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Willall Racing’s Racing Surge Tank Setup for Nissan GT-R

February 21, 2010 Comments off

If there’s one inadequacy that sets many road cars apart from proper track cars it’s proper fluid control under high cornering G loads. Willall Racing have discovered the GT-R is not immune to this when the fuel tank gets low and the fuel pickup starts to be starved on tight right handers.

To properly put the issue to bed they’ve built this compact half gallon surge tank that mounts in the trunk and feeds the engine via a pair of Walbro 255l/h pumps and teflon braided lines.

With this setup they’re easily able to pump enough E85 to make 600rwhp, which if you’d read our story the other day about HP Logic’s E85 tuning, you’d know is a lot more juice than your average 600hp gasoline tune. Better yet, they’re able to keep driving the car hard all the way to empty without dangerously leaning out the fuel mixture intermittently on tight corners.

Want one? Well slow down, this isn’t one of Willall’s standard product launches. I think if you ask nicely though they might be convinced to build you one on a one off basis. You can reach them by email at “info AT”

Link: Willall Racing Website