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GTR-World: Mine’s High Flow Throttle Body Report

June 24, 2009 Comments off


As seen recently in an interview with Mine’s president Niikura-san, Mine’s has been developing engine parts for the Nissan GT-R and GT-R SpecV with a goal to improve the power and, more importantly, the response of the VR38 engine. Mine’s tuning philosophy has always been one of modest power goals with maximum response.

One of the differences noted by Mine’s when they got their hands on the new SpecV was that Nissan had paid some attention to airflow through the SpecV’s standard throttle body. To smooth flow through the intake they have coated the rough cast inside of the throttle body. The result you can see below. In comparison with the standard item it’s an improvement but when you see it next to the Mine’s item you can see how doing it properly would be preferable.


Mine’s not only pay attention to machining the inner surface of the throttle body but also to the aerodynamics of the butterfly valve and control shaft.


The Mine’s High Flow Throttle Body is available now through your local Mine’s distributors. For a pair of throttle bodies in exchange for your standard ones, the price is 132,000 yen. For a pair of throttle bodies without exchanging your own the price is 258,000 yen.

Source: Mine’s High Flow Throttle Body Report
Link: Mine’s Website

Could This Be the R35 GT-R Spec-V?

January 17, 2008 Comments off


This and other photos were taken recently at Sendai Highland raceway of an R35 GT-R with 6 spoke wheels resembling Volk TE37s in design. A second unusual red lamp can also be seen behind the mesh on the rear bar. We have already seen a Nissan car with wheels resembling these but this is the first photos we’ve seen with the wheels uncovered.

No confirmation either way can be had yet but follow this link to check out the hi-res images at

Link: R35 GTR Spec-V Scoop? @