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GTC Carbon Fibre GT1 Spec Hood for Your Street GT-R

September 12, 2009 Comments off


Inspired by the 2010 FIA GT1 specification Nismo developed Nissan GT-R this full carbon fibre hood by GTC Racing is getting closer and closer to production.

The aggressive appearance of the hood is equaled by the quality of construction and attention to detail. For example, the factory hood intakes are remodeled in carbon fibre and retain their factory turbine cooling function. Even the underside of the hood is finished to the premium standard you’d expect for a part going on your GT-R.

Functionality is there too, the GTC GT1 Carbon Hood weighs in at just 4.8 kg – a 7.2 kg weight saving over the standard 12kg OE item. Not to mention the engine bay cooling benefits of the copious air vents.

As for the price, it’s not finalized exactly yet, but expect to pay around the £2,500 mark when ready.

Up next for GTC are other carbon parts you might be able to peep in the photo gallery below.

Link: GTC-R Website /

Euro Spec GT-R Cobb AccessPORT Coming Soon

June 1, 2009 Comments off


Good friends of ours at GTC are assisting the testing phase for the European spec Nissan GT-R Cobb AccessPORT as of right now. Their brand new Euro GT-R has the prototype maps installed and is undergoing road and dyno testing this week. We’ve been told to expect it any moment for delivery into the eagerly awaiting hands of the European GT-R owners.

Good news for those who feel the GT-R could be just that smidge better … or even those who feel it could do with a whole lot more actually …

While you’re here you may as well check out some pics of the GTC-R development car below, nice stickers!

Source: Thanks to Ben @ GTC-Racing and

GTC-R Launch GTC Titan Full Titanium Exhaust

May 12, 2009 Comments off


GTC-R has been working on a new range of parts for the Nissan supercar R35 GT-R for a while now and today we can announce the first in the lineup in the form of this full titanium exhaust. The exhaust features three replacement sections, a titanium Y-pipe, titanium center and full titanium rear muffler setup.

The lightweight, resonated Y-pipe weighs just 4 kg, a significant saving over the OE item. It also provides a huge increase in exhaust flow by utilizing larger diameter piping (76mm x 2 into 89mm x1) and deleting the two secondary catalytic converters. Exhaust flow and performance aren’t the only benefits here, the GT-R’s exhaust note gets that well deserved improvement that many GT-R owners are looking for.

The GTC Titan Y-pipe is available for £900 GBP (plus VAT).

The GTC Titan rear muffler section is fed by a straight through 90mm center pipe with no resonators. This simple look keeps weight down and adds bulk to the GT-R engine’s vocals. This is one exhaust that manages to keep the noise level acceptable around town but give you the supercar, F1 scream at WOT. Again, GTC-R have lightened these rear exhaust components. Saving 10kg over the OE items (6.6kg GTC Titan vs. 17.45kg OEM) fitting this exhaust provides performance improvements all round. The rear section splits the 90mm pipe into 2x 76mm pipes feeding a symmetric muffler design leading finally to four large circular tips with burnt titanium highlights.

The GTC Titan Exhaust sells for £2,200 GBP (plus VAT)

These exhaust components are custom, hand made to order and expect to spend about 6 – 8 weeks in anticipation once you’ve ordered. Hit up GTC-R for more information at the links below.

Link: – GTC-R’s Online GT-R Parts Superstore
Link: GTC Racing Technology Website
Link: – US GTC Parts Distributor