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Nissan GT-R: Nurburgring Rapid Response Vehicle

August 3, 2009 Comments off


When you’ve got thousands of tourists attacking your public race track each year you’re going to run into the odd occasion when someone makes an error. If that error gets serious you’re going to want to be able to get to the scene of an incident quickly. On a 20km circuit like the Nordschliefe this is no job for an ordinary fire truck.

So proving to the world it’s not only one of the worlds fastest production cars ever to lap the ‘Ring, it’s now the most practical after receiving a full “fire engine” conversion.

That’s right, the car is fitted with a fire retardant tank fully consuming the rear passenger area, followed by a functional hose reel and equipment bay in the trunk. The car is also kitted out with a full roll cage and carbon fibre Recaro racing seats for safety. This is no joke!

Photographs used with permission.

Images/Source: – Is This The World’s Fastest Roadgoing Fire Engine?