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RH9 Club Members Collaborate on R35 GT-R ECU Upgrades

September 10, 2009 Comments off


You may or may not have heard of the RH9 Club before, and if you haven’t what sort of rock do you prefer to live under these days? Anyway, RH9 Club is a group of workshops throughout Japan who are capable of building a GT-R capable of 9 second quarter mile passes in street trim.

While no R35 GT-R has stepped up to this realm yet, the RH9 Club does not simply ignore them altogether. Recently, in order to bring their collective expertise to the R35 owners of Japan they got together in Kyoto to work together on a set of tuning data that could be applied to the GT-R and be made available throughout the member workshop network.

The results achieved are interesting. Over at Phoenix Power’s workshop a test car was donated by Decide 226 workshop as a test mule. Originally tuned by Decide, in standard trim, the car made 513ps with 68.6 kgm of torque up from a baseline of 459ps. Tweaked with the RH9 collaboratively built map, it went on to make 550ps and 72kgm of torque.

Later, the same map was applied to the Phoenix’s Power GT-R, which is modified with a Blitz SBC-iD boost controller and SARD high-flow exhaust and results were 614 ps and 96.1kgm or torque.

Just how much boost was being used in these runs was not revealed, wastegate modifications were also not detailed. In the past Phoenix’s Power’s GT-R has run around 19.2psi running down to 13 psi by redline to achieve the 616ps it has previously clocked.

Interesting results out of Japan for relatively stock cars. The price for the upgrades are set at 168,000 yen plus 10,000 yen installation fee for 2008 model cars. An extra 60,000 yen fee is levied for the 2009 JDM cars which require some TCM tweaks apparently. Installation is available at any RH9 Club workshop throughout Japan.

Thanks to Mindlessoath for the email tip.

Link: RH9 Club Website
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