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Mine’s Fuel Delivery Upgrades for Nissan GT-R Coming Soon

January 7, 2010 Comments off

The standard fuel system in the GT-R is stout but it certainly has it’s limits and owners around the world are quickly realising this. When the standard turbos are upgraded or replaced, supporting fuel modifications are basically mandatory to be able to provide enough fuel into the mix to safely support the airflow the larger turbos are capable of. Even in standard turbo’d vehicles, injectors are commonly run close to their maximums.

Mine’s has thought about this and is in the midst of developing the latest upgrade package known as the Mine’s Fuel Delivery Pipe & 650cc Injector Kit. So named, it’s fairly obvious to see what the contents are.

The fuel rail itself is a simple bolt on affair and the upgrade ensures each injector will be fed with a constant fuel pressure required for optimal fuel atomisation. The whole setup is assuredly 100% compatible with the Mine’s VX-ROM ECU upgrade.

To match the injector and fuel rail upgrades, Mine’s is also developing a fuel assembly upgrade, and keeping in the usual theme, it will also directly replace the OEM fuel assembly without requiring special modifications.

Keep in mind that these items are still in development so the final look and feel will differ and pricing/release dates have not been finalised either.

Update: Don’t forget, if you’re travelling to Japan this year for Tokyo AutoSalon 2010, Mine’s Meeting will be held at the same time. 15th – 18th of January at the Mine’s HQ in Yokosuka. Click here for more details

Link: Mine’s R35 GT-R Website (English)
Link: Mine’s Meeting Details

Nissan GT-R Injector Flow Test Comparison and Future Upgrades

May 31, 2009 Comments off


More and more injector upgrades are being placed on the market to meet the fuel demands of the more powerful GT-Rs out there. There hasn’t really been much publicized testing or even acknowledgment of the standard injector capabilities versus after market items though. Garage Saurus have made it pretty simple for us with a nice visual you can check out below.

In their testing, the standard GT-R injectors flowed equal to a 570cc injector. You can see below the comparison with SARD 650cc injectors which flowed around 660cc for this test and BOSCH 750cc injectors which actually seemed capable of flowing up to 820cc in testing.

As a side note, Garage Saurus liked the BOSCH injectors so much they will be using them in a big injector bolt-on upgrade for the GT-R which they’ll sell you for 24,000 yen a piece, or 144,000 yen all up. Don’t all rush out and by them though because the GT-R still needs something to control these big injectors. The standard ECU is out of it’s depth with injectors of this size.

Link: Garage Saurus’ R35 Tuning Website