update: Part II

February 13, 2010 Comments off

Second update from the Steve at the Gruppe-S blog today. What you see here is the interior of the car also being stitch welded to enhance chassis rigidity. Not only are they stitch welding but they’re removing all of the factory glues and sound deadening to save weight. A quite time consuming process but the guys look like they might have done it a few times before…

Once the car is stripped and welded, next comes the roll cage fabrication. The main hoop section and cross bars are welded in the car already with the remainder in fabrication right now. Looking forward to more updates as the guys prep the car to be driftable!

Link: Gruppe-S Blog

Dynamic Autosports Hankook Gruppe-S Drift GT-R Project Update

February 8, 2010 Comments off

The guys are getting pretty serious now with the build up of their Hankook Drift GT-R, or should we say strip down because the GT-R right now is nothing but an empty shell. And since there’s no better time, it’s time to stitch weld all the underbody seams. This will enhance the body stiffness/reduce flex which will in turn enhance the predictability of the car’s handling on the circuit.

Once welded, they’ll paint the exposed metal with primer and continue to prep the car to drift! Stay tuned for more updates shortly.

Link: Gruppe-S Blog

SEMA 2009: Hankook Unveil Dynamic Autosports Drift GT-R for 2010

November 5, 2009 Comments off


Hankook Tires held a press conference at SEMA today to announce their sponsorships for the upcoming 2010 motorsports season. During the conference Hankook renewed their comittment to maintaining their existing sponsorships while adding on a cash contingency program to support grassroots motorsport teams using their products.

The mic was then passed to Eddie Kim from Dynamic Autosports who detailed their own plans for the Formula Drift season 2010. They have decided to take the AWD Nissan GT-R supercar and make a drifter out of it.

Dynamic Autosports will convert the GT-R to rear wheel drive and will make heavy use of Seibon dry carbon body parts to lighten the car up.

Rumour is that the car will not initially run the VR38DETT engine however and a single turbocharged VQ35 may find it’s way under the hood of the R35 chassis while the team develops the VR38 package. The VQ will not be stock size though and fans can expect to see it displace around 4.0 – 4.1 litres.

The transmission will also be switched out and relocated up front. A G-Force transmission will replace the GR6.

As said, the plan to use the VQ is not set in stone and Dynamic Autosports may indeed use the VR38 engine. If this happens, it certainly wont be stock either and they are already developing a 4.1 – 4.4 litre stroker kit for it.

Engine swaps like these are not surprising, spare parts availability and the existing experience base with the VQ motor are going to give them a leg up in the first years of drifting.

Link: Dynamic Autosports Website
Link: Hankook Tires Website
Link: Hankook Tires Press Release
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