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AAM Competition GT800-R Turbo Upgrades for Nissan GT-R – The Results

September 26, 2009 Comments off


I think you’ll remember back to when AAM launched these GT800-R turbo upgrades and may have been wondering how they worked out. AAM have completed not one but two customer cars by now and have gained quite a few more datapoints to back up their original test data.

You can check out the full build details over on the NAGTROC thread but the basic rundown is, with the AAM GT800-R turbo upgrades including supporting modifications the guys have made 708awhp and 623 lb/ft of torque on 100 octane gas. One point to note is that this beast maintains street legal status by way of a set of AAM high flow cats. You can watch this car on the dyno in the video below.

To back it up however, the guys complete a second turbo upgrade with a focus on being able to use pump gas. The results are suprisingly similar making 675awhp but a huge 651 lb/ft of torque. More torque than the car on 100 octane all from ordinary 93 octane gas.

Whats next for AAM? Well they’re currently tearing down a perfectly good VR38 engine to rebuild with stronger internals. We’ll be following this very closely as it will be one of the first and, at least so far, the best documented VR38 build to date.

Hit up the AAM website linked below if you’re looking for some more information and pricing on these upgrades.

Thanks Clint@AAM for compiling all the info and for the GT-R community input in general.

Link: AAM Competition Website
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